2 Year Laser Hair Removal Update | Makeup by Megha

Two years ago I decided to look into laser hair removal treatments because I could not find the right razor or shaving cream for my skin. This is an update to my first video on my experience with laser hair removal.

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I got my treatments at Skin Matters in Atlanta. They still always have groupon/living social deals. Make sure to mention that I sent you if you decide to go (Megha Agrawal)!


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nadi129 says:

hey megha are you in US and if so where did you for your laser hair treatments?

Vumilia says:

I have a darkskin like Lupita Nyong’o and its working on me. This laser is amazing I might go ahead and do my entire body too.

pratima 797 says:

how long does it take ??? ‘time??

romellystillluvsyuh says:

Hi there! Thanks for continuing to update. I see that you will be doing another update. Can you please post before and after pictures? Does the hair fall off after your first treatment or did they say to shave it off? And also, can u see your follicles even after the hair is gone? Even when I shave, I can see the dark follicles. It looks like black dots

Jackie Hearts Eevee says:

Heey!! I was wondering if you shaved in between laser sessions? Some say its okay and some say it affects results. Cause when im getting my laser im gonna have to wait 8 weeks till the next treatment, and not being able to shave for 8 weeks is just terrible. I’m sure its not going to grow that much slower after just 1 session. Did you? And if so did it affect your results?

Sneha Dhanawade says:

What do u think of tria laser hair removal at home and do u think it is good for your skin type?

Aqssa Mohammad says:

can you do an update on this! 😀

Pamela Berte says:

i love your skin!!

Sagar Chopra says:

http://www.youtube.com/user/megha8359 Hey thanks for sharing the video. I am concerned about face. i have had two sessions for sidelocks and they increased all the more. did you face the same problem?

gabriela gonzalez says:

How much did you pay for the 12 treatments? I have paid 1250 dollars for my upper lip and chin at the dermatologist office so doing my whole body was out of question way too much money since my whole body is covered with hair but then I heard that Groupon deals don’t really work since they are way cheaper so I wasn’t looking on Groupon anymore now you give me hope. Thank you for this info

Karl L says:

I did like 6 treatments and it all came back. Waste of money.

gujugirl17 says:

how many treatments did it take for your upper hair to go away?

singhj16 says:

Thanks for the information.

CrazyAllyMay says:

Do you shave in between laser treatments like shave like normal?

Viv Eliott says:

This was really informative. Thank you.
And you poor thing getting hives, you did well.

Celine Sullivan says:

You are so beautiful! And this was very helpful 🙂

Kusumita798 says:

she talks so freaking fast

looknbakatu says:

very imformative, but I’m guessing starting in the fall would be a better time so that by the time the summer rolls around the treatments would be practically finished.

Abdullah Al-Shimri says:

I’m a guy and I love girls with peach fuzz.

saurabh nair says:


DMMAG A says:

Between sessions, did you wait until you could see all the hair grow back to do the session or did you just go every 6-8 weeks regardless of having hair back or not? I mean if I wait between sessions the hair will grow back, but if I go back for the next treatment in 6-8 weeks then I won’t have much hair for the laser to target. I mean I want to get the most out of my sessions by waiting as long as I can like 3-4 months but I’m afraid that will make the laser less effective or something. And I can’t trust the answer they give me at the clinic I go to because they just want money and they don’t care. I hope you can help. Thanks Megha.

Cheryl Pellot says:

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Gisselle :0 says:

Hi I have a question when the hair grows back does it come back darker or lighter? cause i have hair all over that I’m dying to get rid of.

Archish Sonawane says:

hey I am planning for a laser for my jaw line.. as I have bit thick hair growth and its really irritating to wax, as am in India am getting a good deal from VLCC compared to Kaya… is vlcc good safe enough??

nigeriansista says:

First off, thanks for the information! I just have to say tho: Great video! You went straight to the point, and I have no unanswered questions!

aaban lafeez says:

thank you sooooo much. your video was really helpful and your so smart i never thought of using groupon!

Alayah James says:

It was jus 600 dollars for your whole body?

Cara Andria says:

Where did you go to college?

Marian Nashwan says:

Even when I shave I get black hair ends of redness will the laser get rid of that ?

Shelley Kerr says:

Hi Megha, I am getting laser hair removal and I think it’s quite addictive. It’s definitely a luxury. Shelley x

Pixel Penguin says:

Your really pretty

Marian Nashwan says:

I’m 16 and I’m thinking of getting a laser hair removal because I get so much thick hair 9n my body and I’m really tired of shaving everyday, do you recommend to get the laser now or yiu think it’s better to do when I grow up+ do you think that my hair will grow back ?

Anakaren Gomez says:

around how much would it cost for the whole legs? my leg hairs grow think and dark and when I shave I have dark dots all over. would the hair removal help that?

u235u235u235 says:

please stop using so much vocal fry! it doesn’t make you sound world-weary or learned! horrible to listen.

Anand Jay says:

Super informative!  Thanks a lot.  I am an east Indian guy, one shade fairer than you. Need to get some hair removed. Always assumed that laser would not be too effective on me, even the Yag.  Please update your video soon!

ChollyMax says:

I don’t understand,in Bulgaria the costs are low.I mean in leva is low.20 dollars are like 10 leva.I’ll just post the prices down bellow.

Laser Hair Removal
Upper Lip for Women- From лв5

Intimate Complex for Women-From лв16

Underarms for Women-From лв6

1/2 Arms for Women-From лв8

Entire Arms for Women-From лв14

1/2 Legs for Women-From лв14

Entire Legs for Women-From лв22

Eyebrow Counter for Women-From лв6

It’s too bad that they don’t have for backs though.What’s up with them!? 🙁

pooja kotian says:

Hi Megha, Did the laser treatment help you get rid of kp ????

I have kp on my arms, will laser hair removal help me any way ??

Plz help!


symphonyh says:

Subscribed! i’m seriously considering this, i’m Indian also and have painful shaving experiences. My only option is to wax, even though it hurts like hell for a minute, it’s not as bad as the razor burn i get (i’ve tried so many razors/creams). But i get terrible ingrown hair with both waxing and shaving 🙁 Even though hair can grow back during pregnancy, i’m only 18 so i’ve got many years until that. But i’m in Australia where there are no groupons deals. It’s been almost 2 years since this video, could you please do an update 🙂

Holly says:

What are hives? I think that’s what she said!

20 says:

I’m pale with very thick dark hair, is it worth it?

Susie Velasquez says:

who do you recommend to go to at skin matters?

S Ali says:

is electrolysis better? or laser is permenant for you?

neha bandha sareen says:

have u done diode laser treatment?

Troy Livingston says:

I’ve got to do this
I’m a dud and my berd and leg hare really bothers me and its pan fall

NRK KHAN says:

kya laser hair removal karne se kitne months tak hair nahi ayengeh body par,explain me in hindi

gemini k says:

love ur hairstyle 🙂

Pamela Berte says:


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