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Can you give me some advice?   I bought a pair of Andis Envy 66215,
I can’t get rid of the clatter. It is tolerable if the screw is
tightened fully but then the blade and the edge are squinty.  My husband
says it snags his hair. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I tried to contact Andis but have had no response from them.

Demetrius brown says:

I have the regular masters, but I’m thinking of getting another pair of clippers. I was looking into the wahl senior, 5 star senior or the reflection seniors. which would be a great fit to my lineup?

V8 monster says:

I got a detailer which is not written ( T- wide ) behind the blade but that is T-blade size and red body exactly like this
and also on/off switch is black plastic
is it normal ??!

Jammin Dave says:

Very well Kris, but, it would of be of a big help a price range of the tools shown on this video. I think is the only thing missing on this video, other than that very well explained, informative, and straight to the point. Thanks…

pinoy nation says:

Great review i love wahls but you right I guess I’m just so used to it

Jay The Barber says:

get u some detachables

christopher garcia says:

Hey can u name all the WAHL guards you use plz

Oda Al Abaca says:

thanks bro this video was helpful I am a beginner such as at home cuts not in a shop so you have eliminated a lot of questions. on what I should use thank you

francisco villarreal says:

i have been cutting hair always have used cheap clippers file down the blades my self gave clean fades and art. i just need better tools im 21 been cutting hair since i was 9 but i cant find the 5 star shaver a good price

Karla Garcia says:

What’s the taper blades

starobinful says:

Hey Kris, can you please recommend the bet and strongest clippers for my thick hair beard ? I need to treem it every two three weeks and regular trimmers cant cut my tough hairs, only stong clippers like oster 76 etc.
So I liked your wahls clippers so which one I sjould use for tough hairs beard? Thanks

Andrew Bandarovich says:

My gf cuts my hair with Wahl Balding and I have to use 1.2 mm plastic adjuster on it. With out it cuts skin. When she tried to clean up neck without spacer I bled everywhere:)

Laszlo Horvath says:

Great explanations, Thank you!

Flower says:

what is the model no of 1 no. hair clipper

Rodrigo Gonzalez says:

Im learnig how to do fades with walmart clippers, i cut my own hair, and it comes out good, but its time to get me some wahl seniors!

Johny Gonzalez says:

I’ve never cut hair in my life before well other than mine and I’d like to learn where do I start

KiingAce says:

What clippers do you recommend for bulk/evening hair?

Donal C.S. says:

thank u so much!!

urie p. says:

wahl designers my first clipper choice for beginners. def a good buy

William M says:

good insight!

xHibachi24x says:

I just subscribed, and I’ve got to say… I love how you’re so clear and concise. I’ve been cutting my hair for about 6 years, and my two clippers are the Oster Fast Feeds and Wahl 5 Star Seniors. I definitely agree that the Seniors will cut people up if you’re not careful. I’d love to see more videos from you on both. Lastly, have you used the black Wahl Premium Guards yet? I first found them through Chris Bossio and I looove them because unlike the plastic guards, they never get worn out and just snap off in the middle of a haircut because they have metal clasps.

JP GAMING7 says:

I want to learn how to cut hair before I get to high school (which is in 3 years) so I can cut everyone’s hair at school and make my own money.

mateo gomez says:

I’d recommend Karmin T70

king purp says:

can somebody answer me please? there are universal attachable guards? I have a machine without the 1/2 guard,should I buy it from another brand?

Steven Cardoza says:

Hey Kris is the BLACK Wahl designer clipper work the same as the one in your video ? I just dont like the burgundy color

Nelson Velasquez says:

I have the walh designers and I have trouble disappearing the face line what do u recommend???

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