Complete Bikini Laser Hair Removal Review | VISUAL | What others WONT show!

Hey loves! Are you tired of searching for a thorough review on laser hair removal and always end up clicking on a video that shows you NOTHING! I’m here to break that cycle. This video talks about my overall review and journey after I completed all of my laser hair sessions on my bikini.

Side Note: If you have a problem with seeing a vagina, do not watch my video, nor write a comment about it. You will be marked as spam! We’re all grown here!

Is the Hair completely gone?
Should I get it on Groupon?
Does it help with dark spots or ingrown hairs?
Is it permanent?
I answer all these questions + more!

Here’s my Full “Laser Hair Removal Journey” Playlist:

3 Quick Ways to lighten your bikini line :

5 steps to BANISH Ingrown Hairs :

xoxo. See you next week Friday!

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MiVidaBellisima says:

you cant even see anything sexual just the hair so we know if its something we want to live with or not. grow up people….

bevzeley says:

so what do you do about removing your hair now?

Nandi Millett says:

This video was great!!! I completely identified with having to put makeup in my bikini area because the scars that I have are so terrible. I am just like you I can’t shave or wax without getting terrible breakouts and I am considering laser hair removal as a last resort but after hearing what u had to say now I am not so sure! Two questions, after completing your series of treatments did you have to go back to waxing? and two now seeing your results in hindsight would you have still gone through with laser hair removal?

Dena Franks says:

This video was very helpful. Thank you!!

Leviticus 20:13 says:

Oh my god!! A vagina!
Fuck off, haters. Be proud of your shit.

Aquira Yves says:

Thank you for showing us, being able to see real results has been VERY helpful! ❤️

Shahara Roberts says:

I love you, girl! Thank you for the review. I also experience dark spots from bumps after waxing, so may consider the laser!

Erika Cloverleaf says:

At my first few treatments I discovered that they were skipping that area, so I asked them to do it also.

Noor Shrfawe says:

Ur awesome, thank you so much for sharing this <3

Keshia Irving says:

Inflamed or infected

EvanChi Alaa says:

wow you’re so pretty and most importantly real. So sick of fake Youtubers who constantly plug products/services .New sub ❤

sunshine rays says:

Yes girl I need to see to believe! Don’t be ashamed, half of the population have vaginas and the other half needs to shut up. They always want the bikini line to be so clean and perfect but they don’t know what we have to go through to have it that way. You’re doing a brave thing for us ladies out there

Jazz Perkins says:

About how much should I expect to spend on laser hair removal? 200-350?

aquishla khan says:

your video so far is the most helpful video regarding laser hair removal.

Naturallyposh31 says:

Great video! YES!!

Lineysha Negron says:

Thank you for showing the real results in the laser hair removal I went today to Ideal Image, thanks God I did not decided to pay that amount of money for the bikini area

Nicole Marie says:

Very informational. Thank you for sharing

Dominga Rivera says:

you look like a pirana with big teeth

Yomiris Wright says:

Thank you for your video! Your honesty has made me reach a solid decision. God bless ♥️

Nayasia Thomas says:

I consider laser hair removal! thanks for sharing! forget those people judging you

– love naya

Kaila Boo says:

So was that the only hair that came back? That seems worth it to me. & how was the pain?

Trina says:

This is a very informative video. I’ve been looking into getting laser hair removal on my whole body especially my bikini area, my hair is that long so that helped a lot on my decision

azucarcult says:

thank you! i get break outs from shaving and waxing so this is my last resort the bumos are so uncomfortable!

tasi yuli says:

Finally a person that shows after math thank you im doing mine it’s starting to thin out ☺️

Jadine Juju says:

Thanks for the visuals! That takes guts and I really appreciate it!

Naomie Caron says:

Thank you!

Ginger Babyyonkers says:

I appreciate you showing us

Alexis Patrice says:

She’s the goat. For the pictures. That really helped. New subbie

Hey Aunge Girl says:

I’m happy I found this video. I just had my third session and I’m pissed that I’m not getting the results I want. Good point about Groupon, I got my package of if there. Keep doing your thing this video was very helpful.

Dhuha Abiff says:

What was the kinda of laser that you used?

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