What Dog Clippers are The BEST, Review WAHL ANDIS ACG ALDI, Dog Groom

What Dog Clippers are The BEST, Review WAHL ANDIS ACG ALDI


sizkar9 says:

on your recommendation clippers have now arrived – it came with a 10 blade which is way too low a cut for my furbabies as they would look like plucked chickens! mine is the ultraedge and i want the 4fc as you are showing as i like the cut on your dog BUT other comments are that the ultraedge vs the ceramic blade means that the ultraedge gets hot very quickly and the ceramic blade doesn’t so can you please let me know which 4fc blade you have? thanks

Jessica's Fun Videos says:

I have the same one you recommend, with a shorter blade, but it gets soooo hot so fast! I have to keep waiting for it to cool to continue.

sizkar9 says:

so all i can say is OMG and then some!!! just used them and they are absolutely the best clippers i’ve EVER used on my dogs!!! like a knife through butter and even went through most of the matts!!! i cut my cockerpoo Daisy 3 weeks ago and the amount of hair that came off was as if it was her first summer cut – unbelieveable!!! i did use my wahl just to see on her ears BUT had to stop them twice in the 2 minutes i had them on to clear the hair that was clogging up the blades! the andis i did her WHOLE BODY and not once did i have to stop it to take out the hair! just amazing! i purchased these from a reputable dog grooming company and NOT ebay or amazon as they may be a bit cheaper there but most of the feedbacks say “might be a copy i don’t know” – really happy with these and the finish (on the 4) is just wonderful! so glad i came across you! thanks! x

Juan Villa says:

Can u use dog clippers on people

sizkar9 says:

i left my previous comment before watching your vid – yes! i so agree with you! they get caught in the dogs fur – as for your doggy my 2 are the same – so funny to see how utterly tired they are after having their hair cut! my poochon likes to have the top of her head scratched constantly so i spent more time doing that than clipping! will buy these on your recommendation – here’s hoping …….

Dave M says:

Nice doggie, really mellow.

Adolf Galand says:

Can you sharpen the clippers?

sizkar9 says:

i’ve spent a fortune on wahl dog grooming clippers! brauva etc – worst thing is i have used the blades about 4 times (i have a cockerpoo and a poochon) and the blades are BLUNT!!! i am a professional hairdresser so do use the wahl cordless on clients and they are superb but dog clippers are just pants! – i know that cheap brands are not good but i spent about £180.00 on the brauva ones and haven’t had them a year and need to replace blades for the 3rd time which i’m not prepared to do anymore – for such a good name in haircare (human) they are absolute Pants for dogs!

Suziq darlin says:

Are they good for labrodooles

emily nelson says:

do the andis get hot quickly?

greenize1959 says:

He’s right. Wahl clippers are garbage!

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