TOP 8 WAHL CLIPPERS | [My Opinion]

People ask me all of the time what clipper do I like most. My first pair of clippers we’re the Wahl Taper 2000. It wasn’t the best but I got the job done. I’ve used Andis clippers but Wahl has some advantages over Andis that i prefer. Checkout this video and enjoy what I’ve experienced when using these tools.

*Wahl Legend has a Wedge Blade and not a Surgical blade

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Cellphone Camera:
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Small tripod:
Battery Pack:
Master Airbrush


ThomasFit253 says:

If you like those legends you really need to get your hands on the original magic clips.

Omar Porter says:

Great video. You broke down the pros and cons of each clippers very well. Keep up the great work.

JuanKyZayas says:

Try using the magic cliper blade on the whal 5star senior works great….

Opera silence says:

Sorry but
The best product in wahl range
and your opinion is illogical.Sorry

john Boy says:

Reggie, two questions. Do you zero gap your clippers, specifically your Legends?
And number 2, why do the Seniors cost more than the Legend?

letmeshowyouhow2stunt says:

Great video

Jimmy Bruce Mathers says:

How about wahl elite pro 7960 ?

Charles Barnes says:

The corded Magic Clips are amazing. They don’t come with the crunch blade but in typical Wahl fashion, the blades can be interchanged.

joey wiggins says:

Yo I tried calling via Facebook a min ago but bro them legends are amazing! Great video bro

Arlem Vieira says:

Que cara burro, ele acha mesmo que a magic clip é melhor que a sênior? Kkkk

josh says:

I got some cordless Phillips thinking of getting wahl for a better and cleaner fade

fresh 2015skyy says:

Try the crunch surgical blade on the senior …..
It’s a beast
I have Andis Masters and the Phat Masters with the Wahl senior surgical crunch blade.
That change the game …
No guards needed at all ..
From balding straight to #2 with no guards …
Fading never felt or look so sweet ..
Try it

Eduardo Xavier says:

Top… show… tambem tenho uma legend que é show… manda um salve para Brasilian.

Mack Wash says:

I own several wahl clippers. I the the Legends are the most underrated Wahl clippers hands down…cut beautifully, further extension on the lever, the stagger teeth cut blade with the surgical blade made this clipper a real heavy hitter, plus the V9000 motor gives it tremendous power. Only wish it came cordless!

anthony coursey says:

Love ur professionalism bro

Rep Tille says:

Just in the box? I would have liked to see them outside.

Xavier Smith says:

Put that crunch blade from the cordless magic clip on the cordless senior and you have a marriage made in heaven

Kevin Siebert says:

I put that crunch blade on my Seniors and my Babyliss fx880. The cut game did change when I did make that change. It made the Babyliss clippers a million times better.

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