Perfectly Adjust Your Andis T-Outliner Tension and Blades | How to: AD the Barber

This video will demonstrate how to perfectly adjust your Andis Outliner trimmers tension screw, spring and blade.

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Hugo Trujillo says:

Thanks ! It’s perfect now ! I use mine personally and my moms a barber and she uses it too. Many thanks !

mike diodato says:

Nice walkthrough cuz.!!! Great job with full descriptions..!!!

Don Andrade says:

So Awesome!
Watched this last night and adjusted my Andis T-Outliner tonight. Had some trouble after replacing blades and had no idea why….now I do.
It works as god if not better than fresh out of the box. Thanks so much for this.
With some practice we can all get our Andis T-Outliners dialed-in and working as well as we would like!
Have an “on the money” blade setter on the way, but the mirror technique worked well for sure. Thanks a TON:))

Mychael Miller says:

earned a sub and a like from me….all of a sudden my new blades was acting aggy watched this now they’re better than EVER!! thanks man

tonystark19631 says:

Thanks, very well done video and easy to understand. I dropped mine and that don’t want to cut anymore. Will try this out. Wish me luck!

Brandon Sterling says:

Thanks so much…. this helped alot.

Joseph Flamio [Swainston MS] says:

VERY good video. I looked at a few others and couldn’t get my clippers correct. After your video….bingo! Thanks!

Bouboune says:

Dude your shit is the shit. the rest of them are dead! Well presented!!

Real says:

Thanks. Great vid bro

Nick Vernon says:

I’m not a barber. I cut my own beard maybe once a week. How often would you suggest I replace my blade. It works fine and i’ve had it at least….. 6 years.

Figaro Fox says:

well done. I guess you can learn something new every day. I been cutting over 20yrs, but never all the way understood the tension. I do now so, thanks bro.

HellRell 313 says:

Thank you I just adjusted my trimmers and they back to working perfectly

del dickens says:

Leviticus 19:27 kjv
Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard.
Leviticus 19:27(LXX)
Ye shall not make a round cutting of the hair of your head, nor disfigure your beard.

Demetrius Edmonds says:

Thanks man just fixed my tapers. Make sure who ever watches this to follow every step. I didn’t know that the blade with the two screws did anything lol I thought it was the tension ball that was keeping my tapers from working. One I adjusted it work like new.

chicago platinum says:

Excellent tutorial…

jopimp14 says:

I’m not a barber, but definitely is some macgyver type of shit.

Neil VainIAm says:

I’ve done this to mine but for some reason mine is vibrating aggressively

Let's Talk Black Business says:

Thank you for this information! Now I feel like I am my own personal barber!!

Patrick Flowers says:…my out liners are cutting perfect again..thx alot

Ginger Ashford says:

Thank You!!!!!

Michael M. Roman says:

Thank you bro, i been doing this for 30 years and i knew i was doing something wrong.

tyler montano says:

Great vid, adjusted my clippers with ease

James Ashley says:

where can I buy a blade setter?

Teron Corbitt says:

My clippers are super loud and started biting after following your instructions (pretty sure I did something wrong). The biting only started after two uses.

Moe Cutz says:

I need my Trimmers fixed can you hook me up

Brock Lemmie says:

Thanks homie this helped a lot

Jemal Llewellyn says:

yea bro dis video really help me bless up urself

Mad max says:

Quick question bro, for some reason my my blade favors the right side more and when I cut the clippers on I can see if going over the edge any idea why it’s doing that? And what might be a quick fix ? Thanks

It's about time says:

I tried using the mirror technic & that process worked extremely well. Also, adjusted the tension spring ball as suggested & my t-outliners hit hard! Good job bro!

Figaro Fox says:

Can I just walk into the beauty supply and ask for a blade setter? If not, where do I get one?

jopimp14 says:

Basically, line up both blades at the top, then slide the bottom blade that’ll face down when put back on. Is pushed all the way to one side, clean the blades, and adjust tensioner

smoke126857 says:

So I should be able to get a close shave with those after I adjust the tension and blades?

Jochiba Jochiba says:

Thank u good tips

Jeffrey Rose says:

Super Helpful!!! my trimmer is better than when i bought it. And the whole time i thought it was the blade. I went all crazy and bout the diamond cut blades and after this tutorial. Its as close a shave as a razor!

Kereem Davis says:

Thanks dude! This was very resourceful.

E Man says:

good video. mine cut waaay better now

FADUTV says:

i have new clippers and once the oil was added, the vibration was insane. how can i tune the vibration part down?

Jeffery Anderson says:

Very helpful

Blackseed1978 says:

I have a pair of T Outliners and for years i’ve been trying to get a clean cut like I do at the barber shop. I use them to give myself a baldie. Problem i’ve been having is sometimes they either cut too sharp or too dull. When they cut too sharp they leave my scalp looking dry like it’s scrapping my skin. Any advice ?

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