Best Hair Removal Cream – Revitol Review

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Important FAQ notes:

This is not a permanent hair removal solution. Your hair will GROW back. It’s just an alternative to shaving, waxing, and trimmer. This is NOT a permanent hair removal cream, there is NO SUCH thing.

Here is a real review of the popular hair removal cream for men and women from Revitol. I’ve tested a few different models and found this one to work the best.

It’s not perfect, but it worked well for me.

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theteacher010 says:

When it grows back does it grow back soft and fine or all stubbly like you shaved/clipped it?

I have a lot of hair on my torso that when I shave or trim, becomes stubbly as hell, and honestly that’s both a nuisance to me and my significant other who’s grown accustomed to making herself thoroughly comfortable with it throughout the nights.

stefan rodk says:

Is Revitol a nair? After first use when will hair start to grow back?

chowdary kinnu says:

Permanent hair removal is best or cream which on is best

Aly Veloria says:

what happens if u use it on face?

B T says:

does it burn your balls?

Aron Falk says:

can i put on knob and Bullocks?

Life of Anettee says:

I would believe it if you just take the hair of on camera in that case it’s not believable

Siyanadi Shanna says:

I have spent months researching removing unwanted hair quickly and found a fantastic website at Dravin remover guide (look it up on google)

Ashutosh Mishra says:

they remove the hair parmenetly or for short time

D E says:

why did you have red spots on your back after the hair was removed ? Did it burn ?

ken cole says:

dude put your hands together whne you talk..gees

Hichem Galla says:

is the solution to remove hair permanently

Itzdat Managgen says:

*Why bother telling everyone your name at the beginning? This is clearly either a paid-for advertisement for the specific brand of hair removal cream you’re pushing, or they keep you supplied with it free of charge for promoting it. Either way, it’s certainly not the best hair removal cream. In fact I’d rank it near the bottom. Even compared with creams costing much less than half the price of Revitol. Plus your video highlights how it burned blotches of skin on your back. It’s awful stuff!*

Javier Gamez says:

can I use it on my beard?

Ace nemo says:

can we apply this on our face tooo!!!!!!! and is it permanent removal or temporary?????

דביר פרנקו says:


aditya kaushik says:

can I use in face

Samuel Taylor says:

That hair was pretty thin so it’s going to be easier to remove.

Abdou Berraho says:

Does hair growth stop permanently or for a limited time

Hichem Galla says:

Are removes hair permanently and how to buy it because it is not present in Algeria is there in ebay

Mutahir Khan says:

Is It remove permanent hear ???

Oriana Sarai Rangel Mora says:

someone knows if this kind of hair removal creams can cause cáncer? I asked for the ingredients that it have.

Scott Ryan says:

why does it have such bad reviews on Amazon?

WAVE music says:

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WAVE music says:

heyar rimuval kirim 8271871016

Narayan Yadav says:

ι ¢αи υѕє σи ιт му ℓєgѕ

M Salim says:

am in saudia 2piece give me

meganathan.t.k Nathan says:

Sir this also used to removed our cheeks and mushtag hairs
Pls reply sir

Dane Qasimi says:

Is it remove hair forever or not??

Harrison Stoller says:

Is it better than all the other hair removers?

Mathieu Jobidon says:

it just costs literally 40 times more the the nair brand

manoj mahi says:

will it help ful to remove excess hair on face ????
please tell me is it harm ful to use on my face

Almir Habibović says:

I’m studying top idea for removing unwanted hair and discovered a great website at Dravin remover guide (look it up on google)

Mutahir Khan says:

Any one try it ,,,


What I that called

aman singh says:

how much it cost and where I can find

Kings Of Fifaa says:

Does this cream permanently remove hair?

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