This is a how to step by step barber tutorial using the JRL clippers and trimmers. Lets put these clippers to the test and see if the hype is real!


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Tools Used in This Video:
Andis brush-
dorco prime blades 100ct-

Camera Equipment:
nikon d3200 camera-
50mm lens sigma 1.4-
snowball microphone-
Vidpro lavalier mic-

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Orlando L says:

dope cut with shitty clippers.. defenitely appreciated!! keep it up bro upload more videos with bossio together u guys are the best!

dankonia69 says:

The trimmers are good, but you are NOT going to get a razor sharp edge. Definitely have to follow up with a razor. You will get a clean line from it though. The clippers and trimmers are advertised as SKIN FRIENDLY. so no its not going to get close like a Wahl detailer, which if your not careful you can scratch or cut. You never have to worry about that with these trimmers. The button locks best when you go from long to short (forward). It doesn’t lock securely when going from short to long (backward). It works fine when you start your adjustments from the first position, like a motorcycle gear 1down 2up. Hope this info was helpful.

D Lewis says:

Can you review the Panasonic clippers next?

Abdiel Morrobel says:

these vs magic clips? im thinking of getting these but i alredy got the masters, magic cordless and the fastfeeds

Damian Bluntson says:

love the haircut bro sick cutz

ken mcgill says:

I have these clippers getting use to the lever was a task and I wish there was a way zero gap these for that real close cut. But I do love the battery life, it lasts a long time. The guards don’t come with the clipper, they are sold separately. I don’t have the trimmers. Great video man.

Mark Navarro says:

These are Chinese made clippers. Check out the Chinese made “surker” on Amazon they are very similar. Not to say they are bad quality but nothing will beat USA made clippers. I am sure they OEM from the same Chinese manufacturer. I work for major Chinese company here in the US. Looks like Chinese are moving in on clippers also .

Captains Cuts says:

Came out blurry bro!!!

Oj Stoical says:

Flames, fam!

IcyyCutz TV says:


jamari Gladen says:

This dude has more excuses then a nigga going to jail, he didn’t record this he didn’t do that this happened that happened stfu….

Kenneth Sev says:


Eric Stuart says:

+MattGiftedhands Can the blades to that trimmer be zero gapped????

In The Cuts Barbershop & Boutique says:

Where are you located bro ?

360 Wave Brushes says:
It’s that time of Year “Sales” sales sales

VictorBarber says:

nice cut!

Jim Jones says:

Considering ordering these clippers, but I have the red babyliss Ferrari ones. Thanks for the feedback! Cheers

michael frye says:

U have to push the black button down on the lever to keep it from moving

Drvinnieboombatts says:

Considering that you can change the speed level that can be very useful to someone who knows how to manipulate it, but that lever problem may become a issue after years or even months after cutting

That black dude says:

Great cut but those clippers are so stupid

MCFriedChicken1 says:

watching the fade come together is always so satisfying

Joshua Jacques says:

Those clippers give him no justice

Jonathan Perez says:

Are they worth it? Are they made in the USA?or Chinese like the bevel?

letmeshowyouhow2stunt says:

the barbershop i work at is called gifted

Bruno BrunoFla says:

Music muito maneira no fundo..

Envy The Barber Vidal says:

clipper look nice but I can tell the lever would make it annoying to fade…that’s the reason I never got the red babyliss and is the reason why I will not get these clippers for now atleast

Emmett Wheaton says:

Outstanding Presentation …

JRL USA says:

Thank you for the review

Kris w. says:

Thanks for the feed back I looked on there web site where did you find the clipper & trimmer for $169?

Al Holguin says:

Those clippers suck!

OG Wavy says:

those clippers are for home use, great job but wrong clippers

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