Wahl Legend Clipper Review! my opinion on this popular clipper

a barbers review or opinion on the wahl legend clippers!

wahl legend clipper http://amzn.to/2lJpBwf

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Karla Garcia says:

does wahl 2000 works well like the senior

Arturo Ramirez says:

Chris bossio
I was wondering would you recommend more the 5 Star seniors or the Wahl magic clip?

Keith Kincy says:

I learned with my clipper guard you can’t put the all the way up. have to leave a tiny gap so tyhe y don’t get loud

Ashley OMG says:

Such an easy fix I have the legends and mine are super close and they don’t go passed the stationary blade I get ZERO!! Noise and my lever never came loose but I do have a friend that his lever came loose and he barely uses them due to that………. but to me they are better than the seniors

Wayne Beeston says:


Ty Herr says:

no..it has longer and thinner blade, so it’s chewing your guards just like the Andis faded blade same shit…

Noah Young says:

The same thing happened to my lever on my andis envy Idk what to do

Jesus Espinoza says:

thanks a lot bossio, I almost bought those, instead I’ll just get another magic clip.

vince blendz says:

whats the name of that font u use in the video

Karla Garcia says:

I don’t like when I’m cutting hair and it makes that loud sound

Jeremy Bowman says:

Love my Wahl clippers, just not a fan of Andis at all. 3 bad experiences using them.

Rojo El Barbero says:

But remember isnt the arrow, is the indian. On another words isnt the clipper is the barber, regards from Mexico i love all your videos and i bought a wahl legend like 3 or 4 months ago, all i can say about it , it is a awesome machine sorry for my english chris.

Xaxas Xaxaxouxas says:

You should start using the Panasonic ER-GP80 ! Top technology and quality.

maleek da sneek says:

good lookin out on the review.. i was just about to cop some just to have… now its a no go… lol..

Dustin Martinez says:

The premiums tend to get loud because the metal tab starts to rattle

Jason barber and educator says:

Bossier can you please go to my page and view the video I did comparing your tomb 45 Razor to the pbh blessed Razor handle

Freeda_ Gotfades says:

you have to adjust your clipper they tooo close it’s eating the guard

Karla Garcia says:

the Wahl legend sometimes gets me mad when I used them

evooms says:

Clipper giveaway

Karla Garcia says:

that’s the one I used all the time and it’s hard for me to do fades when I do guys hair. I take forever doing fade. I don’t know why

Gabriel Centeno says:

Got a fresh cut by bossio a couple hours ago and this man is amazing ..sharp,humble,..great dude overall thanks for the vids man much respect!

Kingpins Barbershop says:

I cant Speak for the US but here in the UK the quality of Wahl products has diminished. They don’t seems to be very consistent in terms of quality, I could buy two pairs of the same clippers and one be good and one be terrible. The life span of clippers has also so short now. We don’t get masters or seniors in the UK, I can run US clippers on a converter but its not really allowed. Anyway, another great accurate review.

Blake P says:

Chris, is the lever loose where it will close on its own while you’re cutting or just that there’s no resistance when you are manually adjusting the lever? I’ve had both situations happen. You can take off the metal slide piece the blade screws into and push the sides in so they grip the clipper and don’t slide so freely.

Johnny Chavez says:

I’m really glad you did this one, I had been hoping for it. Thanks br

RyansCuts says:

can u post a link to the seniors you recommend?

Big Wax Tha Trucker says:

do video on wahl super taper 2 they are the truth

Anthony Calangelo says:

Seniors are the go to

XtrA 2 LITT says:

do the wahl designers

QuickQuips says:

Neat, hope you can check out the 8081 Wide Detailers (rotary trimmers,
so they shouldn’t overheat as quickly as the T Outliners) for lineup.

Andis Pro Alloy XTR is supposed to be super quiet and well made.

Erick Carreon says:

Hey bossio Where did you get that ring light ??? I need it bathroom to dark


Good luck Chris….

Natalie Harris says:

Dang those clippers started hitting a high note like Mariah Carey when you put those ‘best’ guards on. The noise wouldn’t have bothered me Chris because *YOU* were cutting my hair. Take care my brotha♥

universalpenman says:

Improper alignment on the blade, to far to the left side, it probably was a factory assembly problem, which I don’t doubt because its not the first time I’ve seen it. thats what the problem is with this particular clipper

Sol-angel Mora says:

Something must be up with your blade, or they might be gapped too close. I’ve zero gapped mine and they don’t bite any guard. The way I gap my blade, I can fade out from a trimmer and do a bald fade no problem. I just use Teflon tape on the screw of the lever to stop it getting loose.

Magic miklo says:

Tighten the screw on the lever baboso ….and adjust the power screw

MrDirtytechno says:

They definitely do snag skin!! A colleague and I both own these clippers and have both found this to happen, having to clear up blood is not gonna make your game look strong. Also worth mentioning is that the premium clipper heads are quite brittle, ive had two no 1’s break on me already, definitely not worth the premium price tag.

Im a uk barber and after 25 years of using Wahl clippers ive decided to have a change, going with a pair of USA Oster Fast feeds, zero gapped with an andis ceramic no.1 blade as my go too Clipper, also gonna try the Andis Master Magnetic Comb Set.
It’ll prob take some getting used to but from what ive seen this is one of the best setups out there right now.

Joe Casarez says:

review the wahl icons

Eduardo Xavier says:

Esta legend é 11w?

Hannibal Holt says:

i think its an adjustment issue bc my magic clips does this wjen guard on and clipper closed

Juancho el Barbero says:

es raro. yo tengo una legend y es muy silenciosa, incluso con las guías. la mía no tiene ese problema

Dylan Oliveros says:

Do conair cordless replica of babyliss

Glenze Singleton says:

Of course it’s gonna make noise if a zero gapped surgical blade is closed. It’s possible but rare.

Glenze Singleton says:

Of course it’s gonna make noise if a zero gapped surgical blade is closed. It’s possible but rare.

icybarberking xBMx says:

you have you zero Gap Clippers

25pollo says:

Yo Bossio I know you said the Masters are your “babies” but all your last cuts be using the seniors lol idk bro. I been waiting for a new Masters cut for a while.

Cody the Barber says:

flat blades seem to eat up guards.. i have a taper2000 with the precision blade and it chews up guards

Luey Ulloa says:

i totally agree with you bro! their trash!

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