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Arceno says:

Good review bro

ttb2857 says:

can you do a video for best cordless trimmers?

lawrence lee says:

It’s all in the blades

Buck Sterling says:

I’m sure once you modify the Bevel blade blades it would hit as hard if not better as the t liner which I’m sure you’ve had modified

Amir Muhammad says:

I respect ya opinion bcuz I was just getting ready to hop on a pair but I did notice that you had to keep going over that line to make it rite

#ThugginInTheKitchen says:

Can you review the new bevel trimmer blade V2?

Cruz Diaz says:

Great review man

Josiah O'Neal says:

Well I know not to buy those.

gmitch says:

but u have to make adjustments to the t outliners to get them to hit hard like that. Can you zero gap the bevel blade??? I know for a fact the outliners dnt hit hard fresh out the box

Ocean Water says:

andis t-outliner remains undefeated

Amadeus Alvarado says:

I really appritieate this review. You explained your opinion and showed examples to back your claims up, definitely made it easier for me to choose whether or not to buy. Thanks!! Great video

Signed Up says:

Nice review. Why did andis change the design of its shaver. It doesn’t cut as close as the devious design did? Do you know of any face shavers which cut as close as the andis profoil did?

Ommid Jamal X says:

lol…u funny as hell sun!

jayilla28 says:

Great vid

Frisbee darkhorse B says:

they don’t line up that good 360 jezzy

Pierre Boyd says:

How would it compare to a t outliner though unmodified?

alviiiiin1988 says:

$200 just for a lineup is fucking ridiculous. i absolutely hate what bevel did to the industry. this is simply not a smart way to manage your money for the customer.

Miciah James says:

My Andy’s broke so I decided to buy the bevel based on my barber recommendation (who cut my hair with them). I go to YouTube for basic instructions on electronics and seen this video. I respect his opinion…especially as a barber but I just tried the bevel on my beard and it is crisp! I know its a long way from comparing this to professional cuts but so far I don’t regret my purchase…and I also found it $50 cheaper online.

Johnny Bowman says:

I will not be getting those

Gregory Mike says:

yeah the andis hit harder

Al Holguin says:

Too expensive..

1Hogpilot says:

I just KNEW you were gonna give the heads up to Bevel….lol Thanks for the Honest review

Edward Jackson says:

My Bevel blades hits, you have to adjust them Brother, basically remove the blade head and the two hex screws you have to remove and push it up then retighten. They come factory tuned, but for them to hit hard they have to be user adjusted.

Phonz Dandridge says:

Great review, great demo of the blades. Great comparison. I respect the honesty. You saved me some cash.

Fuk U says:

Why are the bevel trimmers so loud???

Shaw The Barber says:

It’s sad cause I just ordered these like 5 minutes before I watched. I almost ordered 2 of them but I decided to wait until I tried the first one to see if I liked them. I use a razor on every cut so I don’t mind if they don’t hit. I don’t zero gap my clippers so I can use them on adults and kids. I bought them because I had 2 Andis LI’s one was a back up (not bought at the same time). I rotated them out by the week and they both went out today. I have the GTX and GTO but I can’t go back to cords. The deep tooth keep chipping of teeth so I hate that because once you have a clippers set the way you like it you don’t want to touch it. The LI was great until the switch went out. One was having problems the other was going strong. I thought the one with problems would go out first but it didn’t. I had 2 cuts to go for the day and 3 clippers at the shop I ended up having to go with the GTX with several missing teeth. Now I know 1 backup is not enough. If the Bevel works half as good as the GTX I will have 3 at my station. This will never happen again.

Arcspeed 214 says:

You know the trimmers are good when they buzz like a bee and not that rattling metal sound.

Laura Swan says:

Appreciate your honesty and professional review, all your points both pros and cons show that your non-biased and honest…. keep up the fantastic job!!!!!

Fiddle says:

If you have time on your hands, can you do a review on the cordless andis, please? Thanks!

Charming Heat says:

Andis T-outliner are way better.

Daniel Humes says:

That snapback big as shit

Leon Drayton says:

jeezy u look disappointed in it your review tho

Pebbles4red Jackson says:

Thank you so much 360jeezy for your honest opinion.

A-DUB Amir says:

I’m a amateur and I can’t really cut that well but I like to clean myself up from time to time including as well as my son’s. If I can grab these on eBay or somewhere for $140 or less I’ll do it simply because #1 I cannot adjust my blades for the life of me to get them sharper. As a bonus I like the idea of not having a cord…

Lorina Gisele says:

Andis was better!

Kimberly Stanley says:

Poor performance if you ask me!

Jack Smith says:

The andis gtx are way better. They cut sharper as well as since the blade is sticking out you have more control over the cuts.

Don Yute Lennox says:

I don’t get it how is nas with his “signature ” fade promoting a clipper that doesn’t actually fade . And its over fucking priced please they can keep that shit

Cary Soriano says:

Thanks for an in-depth review and for going over how loud they are. Really helpful!

Asad Abdul-Khaliq says:

Not trying to talk bad but bevel needs to go back to the drawing board and re vamp. They were cool looking but really didn’t do the job

Diego Hernandez says:

Your andis is sharpened tho?

M5 Hector says:

i respect ur honesty

Darren Carrington says:

Is the Andis stock??

strongforu says:

Thanks for the review. I use the Bevel razor system and it’s the only razor I’ve ever found that doesn’t break me out. I think it’s the pre-shave oil, the angle of the razor and the post-shave balm that do the trick. I was intrigued by the clippers, but that price scared me away.

dskillzhtown says:

Great review. Lines up with what my cousins who are barbers have said as well. They feel like the next iteration of this product is going to be better but they are going to have to come down on that price. I think 125 might be the sweet spot. I know alot of people who want to buy it even with the flaws to support black business, but just have hard time paying 200. Hopefully the next model improves on this one and lowers the price. I think they have a big market waiting to buy at the right price.

Pixel Kingz says:

Honest review

Colby Lynes says:

They look like a good trimmer if they were like 70 but that’s about it

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