The Best 5 US Hairclipper Review: Oster, Andis, Wahl

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This a hair clipper review carried out at the Champs Barber shop on Riding house street London. With the help or Fabian a Pro Barber of fifteen years.

This hair clipper review is with the following clippers: Wahl Seniors, Andis Masters, Oster Fast Feeds, Andis Fat Masters, Oster 76 Classic, Which Fabian and i believe to be the best US hair Clippers for a professional barber shops in the UK and Europe. If powered correctly with a 60hz transformer such as the Frequency60hz International Voltage Frequency converter

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67NewEngland says:

I have the Andis Masters. They are nice but my one complaint is the comb attachments do not have a good secure locking system and can pop off in mid-cut.

wogboy63impala says:

great video, very informative and accurate information.

Nazareth Pope says:

I made a very large order with Atlanta Barber & Beauty supply, we’re talking over a thousand dollar order of top of the line merchandise, I’ve completed barber school, am a disabled veteran of the U.S armed forces, a member in good standing of my local Lodge as well other “grand bodies of competent jurisdiction”. I dont want to give them a star, but the field wont close unless I give them a star they don’t deserve so there you have a clandestine star. I am not a criminal, nor am I a thief nor borrower, I spent my own money from my bank account. Atlanta Barber supply,…called my landlord and disclosed the amount of money I spent with them and asked my landlord about me, who I was and wanted to know what I did, this just happened today, 08/03/16. I was told about it when I came home by my landlord, who I owe no money to, I’ve been in this house since march and I’ve never had a problem with the land lord, and still don’t, the thing is, I am usually very quiet and keep to my self, but when this happened, I totally amped out, yeah man I SPAZZED, I wrote Atlanta barber supply a real nasty letter, demanded my money back which I intend to retrieve shortly, I wrote a letter to the owner of Atlanta Barber supply Robert Hiller, and told him about this mockery, I am totally embarrassed, humiliated and enraged as never before, it makes me feel as though i’m some kind of idiot who has to be watched, fine way to treat a customer who just spent around say 1700.00 some odd dollars huh? If I were you, I would never spend another dime with Atlanta Barber supply, quite frankly, I thought they were better than that but I guess I was wrong, I guess they’re just used to playing little league and don’t know what to do when someone wants to spend real money or close to real money, they just can’t handle it I suppose, so if I were you I would really think twice about spending anything with them, go some place else, PLEASE ! they may call your bank.
Nazareth Pope · 2 seconds ago

Garrett Jacob says:

Thank you sir thank you ty

Marlene Muniz says:

i perfer the bgr over ,76ers now due to the weight n cordless

byronsito504 says:

Great video

Kristian Figueroa says:

White dude looks sus

Zach Browning says:

fabulous video!! thank you!

asdrubael1985 says:

what’s your opinion on the panasonic ER-GP80?

Raychristofer says:

Hey guys, you left out Conair! whats up with that?? lol I did a budget cordless Conair review on my channel recently feel free to check it out, you gave some great examples on here though to help folks choose,

DJ Takin' It Back says:

I need clippers just to keep a skin tight bald head. What do you suggest.  I like a skin tight bald head.  What do you suggest?

Astgafirullah Al Adheem says:


Savage Gabb says:

what clipper should I get to shave all my facial hair everyday close?

coco sofli says:

i thought this video was extremely helpful. Coming from someone who doesnt know that much about clippers. i learned a lot about clippers from the types of motors to the types of blades. i now know which ones i will purchase.

Shock Wave says:

I bought an oster pivot clipper and rate them above wahl magnetics I have owned ( for my fine hair ) Very fine hair seems to be difficult

Theguywithanswer82 says:

Damn for some reason I thought the black guy was Russell Simmons


Sack the film crew

Bailey Bush says:

i like the guy in the white voice ngl

jahlon reid says:

That’s a nice white barber shirt Fabian has
Where can I get one??

4x4 says:

5star rapid fires are the most powerful

Thomas Jones says:

Which is better (regardless of the cord feature) Wahl 5 Star Magic Clip vs oyster fast feed?

darthclone7 says:

Can you do the Best 5 wireless clippers review? that would be Great! i use Andis BGR with wireless battery & Wahl Magic wireless. Cant wait to get my license and start working in a barbershop.

Galaxy 20 says:

quick question what would be the best trimmer for someone starting to cut their own head whos balding back and front

Micheal Jackson says:

He’s a Wahl humper

Marvy Miller says:

I love the demo he gave of the different kinds of clipper motors

Spukthebarber says:

hi..i just bought wahl senior from us…i used in i bought also a frequency 60 hz convertor…the only problem is..after 1 haircut is getting to hot , i cant hold it in my hand….do any one has same problem ? pls help ..thank you and apreciate


it is 14,000 not 1400 also the whal is not magnetic it’s pivot two corrections

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