Hey loves! This is another #tryittuesday, where I test out products trends and things in the community! Today, I try out a product called no!no! hair removal… a ‘laser like’ hair removal system that is pocket sized and you can use at home…. find out how I feel about the nono hair removal system in this video!

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thefile team 321 says:

yes i get hairs on my chin sometimes as well! i have to pluck them out with tweezers mostly but that HURTS A WHOLE LOT. Would love a vid on different methods of chin hair removal 🙂

Chelz says:

I have read and seen review that Electrolysis is the only permanent method to hair removal, you should look into it before you decide to go for laser as laser only make the hair thinner & it grow back eventually if treatment is not revisited/topped up.

Janet Yirenkyi says:

Apparently soya bean helps with enhancing estrogen to prevent facial hair growth in women.

monikamoon14 says:

If it works for you I will buy it.

Malica Hamilton says:

Looks like a load of bullshit it’s a waste of money . Thanks or the video x

Hazel Pia Oed says:

Hi guys. The No No did not work. Don’t even bother, just my opinion.

Queen Cleopatra says:

Chanel….please where did you get your eyelashes from?
They are so gorgeous!!!

Black To Grace says:

I swear I saw it emit smoke

sweet. a sweet. a says:

where I can buy it

sewcouture97 says:

had it years ago… it didn’t work at all

Bonita Pandora says:

can’t believe no no is still on the market.

Peggy Joseph says:

I have this device and you must use the buffer to completely remove the hair. It really works but I think sometimes people are not using the buffer. Thanks for the video

EliSou says:

i realize i love trimming. its better for my skin no ingrowns no discoloration and no change of texture. I get a fairly close cut and because it is fairly close my hairs don’t grow back thicker they grow exactly the same. I use beauty 360 I LOVE this.

Sierra Shaw says:

Please come back with a 30 day update because I have facial hair as well and I’d really like to invest if it’s worth the money. Thanks

Shatya Boyd says:

I love her she makes me feel confident

Shanna Franklin says:

I’ve been wanting try that for my facial hair. Thanks for the video.

Sarah Smith says:

is this an ad?

Gmusiq child says:

Your eyebrows are slaying! New tutorial please !

BadKittyBeauty says:

What hair removal creams do you use I have not had much luck with the few I have tried.

Laughter Loves Life says:

Did I see smoke at the beginning of your video??! No wonder the thing’s named No! No! It’s like God forced the manufacturers to tell the truth lol

Karen Nyadu says:

when you were doing tour chin i saw smoke

last dead says:

you are cute

sujitha .g says:

does it work permanently

sujitha .g says:

is it paining.

NoLimit Kaydo says:

Any updates?

Sara Watson says:

Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method

Joyce Afful says:

Hi Chanel, which of ur eye lashes are u wearing pls. Looks natural and beautiful

Real Diamond says:

hey good review on the no no system can not wait for update on your results. I have PCOS and as you know one of the issues is excessive hair especially facial hair. I have being looking for things try for years recently started using a cream that slows down the process of hair and eventually actual stop it but we will see and I will keep on eye out for your update. looking good gurl as usual x

Maria Sindile says:


run4yourlife says:

Please know the only thing that works for this area on your face, is electrolysis. It will take time but it is honestly the only way to remove unwanted hair permanently.

Agathe Ether anything that could help stomach pain says:

I tried it. it just burns your hair of basically. I didn’t find it useful at all. it take 1hr just to do a small area.

Tia Angela says:

Doesn’t shaving ur facial hair make it grow back thicker and quicker?

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