5 Year Full Body Laser Hair Removal Update! | Makeup By Megha

I started getting full body laser hair removal 5 years ago, and while I did a few update videos, I haven’t talked much about it for the last few years. In this video I go over my progress and results, and what I have learned along the way.

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nasrin shonda says:

hair come back again??????? plz tell me

Wafa Mn says:

What kind of lazer you were doing? Whats the name

Marisah Vlogs says:

Your such a beauty

Ammu Nuh says:

hey thank you for this video it was very helpful and i rly need this! I have a braun skin and very dark hairs in my body…I’m very hairy and i wanna try this! can you tell me which laser is the best for braun skin and black hairs?

Maxine X says:

Did you use a numbing cream all over your entire body? I’m having full body laser and when I had the patch test, it was so painful! I don’t know if I can tolerate it all over my body for two hours. But I don’t know how I’ll apply numbing cream all over, maybe I won’t be able to walk to my appointment haha x

M K says:

What do you do for your facial hair?

Hannah Baker says:

how much money do you have?!?!?!?!?!?!

Pari Pp says:

Yea I always have black dots in my legs after shaving

Nikhila Reddy says:

Face removal is safe ? How ro remove facial hair ?

Rashmi Shrivastava says:

M an Indian I think u r from India too can u tell me from where did u get Ur laser done and for how much cost

Denise Kogan says:

i am in love with your make up here… can  you please do a tutorial on the exact look with the same colors? I love love love it!!!!

Cocoa Smiley says:

omg I want full body I’m gonna get it

Dean Karim says:

What’s the difference between IPL vs Laser?

Kanwal Siddiqui says:

makeup by megha

Rachel Love says:

yes the black marks I feel ya

OkayOkay says:

I’m getting a whole body laser hair removal probably in a few weeks profesionally

david mazahreh says:

Hey , I wanna ask u if it is painful? What can u take for pain , I used amla it wasn’t that good I could feel the pain ? Plz help …..

Kanwal Siddiqui says:

where u get ur laser treatments I wana go there please tell me the name of the clinic

LBNLDee says:

What numbing cream did you use? I just had my first treatment yesterday & although it wasn’t bad they did suggest I buy some because they’ll increase the laser.

Rachel Love says:

So How much from head to toe did spend on these treatments in total do you think???

diksha sandhu says:

is it beneficial for face??
I have thick hairs on my chin and these are growing more n more day by bay…. I m 21…plz help me out

Jayleanni Vvlogs. says:

yes i have the same problem

Goku Seal says:

It seems like about 90% of the places that offer laser hair removal actually use IPL which seems to be less effective than laser. Can you tell whether this is true or not, did the place you visited use IPL or Laser to treat the hair?

Simran Sidhu says:

how long was each session ?

Eleanora says:

What numbing cream did you use?

Daisy Hendriks says:

I have the black marks, you’re not crazy. I wanna get rid of them so bad 😀

ashleymitts says:

are there differnt types of lasers for hair removal? and that is really interesting that you noticed no haor regrowth after the first treatment

catlady 43 says:

I know what you mean about the darkening of the pore where the hair is at

LBNLDee says:

What numbing cream did you use? I just had my first treatment yesterday & although it wasn’t bad they did suggest I buy some numbing cream because they’ll increase the laser. I was very nervous about going just because it’s a smaller chain unlike ideal image which is the popular one in my area. I can’t wait to start seeing some results.

Brooke Leigh says:

I want to get Brazilian hair removal. I’ve been waxing for the last year or so and the ingrown hairs i get have gotten out if hand

Viri Nunes says:

Thanks soooo much for all the great information and updates you’ve done!!! This has help me a lot!!

Persepolis says:

Thanks for making this, I was a little nervous before but I have no doubts about going through with it now. I have the same issue with the enlarged pores and small black dots all over my legs to the point where I do not show at all anymore, this started pretty much at about age 11, I’m 22 now. If the treatment makes them disappear on top of making the hair go away, I would be the happiest girl in the world lol, but I had a question about using groupon, I’ve noticed a lot of those tend to be IPL as opposed to actual laser, how do you make sure? Should I just ask the clinics?

Nadia Kismet says:

you look like Kareena Kapoor

Olivia Walker says:

Great Video!! Thanks for sharing. If anyone is looking for Laser Hair Removal clinic in London than I strongly recommend Laser Aesthetica Hair Removal & Beauty Treatment. Visit: http://plus.google.com/b/115904389490879710339/115904389490879710339/about

Shansel Gurbetoglu says:

This actually helped me and answered all the questions i had about laser hair removal! Thank you so much.

Bridgette Thomas says:

i thought true permanent hair removal is only done with electrolysis? Which is far more expensive.

Ruth John says:

isnt it expensive?

julietta garcia says:

You look so much like Shay Mitchell

Jason Wingate says:

did you laser your beaver?

Dazzlings says:

I did laser for my upper lip and chin.

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