AT-HOME IPL LASER HAIR REMOVAL! 💫 Review + Demo of Venus Silk Expert

Thank you so much to Braun for partnering with me on this video!
If you’d like to get a Venus Silk Expert IPL System, check it out here: (


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Hi everyone! I hope you liked this review/demo of the Venus Silk Expert! I’ve gotten both laser hair removal in office (as you probably have seen if you follow my social media 🙂 ) so I was super intrigued when Braun reached out to me about this device. How convenient to just do it at home! Also, nothing wrong with having body hair! I just like to remove mine 🙂 Let me know if you’d be interested in this device or any other hair removal methods you use!

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Misty Lake says:

Please tell us where you’ve bought those gorgeous earrings. Also, what is the name of that pretty lipstick? Thank you.

Alyanna Quismundo says:

Hey Morgan, what are some face sheet mask brands you can recommend??

Sumaia Abedin says:

I love your top! Where did you get it from?

Nayeli Romero says:

is it painful??

11jackdaws says:

I have the Tria and 90% of my hair has stopped growing back. Lasers are amazing. I bought at Sephora and got a whack of Sephora points too, enough for a good reward.

meykey says:

Can you use it on your bikini area?

azn4ever13 says:

Is it permanent?

Rebecca Evans says:

So does that mean since I’m extremely pale with super light body hair (ex:I can go a week without shaving my legs and you can’t see the hair) this won’t work on me?

Kayla Q says:

Hey morgan! Could you do a video describing your laser hair removal from a professional? Like cost and where you went? Thank you!

No Name says:

Can you use it to tackle the genitals?

Morgan Flores says:

You look so beautiful !!! Everything on point in the video!!! Stunning

Katelyn Larson says:

So does that mean it wont work on my arms…? I have blonde hair on my arms

Vale Velasquez says:

What happens after the 300,000 flashes, do you buy another spare? Or something?

Lyanna Veloz says:

does this work on the bikini area

chikitita tellmewhatswrong says:

pretty morgan! notice me pls!!!!

BTS chimchim95 says:

Does it really works like a professional ipl?

pochikochickn24 says:

I bought the Tria at first from Sephora, but I couldn’t take the pain of a laser because my hair was so dark and dense. So I bought an IPL system like this (I think the brand is called me smooth?) and it got rid of some of the hair, which was enough for me to be able to use the Tria again. Honestly, the IPL treatment wasn’t enough for me and I also kept having to buy replacement light cartridges. But once I was able to use the Tria, I went from dense black forest on my legs to literally no hair. It is painful as hell though. And VERY expensive (both the Tria and IPL). But so worth it to me. Interestingly enough, it hasn’t worked quite as well on my armpits and bikini area as it has on my legs. But that could be because I can’t tolerate the max level in those areas…

Uno Marco says: I HAVE 16 of these IPL’s available on my eBay at an extremely good price! Check me out! Don’t be afraid to shop! Read my reviews please! $190 + shipping

maria santos says:

hello! please do a review of 24k gold bar facial massager. I really want to know if it works and where can we buy a real one if we are here in North America. I am really looking for a review from someone I can trust. thanks in advance

ña na says:

I really, really don´t like the background here D: looks so tacky

Samantha Sandy says:

I heard that you can’t use laser hair remover if you have tattoos, one of my legs is fully sleeved out and the other one has about 40% covered. Would this work at all for me?

sam M says:

Would this be an alternative?! Wait..I need this

Kristine Kris says:

love MORGAN ..

Maria Agnes says:

Is the any small you tuber here. Care to sub to sub? Just comment done so that i can sub back. Thanks

Loki Laufeyson says:

This is amazing!!! I can’t wait to get one since I am a bit hairy.

triracialbeauty2 says:

If only it wasn’t $500.

shxna says:

For anyone curious, when you use the item, it feels like someone is snapping a rubber band on the area you are treating.

Pa Yeng Yang says:

Your background is so shiny and distracting. You should try something more matte like your old place.

Risa Sabira says:

current skincare routine plss

Ames Yaj says:

Usually you’re so thorough with your reviews, I’m a tad disappointed in this video. Is it painful? Can you do a video a couple months from this? Is it worth the investment? I love you though!

Chrish Heffernan says:

been using this for 3 months now

Heavenly Athena says:

Does this hurt a lot? Or can you compare the pain to something?

Cindy Jensen says:

what lipstick are you wearing??? LOVE IT!!

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