Oster Clipper review – oster Fast Feed


harken says:

Are the fast feed as reliable as an oster 76? Ive had the 76 since i was a kid when my dad use to cut me and Im looking to get one with a lever… any thoughts? I feel like the motor will break within a year..


nigga said 8 out of 10

Tricia & Co says:

Thinking of buying this clipper for the hubby he just straight buzzes everything off… was thinking of the Oster 76 but I don’t really think I need the professional Oster 76 just for straight buzzes… should I just get the more expensive 76 one?

Dillydillon P says:

Bro, why tf did you push his shit in so far when you lined up the back of his hair?

Eric Stuart says:

good review but the way you explain everything really suck.

Chosen TheBarber says:

Shawty was back there shmashing that food

527 N.Y.C. says:

what a pair of faggets, faggets I say!

ADB 507 says:

the fast feed is a piece of junk no power at all try the speedmaster or andis master

logan h says:

that’s cute .. how long y’all been dating for?

steeev0 says:

how would you rate them vs andis master??

XYED Zeus says:

hardly ever seen a better demo yet so simply done……thanks

Jmasterflex94 says:

I like this video a lot because you actually explained each guideline you created in the fade and exactly how much hair to take off and you gave a review on the clipper before you used it, keep it man.

Ovidiu Androne says:

What T-outliner is the one you use?

vickzg Garcia says:

Would this be good for fading a beard?

bizuca says:

What are the attachments you use ? Brand ? Model ? Thanks

E The Barber says:

aye david the guards that come with the clipper are they usefull or just recommend buy the purple magnetic guards and please subscribe to my channel bro stay up.

Tru Kombat says:

exactly just do the fuckn video u sound like a bitch I’m not watching this video

bigfellaoo7 says:

I’m not sure if to get the fast feed Oster or the classic 76. I want something that’s good also cutting a thick beard right odd and body hair as well.

Kris w. says:

Great video excellent review I just went back to oster fast feeds / topaz to me same clipper they cut really smooth I use them for blending they take the right amount of hair not too little not too much they also stay a lot cooler than the masters & pretty light which when your cutting 15to 20 heads a day light clippers help overall I agree with you give them 8 out 10

Rodolfo Guzman says:

Do a step by step how to high taper

CONNOR Rehill says:

would you recommend these or the andis masters? i would love to become a barber as ive been cutting hair for my friends and brothers for some time now and realized its something i really like to do. i just bought a pair of masters.

October's Finest says:

What type of guards are those?

Kchu Rodriguez says:

Is the lever on the machine smooth or stiff

31savageXXX says:

Sounds like scoop208

Cody Meyer says:

Lol just do a review don’t be a douchebag

Elvis Antonio Disla Pujols says:

Really nice video! what combs are you using in this video ill really appreciate the info!

John Tucker says:

Seriously???!!! You let that girl eat a full fucking 7 course meal in your front window. Very unprofessional.BTW , you pushed the diagonal line by the ear back way too far.

David Corso Jr. says:

lmao that girl be dropping food outta her mouth in slow motion

Nic says:

I shave my head with a #1 (1/8″) guard on my crap conair clippers. I just bought the fast feed, do I need to buy a guard to do the same haircut?

PieToTheFace says:

What clippers do you recommend for someone that wants to buzz their own hair at home and wants to minimize ingrown hairs / irritation?

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