New Andis Supra ZR Hair Clipper Review!

Andis ZR $259.99 @headlinesbarbers @bossiocuts presents do newest addition to my family… the andis supra zr. this is a quick review on the barber clipper. hope you guys like it

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Please watch: “Haircut Tutorial! Temp Fade with Twist on Top using Fast Feeds”


Jessie P. says:

Hi chris, are the zr’s compatible with Oster detachable blades?

Jaime Correa says:

it the osters gard will fit that clipper??

Mark Rangel says:

hey bro, I got a question..
every time I get a haircut, it never fails I get those bumps on the back of my head. how can I get rid of those? I’m the only client of his that gets them, how come??

Joshua Sanders says:

I need that beat bro..

Newby Strauss says:

Would you be able to do a video showing how to change the clipper blades & trimmer maintenance? Thanks in advance keep up the good work.

Angelo Benavidez says:

Andis pulse or andis supras?

Mr. Trenbolone says:

Chris I’ve been using the andis powergrooms/Bgrcs for 4 years it’s finally time for an upgrade (on/off buttons sticking and the battery’s are not lithium ion.
My question is which one do you feel is better for all around heavy duty bulk work/ how long do the battery’s keep their charge, what clippers stronger in cutting per stroke and also what’s easier to switch out the batteries from continued usage through the day?
I gotta say I’m an andis fan but the oster looks like it’s in the lead?

Bygz says:

Can use the the 76’er blades on the andis?


Barber Hacks says:

Does this use the classic 76 blades?

brandon Hrabal says:

Have you had problems with the battery yet?

Duran Little says:

What’s the difference between the Supra ZR and Supra 120 ion?

Sovereign The Barber says:

The Oster wins. The replaceable battery and extra charging station is killing the Andis. It’s funny, cause I’m sure the Oster came out first which says Andis had no intentions of beating the Octane in the market.

Michael Long says:

Don’t get the Andis. I used them full time for a year and the battery wore out. Non-replaceable battery and now I’ve gotta buy a new clipper. If I had bought the Oster I could just buy a new battery.

brandon Hrabal says:

Bgrv or this one supra ZR?

Troy Dean says:

great videos man. keep it up.

A.G. Moore says:

Thanks man! That helps me out a lot. I’ll get the Octanes. I watch your videos all the time. Keep them coming. You should do a Taper Fade or Bald Fade with the Octanes. I would like to see that.

LakeShowBarber says:

bgrs are better. option for cordless or cord. can’t always rely on cordless. it’s like the auto industry making bank on car batteries. the life span of a battery can be short.

3DOM BEATZ says:

does it get hot fast? andis always get hot fast.. thx for ur review chris…

Jonathan Pena says:

Hey Chris which one do you prefer Andis supra zr or the Oster octane ?

Nio Tamatoa says:

Maan only if I could understand what yoo talking about I’m just learning now l don’t even know basic but I’ll pick up by watching boosio vidz quick learner lol keep it up yooo

west_the_barber says:

Hey Chris. My Supra ZR struggles to maintain a steady RPM. It spins up and down during a haircut. My BGR had the same problem. I was wondering if you’ve experienced this with your Supra ZR?

eman vill says:

could you do a getting started kit must haves?

Vela The Organic Melody says:

Should I get these or the oster octanes??

A.G. Moore says:

Chris I would like to know your honest opinion about the two. which one are you really using now and why. I been cutting over 15 years and use the Oster 76 clippers but would like to use some cordless clippers. My friend uses the cordless BGR Andis and you use to use them. Now you have used them all whats the best overall one you recommend.

brandon Hrabal says:

Im going to barber school, I just bought the bgrv, & I was looking about the supra ZR for a possible option ? Should I get the the ZR? What happens if the battery dies ? Do you have to buy a whole new clipper ? Or can you replace the battery ? And does the clippers battery get messed up if you put the clipper on the charger always ?

cue03 says:

I looks like the battery is not user replaceable. What happens when the battery fails? Andis only has a 1 year warranty so after the warranty it seems like they are forcing your hand to buy a new clipper. At these price points that doesn’t sound good to me at all. I know it is lithium ion but all batteries have a possibility of failure.

Luis Pena says:

These videos are extremely helpful to myself. I’ve been cutting for a couple months now, and I’ve learned alot. I mean I’ll go back to see a couple vids a second time around and still be able to learn from it. Big ups for what your doing man. your killing it. and thanks for the vids, keep them coming .

Dustin Martinez says:

Just got these and I’m very happy with them. Quick question tho. Does yours take like a half a second to cut on after u hit the switch?

mark abu-zaydeh says:

I think the zr looks cheap! I wish the oster had that speed option. I’m still on the fence. I appreciate the video though!!! no doubt

Lorenzo Jordan says:

chris if you had to choose between these or the octanes which would be your mandatory snatch?

Jonathan Rodriguez says:

Bro I love this break down. You just made this decision a lot easier. These are the two I’ve been battling with towards what would be the best for me to purchase. good video bro!

Rocco Lucio says:

how many detachable blades do i need to do a normal bold fade

MississippiRoots says:

How far away is your shop from Clair-Mel, 33619 area ? Saw your vid on the drop fade and I was like “yeah, I need that” lol

javonta barr says:

how do you use detachable clippers? like what are there purpose? i know you can fade with them but why would you when you have the masters or fast feeds? what do you personally use your detachable for?

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