Remington HC4250 Shortcut Clipper Pro Haircut Kit: The best hair clippers for home use?

► Remington HC4250:

In this Remington HC4250 shortcut clipper pro haircut kit review I discuss why this Remington clipper is one of the best hair clippers for home use. You can find it here:

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From my experience Remington HC4250 shortcut clipper pro haircut kit is one of the best hair clippers for men. The HC4250 is a great option for beginners and experienced users alike.

– Cordless
– Can also be used while plugged in if battery runs out
– Curved blade makes for a smoother cut
– Price is pretty reasonable compared to similar clippers
– 9 guards ranging from a #5 all the way down to a #0
– Can remove all guards for an extremely close buzz

– Travel pouch doesn’t fit all the guards, only the clipper itself
– Amount of lubricating oil included is very small

★ Other recommended alternatives depending on your head’s needs:

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► Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit

► Wahl Professional Designer Clipper

► Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

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About this video:
In this video Erik from Immersive Tech TV goes over the best hair clippers for beginners. He explains and demonstrates the operation of the Remington HC4250, the newest Remington hair trimmer.

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Nathan g says:

This is water proof I use it in the shower all the time and drop it in the sink one time and it was full of water still
Working fine lol

T1ger8oi says:

Wished you would’ve used it without the guards. Wanted to see how close it gets.

geoff allen says:

thanks for the review

CPSLondon says:

I bought one yesterday… after looking at your review and others on the web. Got it for $79 Aus Dollars. I have never attempted my own hair before and used this, it was a breeze… quick and easy.

I would recommend this to anyone, watch a few youtube video’s on how to cut your own hair… definitely have a hand mirror to help you.. very hard without it.

My haircuts last less than a month and cost around $30 AU dollars each time. This will pay for itself.

Marcello Capone says:

I got mine for £29 here in the UK to replace my broken Wahl clippers. The Lithium battery was definitely a huge plus, it’s cord/cordless as well and the design is great for self use.

As I wanted to bald out my head without using razors I also went for the Andis Profoil shaver to use in conjunction with it, those two give me a much closer shave than a Mach 3.

Mr. Cupid says:

I bought this as a gift for my friend. He said it’s really easy to use to get a nice clean cut. Thanks!

Rooster Cogburn says:

You should have trimmed the sides like you did, but left the center long. It looked nice with the mini Mohawk, but you ruined it by doing the top. Next time do it like I said and I guarantee you will pull mad ass. Like a wise man once said,”you’ll get more butts than ashtrays”.

Lee Jones says:

Great review, just ordered one, I won’t be needing any of the guards though 🙂

Bo Jackson says:

How long is the cord?

BBBYpsi says:

I have used the original shortcut for about 10 years now. I have only gone thru two of them. This last pair lasting me 6 years. It is now not really keeping a charge. So looks like I might be getting this new one but they are out on their website. I can only say great things about their product looking forward to this new updated model.

David Hamilton says:

I’ve been cutting my own hair with Remington regular hair clippers on a no 1 setting since 1984. They’re still performing well, but had considered changing to the circle hair clipper by VS. After watching your video, I think I’ll be purchasing the Remington HC4250. Thanks for the demo, cheers…

Lifeasfrog says:

I used to have the older version but this one is definitely an upgrade

MonkeyButt says:

Nice review. What’s the input voltage and wattage for the AC adapter?

LebJamal23 says:

if you dont use any guard and hsave direct how short does it go? 1/16th 00000 ?

Moby Duck says:

I have watched two reviews of these clippers and both reviewers were as bald as a badger. Makes me wonder if I might be safer going to the barber shop for haircuts. To me this is the equivalent of a blind man reviewing sun glasses.

AbdulRahman AlSagh says:

how short does it cut without any combs?

BadAssVegan says:

Its crazy, the price is now $199 on amazon.  I wanted to try it but man that is one heck of a price increase.

Gizmo aP says:

how do you know when it is done charging? is there like a symbol or lighting that changes color?

Edward Diaz says:

Great review man! I really want one.

Lx Beltran says:

Is it like combing your hair? I don’t like using regular hair clippers. Very nice review, I think I’m going to buy one from Amazon.

Google User says:

Great Review and Thanks for the Haircut Demo at the End … will be buying this Soon! thanks again

Tim Nicholson says:

Thank you for the great review! I just ordered one on Amazon.

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