In this final installment of testing out the As Seen on TV Finishing Touch Flawless Brows tool! Will this thing really remove hair painlessly and allow me to groom my brows at home easily? I’m most interested in it because I have very sensitive skin around my eyes, and it’s supposed to be gentle and dermatologist approved. Let’s test it out and see if the Flawless Brows tool actually works!

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How I Remove Facial Hair w/ Finishing Touch Flawless:

Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Review & Demo:

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Camille McALoon says:

Could someone please tell me what the fuck this is?

Diane Kern says:

I would highly recommend

G E says:

Thank you for actually showing you removing the hair! I was so clear. Other reviews you couldn’t see what they were doing. I could actually see what you were doing! Awesome

Lyrical motivation says:

I have only used mine twice. It works well, but I find that it leaves my face/brow area feeling very uncomfortable with a burning feeling. It also leaves the hair feeling like regrowth from a shave. I’d rather pluck then use this product. Was really disappointed because I thought I would love this product..

mohamed elkhayat says:

only 8.99$ in ebay

Zainab Unissa says:

Yes I do use flawless hair upperlips ….

nandita adhikary says:

From where i will get this product? ?plz give the link..

Luis The Gemini says:

Idk girl I can see your roots… But this still makes it better and easier than using a razor so I think I’m going to get one

Smita Godse says:

Its clearly visible that she had use eyebrow pencil or maybe sm other thing after d use of product… its a fake review

Lucy Barrett says: has the best price

Terry Fisher says:

I watched this because I wondered if this thing would be good for a guy…me…to get rid of unibrow and those stray hairs underneath. I’m sick of waxing at home and shaving isn’t a good option. It looks like it would be great for that. Thanks, girl!

Donna Gambrell says:

Damn girl, you talk too much!!

Orian haziza says:

Does it just… shave the hair? Or it does something else?

melatonin says:

I just got one of these for christmas but idk what tf it does lmao

Iman Bani says:

Is it just a trimmer (like shaving) or like threading??

ss1114 says:

You mentioned it’s better than a razor, who uses a razor on their eye lids? Also, you’re just shaving the hair. The root is still there and you can literally see it in your video. Fail. Hope you made some good money lying.

My Tube says:

Cool ❤️I just ordered the facial hair remover from branlite flawless

Luca Ventura says:

It s fake,don t buy

McKenzie Smith says:

I asked for one for christmas i cant wait!!!!!

Poulomi Mukherjee says:

Does it remove eyebrows from roots like pluking ??

Jonathan M. says:

Bought one and it does work!

Maria Ortiz says:

Is it shaving or epilating?

Lara Lane says:

just buy yours from it works so good

DSBM blade says:

is this a razor or a trimmer?

Catherine Johnson says:

buy it from

Sophi says:

looks like your skin turned dry, flaky ,and red where you used it 🙁

Charlotte Reynolds says:

yep also got mine from

Cissy F says:

Nice result I’m waiting for mine fews days ..

Alessia Bortolini says:

does it remove the hairs or cut them?

Jasmine Bennett says:

just buy it from

Kristen Saldanha says:

Is it as effective for the upper lip

Binggay Binggay says:

How can i put the battery

Suraya Ranjber says:

I just bought one. Not a brow one but the bigger one for the rest of the face. Wow, it really is pain less.

Ana Cruz says:

This doesn’t work i got this today for Christmas it doesn’t work

Sana Sana says:

its useless…I purchased n found damn useless

soni soni says:

hi does it help to remove upper lips hair too?

Suie D says:

so its a fancy shaver? of course it doesnt hurt

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