Small Moser 1400 hair clipper review (I like it).

**due to the usual stupid people: NO, I am not a bonehead racist. Thank you. Stay SHARP.**

I finally got a new hair clipper. Warning, never buy the babyliss bs hairclipper. It sucks. Anyway, this one is awesome! A bit more money but it is worth it. I know of people who have used the same one for 10+ years. That is about as good as a hair clipper can get.

European Craftsmanship


Cem Er says:

Elin değmişken koltuk altınıda kes be bilader

Salman Saleh says:

have u seen Asadullah1187 comment ?
I replied to him !

MrCacciLLo says:

This is a Fake Chinese made Clipper.

Samuel L Jackson says:

Powerful machine but get ready to hear a drill in your house…

Islam BELABBAS says:

Thank you, that was useful, stay sharp!

Hagge Bänke says:

Thank you 🙂

khndenmark says:

If you choose this one you will have the best maschine in the world, I have the old model for 10 years, and this model for 3 years without any problems.

Punkjunkie0612 says:

Much respect man it’s good to see another true SHARP out there

Zha Yhoh says:

Judging by the box your Moser appears to be fake.
See that indian guy comparing fake vs orriginal 1400 moser

Salman Saleh says:

Shut up !

P.S : I am A Muslim too !

Kevin32001 says:

You’re a fucking idiot, he’s not a skinhead.

Chadi Audi says:

Undrar om denna fortfarande fungerar bra just nu och är denna den bästa köpet när det kommer till att ha el-kabel?


Punkjunkie0612 says:

Dude what the hell do you think sharp stands for he’s a skinhead against racial prejudice he’s a true skinhead. Stay SHARP

The Future Sound Of Egypt says:

I’ve just bought one today .. but notice to lubricate for the first use

Kazathul says:

Don’t buy this. Mine had a defect with the blades on my first cut and it got jammed because of the hair.
I had to return it.

manabalamuc balamuc says:


French Mastiff says:

Yea…the Moser 1400 is truly the best you can buy for that money in Sweden…. i had my first one for 12 years without ever replacing the blade & it never started to “tear” my hair (using it every other week) until it gave up on me. Bought a second one last year & it´s just as good. Oster makes models that are better but also a lot more expensive & for home use the Moser will do the job very well.

youta5 says:

Because of the many comments: Why do think it would be a fake just because of the box? The machine looks *exactly* the same as the original I use for so many years. It has *no* false orthography on the box. All sounds are *identical* to my machine bought decades ago in Germany. And I know that they change the box design often. Don’t trust people just because they are shouting “fake”.

Essam Mccain says:

what why you are a racist your saying that only Muslims can use now look here I am a Muslim and I just bought the machine a month ago and didn’t know how to use it even though this video didn’t tell me how to use it but it kind of showed me how it works so thanks hagge banke and I don’t understand your comment I don’t know if you’re saying that only Muslims are allowed to use the machine but I don’t think you should brag out about being a Muslim in every comment

Mihail Ion says:

can be used for beard adjustment? 

Hagge Bänke says:

This model would need it but I am sure anything you buy in the US will work fine there.

blob blobby says:

it means grow a pair of balls!

bonifyjamaican says:

i like this guy he don’t give a damn

Med Mahogany says:

TOOOO Noisy WTF???

Adolf Hitler says:

Ugly faggot loser. Your head looks round and you have no jaw line. You are a subhuman faggot.

Ercan ÜNER says:

kafada saç yok yarrak hasan neyi kesiyorsun TÜRKLER buraya :))))

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