Wahl Cordless Senior Review & Giveaway | the best clippers out

The wahl cordless seniors review and giveaway. These are my favorite clippers out now

Tomb45 products: https://www.tomb45.com

Preorder wahl cordless seniors here: https://lddy.no/1scm (ideal barber supply)

Tomb45 Facebook group: https://goo.gl/4UALZa

Larry the barber man :
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raul Valenzuela says:

Fb= Raul Valenzuela

Abraham Rodriguez says:


Aevathana Naovalangsy says:

Facebook: Aevathana Naovalangsy

David Dai says:

Excited for all these products!! You doin it big chris!

Facebook: david.dai.524
Email: daviddai24@gmail.com
Instagram: daimondcutz

Keep grindin!

Maryanne Moody says:

Hi Chris, great review on the new Wahl Cordless Clipper. I’m Maryanne from the Big Pine Barber Shop in the Florida Keys. We got hit pretty hard with hurricane Irma in this area and I am trying to regroup. My shop got flooded and I lost it so I’m mobile now. I’ve been reading reviews and checking out youtube videos on cordless clippers due to my situation. I’ve always used corded Seniors in the past and It looks like the  cordless Senior should be the natural progression for me to bring to my mobile business. Thanks check out my Facebook page at The Big Pine Barber Shop  email: keysrealtor@hotmail.com

Joel Suarez says:

Facebook Joel suarez

sadsnare says:

Hope i Win , If not well looking forward for more giveaways!


Good luck to everyone!

Nickolas Cooper says:

Fb : Nickolas Cooper . Email: coopernickolas@gmail.com

Slime says:

FB: Mario Carlos Arellano
IG: mariocarlos28
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T C-W says:

Facebook- Torrance Wiley
IG @wileytorrance
Email: Tcw9109@gmail.com
I hope I win these I’m almost done with barbering school and it would be awesome to use these

Shay Storey says:

@Shay Storey on Fb applying to be a member

Travis Kay says:

Fb-Travis John
IG- travisjkay

Nuno Martinez says:

Nuno V. Martinez One luv email vict413@gmail.com

Larry boggs says:

The video was all that !! And want to become a 245 member I am the klassc jitter

john villa says:

FB john villa

Will Mireles says:

I wonder if those grooves are still going to be comfortable for left handed barbers

Matthew R says:

Fb:clubman pinaud
Email: Mattyrod67@gmail.com

Jesus Bravo says:

Do these clippers hold the andis magnetic guards?

AndyAndy AndyAndy says:

FB jose rodriguez
Insta andypanda978

Hansel Roman says:

Why does the UK always get shit first? The US is easily leading the barber game.

samad wille s.w.a.g says:

Who is the best wahl magic or wahl senior

ceelocc1 says:

What type of motor does it have .

Jherrels barber says:

Facebook: Jherrel Lubas

Naran Patrick says:

Is this giveaway still going?

Gem Cruz says:

Good video,been trying to get my hands on these,I requested to be a member,IG@bertothabarber.

Poser 101 says:

FB: Edgar Vega
Instagram: edgarvega69
Good luck to all that join this giveaway

Joseph Green says:

Dope that they come with the premiums

Larry boggs says:

I want to become a 245 member

Cadeem Halsey says:

Fb: Cadeem Halsey

Rodrigo Villeda says:

Hello Bro, nice videos. I was watching your videos, im trying to decide which will be my new machine, but i have a doubt. I live in Germany and here for now, in most of Studios and Saloons the predilect clipper and winner for most is the Panasonic ER-GP80.
I was asking myself, why in the world of Youtube i can’t find more reviews just than a couple of them European languages. Are the Profesional Panasonic Clippers in USA unknown?
After a good research i made my choice and they’re going to be over my styling table. But, after a while and now i know you’re an skilled nimble wanted to ask you. Good vibes.

Matthew R says:

Facebook name:clubman pinaud

Email: Mattyrod67@gmail.com

KevMighty says:

Is there a difference between these and the Cord 5 Star Senior’s? Sorry, new barber question.

dalton figueroa says:

.????????? No answer

Peter Fahey says:

My Facebook is Peter Fahey or Instagram pete.fahey .love cutting hair, love watching your videos and would love to get my hands on that beauty. Love you Chris love your Cuts, keep it up!

dalton figueroa says:

How legit is ideal barber supply.com for the pre order ,,,because thier not even a official distributer a wahl,,,.??????

Z says:

Zee Rainey

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