Oster 76 – Hair Clipper Product Review

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Jimbo j says:

just  bought a pair. they are great. 

TA Lindsay says:

Just ordered my set of these! Can’t wait to get them for work! Just graduated from Cosmetology School…upgrading my stuff. Thanks for sharing.

wickedhick says:

Wow..20 years. I go through one about every year, even with changing the brushes, gear, lever and hinge…the motors just eventually go and things start rattling.

Jon Varbero says:

Hey man nice review, Do you happen to know why the Oster Classic 76 Limited Edition Chrome comes without the ball oiler? thanks.

Jason Gafar says:

Nice video man. I was wondering, because I’m about to purchase an Oster hair clipper, would I be able to do my personal lineup with one of the trimmers? I want to save as much money as possible and avoid purchasing a separate clipper in addition to the Oster, one which does strictly outlining. Any tips or suggestions? Also, is cutting your own hair easy to do? I’m looking to just give myself a level 0.5 (in between a 1 and a full bald). I want everything to be level and not have any uneven patches. Thanks. 

donnie capomolla says:

do they still make these tape of clipper.

Pete Lugo says:

Have a quick question. Have the 76 and when I turn it on it has a funny smell as if something is burning. Is this normal and if not is it an easy fix? Thanks

joe royall Sr says:

Yes man!! The best! Bought mine back in 1996 and I must say they were the best investment I ever made. Learned how to really cut with these joints. Not a professional just self taught. Been cutting over 20+ years and these are a workhorse!!! Great video!!

The David Warren Channel says:

It is easier to do the fade wuth adjustable clippers. Use the 76 to do the “bulk” work then use a pair of adjustable clippers to blend.

Anthony Gomez says:

When you cut hair with guards on what blade do you use the #1 or #000

EsTudor says:

I will buy great review the sound is what I always thought was unique

Robert John says:

nice review man are these clippers worth getting i have a pair of and is master as well and I’m looking for a good take down clipper….do u recommend the 76 for this

A Ri says:

I have a pair of this clipper. But my clipper seems to heat up quick after ten mins of use. By heating, i mean the body of the clipper heats where its uncomfortable to hold. But the blades dont heat up, just the clipper it self. Is this normal for this clipper?

bigfellaoo7 says:

I just bought one today. I’ll be getting it in a few days. I wanted something powerful.

Patrick Bahry says:

So to blend a zero high top fade with the oster 0 guard into a number 1 on top (using the number 1 oster guard) I would use the 0A guard and it would blend the fade into the number 1? Or would there be more to do, because I’m not good with blending especially on my thick hair and clippers with side handles become confusing to use.

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