Cordless Wahl Magic Clip | Hair Clipper Review!

$75 Wahl Magic Clip Clipper –

this is my opinion on the wahl magic clip hair clipper. I’ve cut with this clipper for months now. Let me know what you think about them!
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Please watch: “Haircut Tutorial! Temp Fade with Twist on Top using Fast Feeds”


maria martin says:

what was the blade you changed it to again

Evan Bulliner says:

gotta do a review on the Andis Envy Li the new cordless clipper from Andis

Paito El-Chino says:

Hey Chris, was wondering if you could do a review on the Andis cordless envy li, i want to see your thoughts on them.

brandon Hrabal says:

Hey Chris how do you oil your blades ?

Watchful_dre says:

Can I just go with all speedo guards

Gustavo C. says:

Do you recommend these or andis fade master for fades and tapers?

baz w7 says:

chris,as the blade looks more like a surgical flat blade like on a balding clipper or a fade master,does it catch/tug the customers skin? I work high volume,upto 35 cuts a day and alot of fades so i don’t want to worry about catching the skin as i go in with that first zero line….thanks bro

baz w7 says:

thanks for the response,might still pick a pair you for homers after work,in general do they ever tug or catch because of the blade?

xHibachi24x says:

Hey Chris! I’ve been hearing more and more people talk about how these clippers are fire. My man Harry Pirate recently did a review on Andis Fade Masters and said he cut himself because he’s not used to the sharp blade in which you have to lay it flat against the head compared to the Fast Feeds where it’s more forgiving if you dig in and flick out.

I was wondering if you’ve got any tutorials where you give tips on how to get used to those sharp blades like the Andis Fade Blade or the Wahl 5 star senior blade.

Gregg Browning says:

I have these clippers and they are the bomb

Jonathan Rodriguez says:

Hey Chris, have you opened these magic clipper to clean them yet? if so how did you do it?

Gangster Gastino says:

can someone help me? I just got this clipper and it pulls my scalp hair.

Aaron Vasquez says:

chris bossio when the light is blue it means its charging correct?

Luis Rivera says:

i tried the staggered tooth blade 0 gaped and it did a good job and blended really smooth u should give it one more try Chris.

loujennings4 says:

can you hear the hair being cut since you changed the cutting blade?

baz w7 says:

thanks for the response,might still pick a pair you for homers after work,in general do they ever tug or catch because of the blade?

Miguel Felix says:

chris u spoke about modifications on your cordless magic clippers like what exactly cause mine arent cutting like yours bro


thanks Chris…

Frank Lanbrano says:

Chris bossio can you put a taper blade on this?

Sydney Curry says:

which blade is the best for them std or wedge blade

Frank B. says:

Can you make a review on the oster eON cordless clipper ?

Collins Klassics says:

*Chris (my bad)

deshawn johnson says:

@chris bossio why do yu say they cant replace seniors whats the difference?

George Cristian Iordan says:

i had a wahl super taper cordless to me they look the same and even have almost the same specs like 5500 dc motor, battery is the same, excepting the price, this thing is more expensive.I would like to know if is better than what i had, if they reduced the vibrations on that thing and the noise because when was On the Super taper was very noisy and vibrate a lot interfering with work.

randomfilmzhd says:

can you please tell me the steps to fade with these clippers

Paul Quevedo says:

hey Chris Bossio, took your advice about changing the blade one step further, i took the blade and blade holding bracket and arm off of my legend and it makes them like cordless legends they are great gonna make as second one and maybe a balder too to be all cordless

Rodney Ramlochan says:

What about andis envy ?

Hector Maldonado says:

stagger tooth is wack I agree

baz w7 says:

OK great,thanks again chris

Alvaro Munguia says:

hey man great vids..quick question about your guard system for these clippers. you said your system uses wahl half guard,wahl 1 guard, and then speedo guards. does that mean this system eliminates the white 1.5 guard ? thanks

jurgens solorzano says:

Hey Chris, since u made a review for cordless clippers, have u ever tried the Andis Supra 120 Ion cordless? If u have would u consider them like the Andis master or no? Ur feedback would be appreciated.. Thanks bro!! I watch all ur vids btw.. Great help in some techniques I need..

Ree Gold says:

Is there a big difference between these clippers and the wahl magic clip cord?

baz w7 says:

lol yeah good point bro,do you think a standard wahl blade wpuld fit on them or you got one you recommend i could switch when I buy the clipper?

Philly Phil says:

What’s up bra I just want to know if the only reason you don’t like the designers is because it can’t get that bald guideline out or are there other reasons also? I have the designers and was thinking about getting the magic clips but I’m still debating. I just want to know are there any other differences between the two

Rolando Martinez says:

replace the 5star seniors blade with the balding blade and see the badass fades it gives

Gilbert De La Torre says:

Do a review on the cordless envy li

Dhonn Louie Ronquillo says:

Where can you buy the new charging cable?

Jose Burgos says:

I personally like my cordless designers. but I switched out the blade it came with for the reflections fade blade. I love them as my bald fade clippers, bulk cutting and neck fades clipper. I use my babyliss fx880 to do the rest of my fade work. I tried to use the cordless as a standalone and do all clipper but it didn’t feel right to me. It seems like you still have to have your fade blade clipper and your standard blade clipper. even in cordless models. fyi thanks for being an inspiration! I’ve learned a lot from your vids! been cutting hair for more than a decade and still learning thanks again .

Collins Klassics says:

wut r your everyday/ primary get money clippers/ how many do u use n how many/ guards (on a regular basis …)
not wut u jus be trying out “your” go to Criss Bossio set-up …

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