Remington rapid cut hair clipper review in under 2 minutes

All the reviews for this product are either corporate glam ads or rather long rants that don’t tell you much.
Whether you are a Punk, Skin, Rasta, Nazi Punk or even a Hare Krishna this could be the clipper for you.
It works really well and cuts almost as close as a razor. The curved blade covers even the most phrenologically challenged bumpy head with ease. These guys make really good guns and knives so the know their metal!
I wrote the song and own the copyright.


Dan M says:

Nice review mate !
No BS just give it a burl on camera.
I going to get one looks good.


4 hours changing time huh ??? do u mean charging!!!!

Wild Heart says:

Thanks for the review..I’m currently paying £7 a week to get my hair cropped!
And, I’m really tempted to get one of these.
I used a trimmer in the past, but couldn’t get a good cut around the back.
This, however, looks really good..
What number/grade were you using and did you find it OK around the ears etc?
Thanks! :O)

Blue says:

Cut on redneck style…

Nassar Hussain says:

am waiting on my to arrive paid £35 including delivery

Marcello Capone says:

Thanks for the review mate. These were on sale here and after watching this and reading some reviews online I picked them up for £29.99.

Needless to say, I haven’t tried them yet as I’m giving it a full day’s charge first. Cheers.

Nassar Hussain says:

wow what a amazing tool I used mine for the first time today it was the best money can buy.

Chu Giang says:

This will be a very entertaining tool :Hair Clipper, Hair Trimmer, Shaver
– Your phone will vibrate repeatedly and making buzzy sounds, the image will be loaded from the camera, making you feel like holding a real hair clipper.
– Use the apps to do a prank on your friends and watch them freaking out in fun.

Robert Constantin says:

I watched your video,bought one and….is the best thing ever !Thank you for this video !

Lx Beltran says:

Does it cut hair good? Does it pull hair at all?

Greek God says:

motheryarrrrr u ain’t got no hair!!!!

Tomer Run says:

Thanks for that! spot on review

Tea&Crumpets says:

Nice straight to the point video. They give a lil bit closer of a shave than I normally go for but with how easy it looks I don’t mind. They’re on sale at the moment so I’ll be purchasing tomorrow.

John McCarthy says:

Just got one of these for Christmas and really pleased with it – surprised at how short a haircut you can get with this little beauty, and so quick & easy to use. Fantastic!

MickeyCreole says:

This video is straightforward and to the point, thank you. However, I’ve been trying to find out over the internet whether this clippers is usable for people like myself who sometimes has hand trouble with arthritis, which can making gripping difficult and painful hand joints? But the man in this video makes the clippers look easy to use, so I’ll give it a go


could i shave my asshole + ballbag with it?

David Hamilton says:

Was contemplating buying the circle clipper by Vidal Sassoon, but after seeing this with a contoured cutting head, figure this to be the way to go. Thanks…

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