AT HOME LASER HAIR REMOVAL UPDATE- Does it Work? (Underarms & Brazillian)

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Today I have the follow up to my previous LumaRX Video where I tried At-Home Laser Hair Removal on myself and my husband! I have an update for you today and talk about using it “downstairs” so to speak 🙂
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Haley Brooks West says:

Leesha can we get another update?! Please!

MiiaVita says:

Any more updates on this product???

Rosie Posie says:

“the front part” lmao

AfroSpace says:

So many youtubers especially in beauty say they’ll do an update on a product and never do or only do on Snapchat, I’m happy to see you actually updating. Like this quick video was perfect!

Lauren Munday says:

I have thought about laser hair removal and this seems like it would be awesome, but my hair probably isn’t the right color which sucks.

Julie Barker says:

Updates, please?!

Samantha Davis says:

Yes update us for sure!!

Andrea S. says:

Would love another update? 🙂 after so long.. as thinking of purchasing a home device for myself & daughter after we’ve had a few clinic sessions.

jankoraven says:

Yes please future updates!

Chad Mangum says:

Pics or it didn’t happen.

J Harris says:

Can you do an update on how it is working?

Ztheworld says:

Definitely yes on the updates please

Sofie Wakka says:

Wait so the hair gets thinner, but in the end it will disappear right? And when that has happened, how often do you have to check up?

DetectiveGesicht says:

Sorry for super off topic comment but when I was searching for vids on duochrome eyeshadows, I yelled when I saw your name because I used to watch you when you first started but for the life of me couldn’t remember how to find you again. huzzah! Okay, SUBSCRIBED. Now back to the video. #youtubereunion!

woundsthatbleed says:

Yes please update

jasmine amer says:

I need it

Joan Gelormo says:

If it hurts use lidocaine like they do in laser salons.

Stef says:

Is it permanent or do you have to use this product every couple of months to a year to keep the results

Jenna Gilbert says:

Yes!! Keep updating.. I’m interested!

MF says:

Yes, updates, updates! I’m so hesitant about laser removal – professional or at home lol – but omg it would be so great to not have to shave haha

Satya Avesta says:

Were you a part of the MAC group on livejournal, like pre-youtube days? I swear I recognize you from somewhere

btangels05 says:

Yes! More updates please! Thank you!

Sarish Shamprasadh says:

Your hiiiiiiiiiiiiii is so annoying

HeavenlyMakeUp says:

what happened with the professional stuff you did 2 years ago? did you stop doing that and go with this then?

jennys1983 says:

Yes, please update in future! 🙂

Jessica Leese says:

Yes, more updates please!

Blue Flower says:

Does this work on thinner hairs ?

xpalefectx says:

its been 9 months please do an update

Missy Michaels says:

Another update please! I’m very curious how long it takes for the hair to be completely gone. Thank you!

Aryat O says:

Would love an update later on!! I’m interested and intrigued about it. Thanks girl!

Ebony Marie says:

This is such a random thought but I was watching all of the YouTubers you led me to when I was younger! Like jazziebabycakes, petrilude, and MacN40. I might of spelled some of these wrong. But do you know if they are ok. They haven’t posted in a while!

Lakia Keely says:

It’s really not that serious. I’ll just keep on shaving. If you have to keep using it for the hair not to come back what’s the point.

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