SPLIT ENDER – DOES IT REALLY WORK? Split Ender Review Trim Your Hair At Home.

SPLITENDER – DOES IT REALLY WORK? Split Ender Review and How To Use.

I believe they only offer the splitender pro now here http://www.splitenderpro.com

My personal experience and review of whether or not the Split ender really works. A quick way to trim your hair at home to save money. Trimming your hair also helps your hair to grow healthier.

Split Ender has since been taken off all online stores, they now only offer a pro to professionals. I’ll keep an eye out incase they open it up to the public again for you all.

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Aleesha Shabir says:

does the online shopping allow to pay on delivery

Denisse Y. Aguilar Salgado says:

your hair is beyond beautiful

Nevena Vasileva says:

hey where can i order the Split ender and how much does it cost?> i am from bulgaria and it is really dificult to find it even in the network. thanks in advance

pritha ghosh says:

why dont you smile. it wont harm you

Amy Luke says:

her hair looks awful. screw oil treatments just use conditioner o mg

Kevyn Moseley says:

Do you know how it can tell split ends fro other hair?

Aleesha Shabir says:

i really wanna order

laurababyseal kuutti says:

I like your channel:) I really hate those channels where the tester keeps saying “I never read the instructions”and then complains when he/she does it wrong and it doesn’t work. (I have seen too many of those!). You really seem to test them, and make sure that you did it right☺☺☺

Nina Chantal says:

I love your top! and necklace! D;

Izadamazio says:

I wish I can buy it, but they only sell the professional version of it now… It is about $300:(
Do you know any place I can find it to buy? Thanks!

Hello Past says:

how much is it

Katherine Ann says:

Ugh. You can’t find this item anywhere online. Not even on Ebay. Wtf?

Michelle C says:

I cant find this product ANYWHERE. None are in the UK and the link in the description has expired. Please help as I am DESPERATE for this product!

BeautyTipsWithAngie says:

Hey there! I have looked on eBay but they are all used. I want to buy a new one. Where can I order one just like yours? The link you put doesn’t show where I can buy it.

cammey3 says:

what hair colour do you use? if it’s not natural lol

kinomoto chan says:

This review is exactly the thing I needed, thank you so much now i need to save some money to affort it hahaha

Sammy Jayne - Idle Girl says:

I so want to try this 🙂 thanks for the video 🙂


I dooooooooo

Destiny Banegas says:

Thank You so much for the fair review and taking the time to ensure it was a fair review.
b.t.w you are a very beautiful female (I say female because Lady sounds old and girl sounds too young lol) also love how you have a window above your bed that’s awesome!

Lulu Luv says:

Are by any chance selling yours? Can’t buy it any where now I been wanting it for about two years now didn’t have the money then but I do now but I cAnt find none

karina cairns says:

You really are not suited in being an online reviewer. Tedious and lack any personality. Don’t give up your day job love!

drunkensoul14 says:

Are there any other places that you know of to buy one of these? I don’t have a license in cosmetology. But I would really like to buy one of these.

princeicio says:

I bought it 3 months ago, but I only used it once because I’m letting my hair grow out. I think using it every 3 weeks or so is not a good idea if you’re involved in a growth process like me..

Nice video!

momokokochuchuchu says:

how much is it?

Fussions says:

Will this fuck up my layers?

Eva Sleem says:

666 subs…gonna sub rn..667 subs

Leora Lavina says:


PalemoonTwilight says:

Thanks, Cara, for sharing this review. I have been wondering about this thing!

Donna Balestra says:

Hello! i am writing to you from Italy!! I would like to question about this Splitender: the hair tips are cleanly cut or are slip of? Thank u so much!!!!!!

Starry Knightz says:

does it take off length?

Ghusoon Issam says:

thanx alot

Aleesha Shabir says:

plz plz reply

Faviola Alvarez says:

Does not work because it’s imitation

Dila Gönül says:

hey i couldn’t understand too much ’cause english is not my mother languege. so can some one tell me .. does it works now or not??

Trisha Merrill says:

your necklace is awesome.
love it

Ema Radulovic says:

your representation sucks ass. .. we don’t want to see you talk we want to see how the product goes.

Aleesha Shabir says:

my hair is ….

Malek Beria says:

le prix ??

Kimberlly Pena says:

my question is how much is it? the website does not display a price

Julia Lindsay says:

Actually this product is incredible.. It is my favorite tool in the world to grow hair and not cut length.

Lola Rew says:

there’s ways to order it 🙂

ohitsmonica says:

Too much fucking talking… dammit.. why cant anyone just get to the point!!!!!

Alisha Santiago says:

I would’ve liked a before and after but other than that, nice vid

Cara Bella Beautique says:

Hi everyone i got my spilt ender off ebay, there should be a link to where i got it from as i keep getting asked about it 🙂 Loves x

Diary of a Nail Tech says:

Can I ask where your ordered the split ender from. Thank you x

LMonkeyBAd11 says:

how does it work now. do u still use it

Baja Rosie says:

how much did you pay for this btw? because they are selling for like $200-300 on ebay now!!!!

Chloe DeShong says:

They discontinued the product and the pro is like $400….where can I buy that version?

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