Cordless clippers review.

Wahl Magic clip, Sterling 4, Designers and Andis Supra zr



the magic clippers are my best right now! after 40 years cutting hair i am very comfortable with the cut , and super light in weight

Dj Allstyle says:

Try the slime line pros from Andis… Hands down the best cordless trimmer… Put a 6 out balder blade on the designers!! Cordless balder clippers changes the game massively!

xHibachi24x says:

Just found your channel when looking up reviews or cordless clippers. Awesome video brother! Hope to see more videos.

I’d love to see tutorials and reviews.

Btw, do you have an instagram so we can see your cuts?

Андрей Кузнецов says:

Andis knife rip… Like my osters. Sank you for video. Now I now want MagicClip cordless. Cordless and corded have different motors? Good luck from Ukraine

Jak Coleman says:

hey. thanks for the review. its really helped me. magic clip for me next.

HeavilyGamer says:

What you think about the Super Taper Cordless

Joseph Macintosh says:

Sterling 4 has a taper blade.(not the same as 5 star,5 star has fade blade). Magic clip is similar but the cutting guide teeth are jagged so its called snaggletooth blade and designer has a designer blade like it always has..not trying to hate just your putting out wrong information

chris macleod says:

what kind might they be? walhs.. but which walh bro?

Jay T. Hairston II says:

Have you ever used the cordless Andis Envy? And if so how do they compare to the Wahls?

maikavang09 says:

for a cordless trimmer I use the Whal Mag. Have you tried that one?

dtp TV says:

that fall was bad man . sameshit happened to me i was sure it was on the hook

Sydney Curry says:

do u recommend changing the blade on the magic clips to the 5 star legend blade

Teresa Shearer says:

I love my Wahl mag trimmers.

House of Mellivora says:

I’m 37 and I am trying to update old barbers. So first 37 is not old and two I will always continue my education and stay up and try new clippers. So old is a mind state not a number. So that comment was ignorant.



marcello kendall says:

u bought the same clipper 3 timez

Brandon Miquelon says:

I broke my blade too bro

Bevin Webster says:

okay, so I need you to break down the difference between the magics and the zr. I currently use 76s but they are really heavy and I want to go cordless. I work 40 hours in a salon and do quite a few bald fades, but I’ve got a few older gentlemen too who like their classic cuts. which would you recommend? thanks!!!

Santiago Martinez says:

Buy a wahl cordless tattoo trimmer. and put a wahl T Wide trimmer blade. crispy

lucas flater says:

like for dropping the andis ahahahahah

RioTv says:

Can you buy the magic clip cordless in any stores?

murphy irlandes says:

why the gloves

House of Mellivora says:

The point here is older barbers that already been cutting for a while no matter the age always hate on new barbers no matter the age the new barber is. So you being 27 doesn’t matter because I get the same treatment. So stating your age was irrelevant.

Jay T. Hairston II says:

And do you use any cordless trimmers? I’ve been thinking about trying the Andis Slimline Pros.

Elite Mentality says:

can I have your corded clippers….. I’m an up n coming female barber and I would love the seniors and the masters….. thanks


slim line pro are the shit best cordless trimmer to me the crome ones

Raymond Sigar says:

great review.. i wish you shoot it in landscape (horizaontal) mode..

juantafanta says:

Few questions, why did you get the Andis Supra ZR over the Oster Octane? And do you feel that the detachable blades on the Andis Supra ZR get hot really fast? Thanks for the review! RIP to your trimmers. Haha

sam delgado says:

You can switch out the silver for the red purple or white on the magic clip just push on it closer to the name

Anthony Guzman says:

Rip to that gtx, lol

Tremble Dust says:

Good vid. My condolences on the blade on the outliners. It happens lol. Have 2 questions. Trying to go all cordless with my clippers and trimmers. I only cut my hair for home use. Not a barber. I know its OD but was looking at the cordless Magic Clip. How low can it cut? I rock a baldie and have been using Wahl Detailers (corded. Read about the cordless ones. Too many people not feeling them too hard) to do the job finishing it up with Andis Profoils.

2nd question…have u tried the Andis Pro Li’s? Said to be good cordless trimmers.

Eric Ross says:

Good review, nice collection bro. Bad drop but made me laugh. Keep up the videos though, I was wondering why Wahl made so many differences of the same clipper. So thanks for the FYI.

Michael Gatell says:

Damn u broke the gtx blade smh

House of Mellivora says:

Vinyl gloves are always a necessity. Good choice to use gloves don’t forget to protect your arms when you are wearing short sleeves or you will still get hair splinters.

Tony Trim says:

Yoooooooo! that’s the realest barber response to dropping your edgers…

neal mcgee says:

my brother barber please hang clippers with knott by the cord u will have less drops about 12 inches down cord let hang

Gabriel Lugo says:

Andis supra zr or oster octane? I need a good review about this 2 clippers

wackoguywatch says:

I thought all those cordless have the same rotary motor , so how is the middle one more powerful than the others?

Derek Gibbins says:

Can’t believe you got that drop on camera. Way to laugh it off! I would invest in the Wahl Cordless Detailers again try them back out with a 1/16 zero cap. The blade works wonders on my designs.

Arrey Ashu says:

Which of the clippers do you use or recommend for balding?

Stealt707 says:

Nice review! I don’t understand why these blades break in the corner when they drop? same thing happened to me two weeks ago. feel sorry it hurts.

Ruben Cisneros says:

Slim line pros. Ro

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