Oster Octane Clipper Review | Cordless Detachable Hair Clipper

Oster Octane $299.95 http://amzn.to/1lxwd0i

this product review is brought to you by @headlinesbarbers @bossiocuts www.headlinesbarbers.com. Oster octanes are powerful cordless detachable clippers and ill let you know how i like them in this video

Please watch: “Haircut Tutorial! Temp Fade with Twist on Top using Fast Feeds”


GTA Rascals says:

Hi Chris! Greetings from Toronto!
Picked mine up yesterday and before I left the store, I had the salesman turned it on to make sure it works.
I’m not gonna do a review but I can tell you that I I’m the happiest barber in the world. Guaranteed!

No oiling, greasing or carbon brushes needed.
I cut using detachable blades,
Finally my classic 76 can get a break.

PS: apologize about the name. It’s my gaming account. I don’t have a barbering account.

Emiliano Morado says:

Hey man, great review! Got a quick question, which blade were you using in your demonstration? Also did you adjust it closer? Thanks!

Нурлан Абильдаев says:

Hi guys) tell me please? This clipper works at 220 volts? I’m from Astana! We have a standard of 220 volts.

Jimmy Lemus says:

First comment, whoa, I just wanna say keep up the good work,!

Eduardo Rey_Blendz says:

Best detachable clipper I’ve own so far

Jessa says:

Jealous. I am a pet groomer and Oster made the pet version of this white and neon green. The Barber version is much more esthetically pleasing. Oh well.

DJ GaFFLe says:

Dude… many LAWN MOWERS don’t cost $300! These clippers seem just as loud as them though…

Matthew Leal says:

Do you use this to do skin fades or only wahls

Mary The Barber says:

I used to use 76s, but the weight and size and was too much for my small hand. My neck and shoulder pain ceased after switching to the Octane. However, it is so LOUD and I can’t find any advice on how to fix the noise issue.

joseph fabiano says:

Chris the Andis purple magnetic attachments fit the octane 000 blade.

Telly E says:

was here for the clipper review but noticed the clarity in your video. Do you mind sharing which device you are using to take video? TIA

Mr Grimm says:

Sound like they have been dropped on the ground. If you where a client would you like all that racket in your ear drum?

Chris Stynen says:

I’ve been using the Andis Bgrv for years, and think I’d prefer the shape of the Oster Octane or Andis Supra. I was about to buy the Octane until I saw your video… It sounds really loud 🙁

TwelfthSt9 says:

I’m looking to purchase the MVP’s and the Oster Octane’s. Is it better to buy the Oster Octane or the Andis BGR+ in your opinion?

Juan Aguayo says:

I’m an oster octane owner and I have to say best investment…I have a large collection of clippers and my octane are my # 2 after my fast feeds…great video!!!

James Tron says:

More videos of you using these clippers please. I’m wanting to buy these but I would like to to see another video of these before I jump the gun.

Ana Figueroa says:

This is the best nice video

Yve Ruth says:

I just ordered mine earlier today prior to watching your video. I also just took a look at you Andis Supra ZR & am torn ! both look great. Im accustomed to Andis Excel Clippers & been wanting to upgrade to Cordless. Feel like i want to have both.

In another review of both clippers they made a point that the Oster Octane is great for clipper over comb as it is lighter & slimmer. I love that. Hearing the sound difference between the two is a major difference as the Andis Excel Clippers are also sound friendly.

Great review. My Octane arrives this Sunday. Contemplating on getting the Supra ZR as well.

Lane X says:

What do you recommend, Andis Supra ZR or Wahl 08148 ?

Joey Cambrelen says:

“Don’t let the size fool you, it feels tiny in your hand” YIKES, pause… LMAO

Angel Ortiz says:

Octane, supra, or bgr?

Antonio R. says:

can u do fades and tapers with them or only for debulking? and balding?

mike thegodson says:

Why isn’t it good for a beginner?

Chretien Gerada says:

You prefer the Oster Octanes or Andis Supra ZR? And what detachable blades would you recommend, Andis or Oster?

ken mcgill says:

Do they have the option to be corded like the BGR? Great video!

DeWayne Ravizee says:

As I’m just a recreational barber I wanna say your videos have been a big help when it comes to cutting my hair my sons hair and given me the know how to cut few guys on deployment that I could actually do this as a career

ArkAchilles s says:

bro this was a good video. ..!

Steve Barber says:

why don’t they make these Clippers adjustable like the Andis Masters

Daniel Mendoza says:

Chris can u tell me whats better the oster lithium_ion vs andis supra zr? thanks and god bless u and ur fam!

Angel Ortiz says:

Damm just ordered the octanes. Why the need to change speeds. Just curious.

Javier Garcia says:

I’ve had them for over a year still going strong holds a charge all day.

Pete Lugo says:

Had these for a while. Tried all the rest. The octanes are hands down the best detachable corded/ cordless. The charge it holds is amazing also.

Benny Cuts says:

Just picked these up ! I’m super excited to use them as my all around clipper

Bang BangNorth says:

Yo please don’t stop making videos , I fucking love this channel. Fuck the haters, keep doing ya thing G.

juan rosado says:

hey how u put the lubricant on it

Luciano Celozzi says:

Do the octanes come with different plug attachments like the andis foil shaver? For use in the UK? Thanks

darthclone7 says:

its 215$ on amazon!

Creative Nomad says:

I gotta have’em!

Bryan Zorrilla says:

Bro I think you should return them clippers because they might be broken..I just got my octanes and they are not as loud as yours

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