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Aziz Mahama says:

360 jeezy am now leaning barbering so I always followed your footsteps on

East West says:

Some good clippers for beginners would be the fast feeds..

Deer John says:

Thanks you so much jeezy !

38 Baby says:

My mans u too pricey tf

daniel v says:

Bro u not funny

robert butler says:

How much does he charge to customize?

Miguel Estrada says:

Just got a fresh line up from Jeezy

Jarred Jackson says:

I have straight hair and was wondering how low should I cut my hair??

Tyler Dymond says:

Do the gtx blades fit on the normal t outliners? I have mine skeletonized not that matters just curious

jayilla28 says:

Stop acting all Goofy and shit bro, other then that great vid

Sean Velasquez says:

Jezzy was a lil more chill in this video

SupremeTroy says:

Who has actually dropped a clipper?

Emma Evans says:

I really wish you could cut my sons hair

CARLOS Gonzalez says:

Bro thanks for the line up!

Yxng ace says:

Someone help me out, I’ve been recommended either Wahl magic or Wahl Designer. btw I’ve only started to cut slowly

CashC2x says:

How much will all of this run ya? (Without customization)

Dorian McCormick says:

Will the fast feeds be enough for cutting my own hair?

Jahhh Sosa says:

My nigga jeezy got the same jeans as me Lol

Mikester Infinity says:

Dope , thanks for all the knowledge

Barber Passion says:

which ones are the best between ANDIS T outliner Black Edition and GTX?

Yung_God says:

Anyone Else Put There Head Next To There Phone When He Was Lining Us Up Lol

601 GoldenChild says:

Thanks for the video am try to to keep the clippers in my hand all the way to the top with ya and a hold a lot of barbers that I look up to

Pekanzo27 says:

Where you get them J’s from?

Antwon Francois says:

I’m about to start barber school but need my own clippers, so should I get andis masters or fast feeds

Feudal Regent20 says:

12:22 yo I had my head tilted and you fucked me up lol

john wooard73corvette says:

Are the Oster trimmers good  ones to start out with ?  Not much info on them here . Any info or comments would be appreciated ! Thanks .o

JoeDerk Gaming FR says:

Who is arguing about prices? Whish we had a 360 jeezy Type of barber here in Germany !!! We ll pay!

jayden scott says:

just a lil fuckin expensive for a cut

Glendon Thomas says:

I heard you only need 3 clippers I came here to know what exactly to get,just tell me which 3 of these do i need thats best for a beginner

Barber Cartel says:

@360Jeezy which of these clippers are for European market

FrankDaG 6 says:

Those prices

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