FULL REVIEW: Andis Slimline Pro Li PROS and CONS

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Big MF A says:

do a review on both detailers

Brandon Reeves says:

are they better than the peanut trimmers?

Nathan Easton says:

Did you sharpen these or are they just gapped ?

Sheikh Alam says:

4:25 brother looks high af

- A - says:

I got these after seeing your review. Truthfully, they have a cheap body and are overpriced for what blades you get. They are held with two weak screws into a plastic body…you can literally move the blades side to side with little pressure. Motor is weak too…back to cords.

Miller do Corte says:

The best

knightmare456 says:

Lego head

Rustic_ MetalArt says:

Hi key, are these good to trim my balls? No joke.

Icredit 24/7 says:

Yo Jeezy I gotta line my son up he is 3 years old. Would these clippers work

barood3 says:

can I use this machine for full head shaving ?

McCheto da boss says:

Do they break fast?

Queen Discciple says:

Why does my son always say I’m hurting him when cutting his hair with these? I’ve zero gapped them and was wondering if something was wrong or he is just a baby. Thanks

Tevin-Terrell Harris says:

Y’all are Like twins

Eleo235 says:

You should put up an Amazon affiliate link so you get that % son. You did all the work making me want this trimmer in this video, you might as well get a cut of the sales.

Yusuf Sanad says:

i don’t have forehead but i have full grown beard and im searching for good trimming machine to draw the lines
i saw those type of machines in the instagram

jays kicks says:

How much is it ?

Caden MedicineEagle says:

@360jeezy your brother looks like Taylor Bennett(ChanceTheRapper brother) lol

jd kang says:

how u adjust them lol

Fitim Bunjaku says:

the fade on the right side not as good as on the left.

Frank Gadson says:

Boss video can you explain how to adjust cutting blade on the Andis Slimline Pro LI I sport a full beard and mustache and would like to get a well defined cut thanks

Chayanne Cuesta says:

are these better than the bevel trimmer?

airfuzz4 says:

And iz not andeez

Enzo Ekstein says:

For the beard is it good or better to use the detailer?

Sr. Terrorista says:

muito chave

Frederick Jones says:

I just purchased the andis slimline 2. I think Im gonna adjust them first before i used them. Thanks for the video.

0000 two says:

youre so funny about the waiting time for the trimmer to turn off and all your talking are entertaining ,. Great job !

Lety perez says:

how did you ajust your clippers I’m not familiar how to ajust but I do wish I can get your 411

Gg Dd says:

@7:29 he was lookin like “yeahhh, u see me!” Hahaha

Robert Stefan says:

i got andis slimline pro (not li) i adjust them , not zero gap but cut skin and leave red marks ..

Chris West says:

Is Andis D7 Slimline Pro T-Blade Cordless as good as Wahl detailer…cause I’m really tired of buying detailer. There’s a small plastic in the casing that holds the blades but keeps breaking. And once broken the whole thing is useless

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