FAKE Vs ORIGINAL Wahl moser 1400 – 0016 Clipper / Trimmer [How to spot the fake one]

The video shows you the detailed differences between a fake and an original Wahl moser 1400 – 0016 Clipper / Trimmer .

Moser 1400 [Original] UNBOXING : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Vghx…

FAKE Moser 1400 Unboxing : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=476i6…

Crew Cut/Buzz Cut Video using the FAKE one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW3zx…

Video Recorded using : http://amzn.to/1mibuhp

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PewDiepie Roster says:

Can you please provide link to buy original???

siva qc says:

Give me any original clipper.. URL..

ray0fh0pe says:

Actually mine is pretty good and robust and buttery smooth. And has all the fake things u said.

Muhammad Khalid says:


yadhu krishna says:

Thank you so much for this video.
I just got a fake one so. Time to inform flipkart.

ILK KARA says:


haythem riahi says:

I see people who say bullshit, I bought moser 1400 model white, from an official reseller indicated in the site, made in germany, the qr code indicates product officialization, with Invoice of purchase and guarantee !! all OK ,

Madhul says:

can you tell me where to buy original moser?

one2three says:

They are both original. This video is misleading!!! This guy wont remove the video because of all the views and the monetization. ! ! !

perassi1 says:

Hi, How about buying this model in Wahl’s Indian site???

Dan Drop says:

Liar..the real one is with the triangle screw…look on MOSER site cleaning demonstration

Gieszkanne says:

I am sure you confuses the boxes. On the hp pdf manuel is written that they give 3 years warenty not 2!

hemant pawar says:

bhai yrrr hindi bolna india hai angrezz mat bn

vivek mahajan says:

then can you tell the users from where we can buy the original one ?

abdou sifelhak says:

Is the fake product also good?

Naveen Jain says:

sahi me me chutia ban gya sala roj blood nikal ate hai thax man
for comprsion

Arjun Ashok says:

Moser 1400-0010 model trimmer Rs1799 from Amazon is Original or not???plz rply..

Adroit Fahim says:

Hi Prasad vedpathak,

thanks for your video. because of your video, I was able to identify that my Moser trimmer was fake. I was able to get refund from Flipkart after 18months of use. First of all, Flipkart was not ready to refund my money, I approached consumer forum and I got the money back.

thanks once again!

DigiLab Media Works says:

Hi ! Thanks a ton for the info. Did a great job. Please tell me ASAP from where can I bought an original product online in INDIA.
Its quite urgent.

Omar Samy says:

اخي الكريم ( هذه المكاينة معايا وبتنتش الشعر ) اعمل ايه !؟
ارجو الرد وشكراً

NEMASTE JI Acoustic says:

Bhi ji app mast ho you are ausom i like you sir

Barnaba Rudge says:

What do you say to Chaoba CB-808 vs. Wahl Super Taper? Counterfeit or replica?

Saideep S says:

Hello Prasad Vedpathak Sir.I am planning to buy a WAHL MOSER(CORDED TRIMMER) on Flipkart,Amazon or Snapdeal ASAP and I am confused between the model numbers like 1400-0016 or 1400-0015 or 1400-0010.Can you kindly suggest me the right product to be brought online between these models and which would be the best among the three?

Stephen Luke says:

It’s advicable to go directly the the original manufactures website of any product and purchace dierctly from them or ask for their suppliers details.

Coco Jie says:

How about WAHL made in china w/ UAE office
Is that fake or original like made in USA

Alexey Dyomin says:

Дебил что ли? В разных странах куплены и наличие сертификатов соответствия говорит о фейке? Рогуль, не смог выставить лезвия и порезался. Походу он сам фейковый

umesh dhadve says:


SantSunnyosh Shrivas says:

क्या यह जानकारी हिंदी मे मिलेगी ।

Movies Mania says:

Hindi re madarchod

Akash Otari says:

Can we use it to trim dogs hairs

Rishi Singh says:

Mera beard oil seey ayga kya

Naveen Jain says:

origional kitne ki hai

Cali Angel says:

Does the “Oster” shavers have fakes too?

The Beast says:

how can i buy original one

Pavan Pavan says:


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