Bayliss LithiumFX Clippers FX673 Review! Cordless Hair Clippers

BaBylissPro™ LithiumFX™ Clipper FX673 clipper review. Li cordless clippers for professional barbers

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Matthew Demonroe says:

Forget all that other stuff. It’s madd awesome that you just plain and simple did a video on a clipper nobody else has reviewed. ConAirs blow dryers and appliances for the industry are all great… Their clippers are tŕaca but that Babyliss brand is clearly different. Great video bro

Felix Singgih says:

Yo bruh! Love your vids man!!! Could you do a review of the new Andis Cordless Envy Li?

Mike B says:

Dope video I can hear you just fine idk if u adjusted the sound quality. Please review andis envy li wireless joints @chrissbossio

Allen Rodriguez says:

Does anyone know what they open and close to? Like “000 to 1” ?

Minh Ly says:

Can you use the andis cool spray on these?

Bashamma Deal says:

Any update on this clipper?

Jashawa Francis says:

still better than the majiclips

Linh Ân says:

How much cost, ad?

Darnelle Hazlewood says:

when you were referring to the Slimline pro’s what did you mean

Eddie Duncan says:

will be doing a review on the jrl freshfades?

HurricaneHark says:

What’s up Bossio, just picked up my bottle of Tomb45, can’t wait to try it out. Off the bat the stuff smells awesome, def smells better than EZBlade

Edward golfwang says:

What would you prefer magic clips or these babyliss for straight hair ?

Frank Lanbrano says:

Chris bossio is the blade a taper blade?

itsval7 says:

Check out my new unboxing video !

Manuel Herrera says:

Klean clippers g.

Kris w. says:

Just got me a pair today I see you zero gapped yours I was going to leave mines factory setting first but how do they cut zero gapped?

Benjamin Santiago says:

andis slim liners there good but they just stop working… battery not that good

demetri rhodes says:

Best review on these so far. Very informative

sonjae09 says:

Nice clippers but can u zero gap them??

samba sissoho says:

so do you think the andis single magnet guards will fit?

Jaeson Flores says:

Good review. Can you hear the hair being cut with these? I wish Oster made a cordless version of the Fast Feeds.

Future X Games says:

chris bossio: bayliss lithium is dope right there , i love that clipper , and i’m starting to go to a barber school soon this year i’ve just earned my g.e.d i’ve got interested into going to a beauty slash barber school : ever since i was an older teen i beginning to start shaving my own beard and i kept trying.

Bygz says:

Had to take mine back they keep cutting off & on while I cut. Conair makes the same ones for cheap

caro guti says:

Does anyone else have a problem with the battery draining so fast ?

LaCe says:

Are these still better than the magic clips?

Jon Merinar says:

love mine


Babyliss cordless trimmers. Just got em bout a week ago.
Will do video.
Seem nice, but have not cut with them yet.
Very nice construction. Good placement of lever, on-off swtich. But not going to jump the gun.

Working on these channels. Had to start from scratch.
Love the reviews fam.
Any time off/ on tv at work we watch barber reviews,sneakers,jewelry of course,& entrepreneurs plugs.
B easy.

Tag you on our/ my IG. Blessings.

Barber Chick says:

I just got the conair twin of this. I can’t compare to the babyliss because I’ve not tried them, but I did cut my sons hair with the conair and they’re on the cheapo side. The lever clicks, which is annoying, but you can zero gap them. You also cannot hear hair cutting either. Overall ok for the 30 bucks I got them for, but I’m sure don’t stand up to the babyliss.

Jose M Nazario says:

We need a review on the last ones you showed cause I’ve been tempted to get them a few times but I don’t really need them I just feel like I want some Babyliss in my squad. But the ferraris are too pricey when I already got lithium magic clips and designers.

Jose Renteria says:

You should do a review on the babyliss pro x2

Rico Cantera says:

thanks for the review and thanks for showing how the guards fit…great review

Panaguy says:

what happen to your phone screen?

Bygz says:

Please do a comparison between those and the conair version….Are the conair li the exact same clipper? Power and all? IG-BYGZTHEBARBER

Kevin Mitchell says:

Chris where you at? Need a video bro?

CRIMSON _ says:

Very nice clippers, they give a nice clean taper. The only problem is they get hot after 25 minutes..

Kodac Kodi says:

chris do you still like these over the magic clip?

1stunna00 says:

do the speedo guards work with these clippers??

clintonbeverley says:

In case you guys didn’t know, con air is the parent company to babyliss and a few others. The con air version is $60-$80 less and the only difference is clicking when adjusting the lever.

Carlo Ramirez says:

hey chris have u tried the wahl magic clips

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