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C Alexis says:

the video bible for all barbers (new n old) need to watch! Been cutting over 20 yrs and keeping it simple me to where I needed to be

24 Only says:

hey man. ive been cutting hair with low quality clippers for over a year and thinking of changing it. I was thinking a wahl pro 5 star magic clips and andis pro slimline. do you have any suggetions?

Amajeon says:

Do you have any recommendations on inexpensive but good starter clippers for mothers trying to learn to cut my son’s hair? I’ve seen several in Sallys but I’m lost!

Kridekel says:

I only have one set of clippers and I shave my pubes and cut my customers hair too

Eric Stuart says:

+VICKTHEBARBER You should make a video explaining lengths of the blades and differences between detachable clippers and regular clippers. Especially when a person needs to know how fade with either clipper.

jbugatti s says:

Yo bro i looking up to u becuase i am 13 right now and ever scine my barber cut my hair to short i tought myself how to cut hair and do my own fades by youtube video. Then now i am still learning and investing my money into high quality clipper. So i really look up to u and your tutorials

Freddy Araiza says:

thank you vick like that real talk

Esteban Carrillo says:

he said queckkions

Kendall Wilson says:

So what type would you use to line up hair?

G The Barber says:

so the seniors are good? somebody offered me a pair for $20

kay cartledge says:

I am watching to taper and cut my own hair,,tired of these hair salons only do weave,,I am cutting and doing my own hair from now on better off,,this video is helpful,,thank you sir,,

David Jeremiah xena gaming says:

Yo I’m starting barber school soon and this really helps thank you

B says:

So I’m 16 years old and I want to start cutting hair what should I buy next time I go to Walmart?

Liliana Garcia says:

where do you find the taper blade??

Desmond Thompson says:

If a person wanted to start cutting…how long would it take to be decent enough to open a shop?

Galaxxy Remix says:

Where do u buy ? The clippers and blades ?

Ray Ink says:

I am 16 years old and i am interested in cutting my own hair but i have not bought my own clippers yet. Any advice on which ones i should buy

Horacio Davila says:

God video man in from Peru n appreciate it your words

Lee Holt says:

What’s a molly whopper???

Josh Rosas says:

I’m new to the whole barber game, what exactly is a taper blade for the seniors?

David Childers says:

I agree with you 100% that you shouldn’t set your liners to 0 gap. I keep mine as they are from the factory, and I finish the neck and around the ears with a straight razor. I hate to see people leave the shop with redness and irritation around the hairline I will say that I like the styliner 2 over the T outliner, just my own preference. I started working in a shop and for the first 2 years all I used were a Wahl Senior, a Oster 76 and a styliner 2. I only got backups when my business picked up and my clippers would get hot on really busy days.

Curtis Rogers says:

Loved the video brother. Thanks. Need that track at the end too… Needs that please sir…and thank you

M C says:

I have a question is for my hsirbeen cutting and line up my self for years.
oster 76 classic or
oster model 10 or
andie 1705 black master limited

Courtney Nance says:

What’s your opinion on the wahl magic clipper?

Car & Buses Sport says:

Thanks for showing your Quitman with your news

Henrique Pavillacci says:

Thank you so much for this video! Hug from Brazil!

Kish jose says:

Hi, what haircut kit would you suggest for a beginner that knows nothing about cutting hair? Or do you suggest purchasing what the school is offering? Thanks!

Thomas Jones says:

Which is better (regardless of the cord feature) Wahl 5 Star Magic Clip vs oyster fast feed?

v1etpr1nce says:

You made my day i hope someday to learn from you. Im just starting haha lets see how far i go. Thank you for being humble! Mass respect.

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