At Home Laser Hair Removal Final Results!

Hi guys! Finally my final results are here! I hope you guys find my at home laser hair removal using the Tria Beauty 4x helpful!
I will leave the link of where you can purchase and the first 2 videos!
You can Purchase here

-1st Video on How to use it
-2nd Video

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ValXoXo says:

I’ve been wanting to buy this machine but not sure if it would work. Im a G40 on cover fx what is your shade?

Jess Jess says:

Can you use on the bikini area?

Rahmanjin Borsig says:

I’ve been researching best natural method for removing unwanted hair and found a fantastic resource at Dravin Remover Guide (google it if you’re interested)

Rosemarie Escalante says:

I really want to buy this but I have dark skin and i’m Latina like you, do you think it’s worth it to just try it? The website says that for dark skin tones, it’s not a good idea. Can you give me some advice?

lara says:

Hi, quick question. Did you activate the product on the tria website? I bought one on eBay, and I didn’t have to activate it to make it work now I am wondering if it was used before. :'( Thanks!!

farishta Hakimzada says:

I heard if you are lighter skinned and dark thick hair it will be faster for the laser to work

Sai Paulovkin says:

do you shave ur face to prep in order to use it? or do you use it directly on facial hair?

Dumle Jack says:

Will it work well if I have very fair skin but thick dark hair?

Angela Landskron says:

This is on my Christmas wishlist ; )

Wonderful Life says:

Is it works guy’s chest hair too?

gabriela gonzalez says:

i didn’t know it would work on skin tones other than really light skin. My skin tone is almost like yours so i though it wouldn’t work on me but now I’m not sure

Blue Flower says:

Hello I have tried three home lasers with no luck, the Tria is my last hope. Do you think it will work on my arms? Does it work for thinner hairs? My arm hair is black but I have annoying thin hairs that show on my body.

Ursula Major says:

Your skin looks great, but I have pcos and use a level five on my face, and have since treatment one. No numbing, hurts a lot, but you can use it all over face. Heck I even use it on my kahlo brow.

Safak Frank says:

can you tell us your review now in 2016 ?are the results permanent? how long does it take the hair to grow back?

Cherry Woo says:

very good makeup, dear, how long will you spend to make you up everyday? can you teach me? haha

Saroj Bhujel says:

how much diz price for machine

luvlaurenashley says:

Girl your skin is flawless!!!!

Raffi C says:

so I talked to tria customer service and they said it will work on my face. Does anyone know if this is wrong? BTW I am a guy. i actually bought it from Sephora a few months back and it hurt my face so bad that I was kind of scared so I took it back. I recently just used it again at the store and I thought why not I’ll try again I just received it and I have tested it on my forehead and seemed fine but still scared to go down to lower face… I am Brazilian but I have lighter skin not white skin but lighter skin with dark coarse black hair so they said i would be a perfect candidate.

baby belle says:

hope you can see my comment… ever accidentally lasered tour MOLE? i did mine on my armpits Both.. I’m going nuts, any know n side effects???! tnxxxx

sarah michelle says:

Can I use this once a week like you said ? Because the website says once every 2 weeks.

Tech Pro says:

Is it really permanent ??

nilu1121 says:

Can you use this all over your body? Or is this made just for the face?

Hasnain Najafi says:

what colour lipstick is that and what make please. its really nice

Shivy says:

when you put the laser on your hairs, do they fall off? or is it more like they’re burned off?

Lindy Parker says:

shes actually mistaken. Ive done my research on this. If you are dark skinned or light skinned with light hair, this will not work on you! if you are either light skinned or dark skinned with dark hair, this will work. The best combination is pale skinned and dark hair. worst combination is dark skinned with light hair.

Feriel Sullivan says:

Did you shaved before you try it ?

Val's Review says:

Great Video.. I need the 4X…you are very personable on camera great job

Tyler Barnes says:

Hm, you mentioned men cant use on face. Is that cause it’s thicker? I was wanting to use it on pubic and intimate area but that hair is thicker then my chest hair. Would it maybe work for those areas too?

Mad Kill says:

what numbing cream is she talking about? does it come with it?

dr.Tabassum nasser says:

Very nice baby

fighting wolf says:

where can we get this? and like it can burn or hurt if you have like little hairs when using it right?

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