Wahl Balding Clipper | Review

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Bubble says:

I swear I don’t know anyone personally who uses clippers of any kind str8 outta the box, with no adjustment. Craziest thing I ever heard.
Guys, clipper blades, especially the sharp ass 6×0 that come with wahl balders, MUST be adjusted or at the very least examined, PRIOR to using.

Steve F says:

the lesson is to not buy Clippers from Amazon I purchase a pair of balding clippers from Wahl and had no problems whatsoever

jayratedr says:

job well done brother..keep those vids coming !!! Ya style is original and that’s what keeps it poppin’ !!

Michael Thomas S. says:

Nate Dog ! Love your videos, am curious about your opinion of foil razors for head shaving?? Have you ever used them? I recently visited a new barber who used a foil cordless and my head came out smooth as silk. I was thinking it was BS. What’s up with that?

Maligro A. says:

lol dang brah that crazy. Snagging hair from a bald headed headed. Dang….Gud

Yolo says:

HEY I use andis T outliners to shave my head, what do you reccomend?

Natui Kapeli Su'a says:

can u buy me some clippers

Garrick White says:

I would’ve kept the balding clipper and put the blade asembly from the home clipper on the professional one, it would’ve fitted. That home clipper gonna go out on you before that balding clipper.

dame6661 says:

My nigga…first few seconds and I’m good. I’ll stick to my razor.

jose ramirez says:

hey bro, just change the blades to a 0000 and close gap them

John Aguilera says:

Thanks for the reply and sharing the link. Keep up the good work.

Dino Music says:

What do you think.. trim my beard with Wahl detailer or a Philips or normal trimmer. I want my beard straight the same and now I’m using Philips and I always see some spots longer than the other spots

Steve F says:

the lesson is to not buy clippers off of Amazon I bought a pair of balding clippers from Wahl and had no problems whatsoever

Bearded And Tatted 441 says:

Your beard looking on point bruh but yo i was rooting for them clippers to work out for you lol i’ve found myself to be an ANDIS man over the years i’ve never had any issues with their products. I did manage to find a great barber by the way and couldn’t be any more pleased with his work. I’ve been twice already and we seem to be on the same page which is a sigh of relief for me wheeew lol any way ill be posting a new vid at my two month update showing his work until then keep them vids coming, stay blessed and BEARD ON my brother!!!

LaCe says:

Hey what clippers do you use to give yourself a bald head?

mateo gomez says:

I personally love my Karmin T70

Manuel Caboverde says:

Hey man, have you used the Phillips Norelco? I wanna get new Clippers pretty much just for trimming my beard/mustache and my sideburns. Don’t know if I should go with Wahls color pro or Phillips Norelco…

Umar Perkins says:

hey I use the Wahl blading clipper I don’t have any problems when I 1st got them they was sharp very sharp but once I zero gapped my blades.. mannnnnnnnn I cut with the flow of the grain of my hair if u go against it I get bumps .. but the clippers is love … like I said I go with the grain and still get a nice clean cut

Dharmaboy says:

Thanks for the review, I was a click away from purchasing the Balding Clippers. I will go with the color one you were using previously. sick beard dude.

Electronic Surveillance says:

Beard on point bro. Wish I could grow a full one like that. Appreciate the heads up on the clippers also.

Sonicteam120 says:

color pro are perfect once you fix them i had two pair over the past years thats what i started off with

Too too says:

I haven’t had any problems with my wahls balding clipper.

shyshotcaller27 says:

I’m new to the bald head look. I was running out of time to hit up the barbershop so I decided to cut my own hair before my Jamaica trip(a week ago)I used my clippers (andis T-liner) and one of my wife’ 2-blade razor. It hurts growing back in. I’m gonna have to cut it again tonight. What’s the name of the outro song?

TONY says:


Derek Downs says:

how can u fix the Wahl balding
clippers so that they won’t snag n be to sharp

John Aguilera says:

Great videos man. I use the close shave Wahl Professional 8547 to shave my head. super smooth. check it out and let me know what you think. Bought it at Sallys

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