Cordless Trimmer Face-off! Whats the Best Cordless Hair Trimmer?

www.headlinesbarbers @headlinesbarbers @bossiocuts presents another product review. battle of the cordless trimmers. Andis Slimline pro, Andis Slimline pro Li, Wahl cordless detailers.

Andis Slimline Pro
Andis Slimline Pro Li
Wahl Cordless Detailers

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Please watch: “Haircut Tutorial! Temp Fade with Twist on Top using Fast Feeds”


Hcg White ops says:

You try to zero gap the detailers?

whitesmoke hiding says:

the best thing to get that will last is the Wahl 8900 and put a five star tblade on it. they work great for so cheap.

Dr. Vinnie BoomBatts says:

Could you please review the Bevel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

djr320 says:

No comments about battery life and quality?

Anthony Ingram says:

hey chris have you tried the bevel cordless trimmer?

RapostolicRecords850 says:

I totally agree with out about the dock

Mia Vonni says:

music was a distraction, I turned it off

Daniel Cortes says:

nice video man .I hate to be a bug when your gonna to a video on how to train hair to stay down

Tom November says:

Can’t hear you over the music

Tamarah Curtis says:

video was super helpful. trying to figure out what trimmers to buy and i was torn on the slimpro li, but i definitely don’t like the light feeling trimmer. Thanks

beugen2001 says:

I recommend checking the wella contura . I don’t know why barbers don’t use it but in my opinion i tried it vs a wahl detailer and it wins ! Cuts very close to the skin and very smouth , it doesn’t irritates the skin . The only minus i see it doesn’t have a large blade .

Louie Garza says:

Sorry for the Super long comment. Im the guy that had the brain surgury so once i get going i dont want to forget so it just flows n next thing you know.. 2 page comment! ¯_(ツ)_/¯ . Thank you for taking the time to reply and help me out Chris!

Jose Figueroa says:

Hey a question you mentioned all 3 of the clippers but never mentioned the slimline 2 what you think bout those ??? I tried them out & they don’t don’t hit hard at all your thoughts please

Chuck Sewell says:

Have u ever tried the wahl 8900 trimmer…. it’s not a lithium ion battery but I think if u change to the t wide blade it’s just as good as the corded detailer

Eric Burum says:

Bossio can u tell me about the slim line 2

Jonathan Pena says:

Hey what do you like better the slimline pro or the Slimline Li

Anthony Ingram says:

Chris bossio yeah I gotcha bro that’s what I said to about the way the blade is made they are out now at 179.00


I have the LI’s I was thinking of just getting thr PRO’s looking at your videos it looks like your PRO’s cut closer than my LI’s and I zero gapped them what do you think?

Derrick Hutchinson says:

I have the slimline pro and the wahl detailer. after about a week the detailers hit much better after getting the blade sharpened and zero gapping them. less than a year of having the slimline the motor went and I don’t use them that much. needles to say, I like both

Saul Romero says:

are the slimline 2 any good??

Wayne Weigel says:

Can you adjust the blades on the slim lines? Do they need it or do they hit nice straight out the box?

Amma Owusu says:

Hey, where could I get that replacement switch ?

mateo gomez says:

I personally love my Karmin

Joseph Leon says:

hey chris what kind of blade or trimmers do you use for small foreheads on clients

Bob C says:

I couldn’t understand what you were saying over the music. Not very useful too me.

Chris West says:

Is Andis D7 Slimline Pro T-Blade Cordless better than Wahl detailer in your opinion?

rsm nyc says:

Your video sold me on the original Slimliner Pro’s that broken button lack of build quality and the LI’s light weight was a deal breaker for me..Thanks Bro!!!

Quinton Williams says:

thanks bro!
I use the slim line pros I’m trying to go all wireless definitely checking out those whall fade blades u got

George Clark says:

@ Chris bossio. I think you would Chang your mind about the wahls detailer if you put the regular five star blade on the detailer

Justin Cheater says:

thanks bro I’m looking for some cordless liners and this helped out a lot keep up the good work.

fed Z says:

what about wahl mag?

Jason Tomas says:

Can u do a review on the andis magnetic guards vs the new ones?

Paul Shakeshaft says:

can somebody advise me what is the best cordless trimmer these days, I just want to do grade zero all over my head , just for home use for myself….????

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