electrolysis hair removal review

Electrolysis hair removal review Feat My daughter!
This is my first video

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Maeri Aaa says:

Can you do it for you under arms and bikini area

Ocasio Newborn says:

I am going to do electrolysis in a month. I am a black male with ingrown hair problems on the back of my head and face. I am doing laser right now on my chest and stomach and the process has been Jesus. But it’s so damn painful. I am talking unbearable lol. So I decided to start this because I am looking for something just as effective but less painful. Can I get your opinion on what I told you. Btw I am a dark skin black man.

Mrs. Henry says:

Hi! do you have any updates since your last visit?

Mrs. Henry says:

New subscriber!

Britanny B says:

Hi! Did the hairs stay gone that were removed in the first session?

rebecca73064 says:

Thank you so much, so many women deal with this and don’t know where to go to get help.

Kay Stary says:

Thank you for sharing. Which esthetician do you go to, do they have a website?

mariesthel reyes says:

where do you to do that?

Leonard Jenkins says:

How much does it cost?

Selina Maduforo says:

I’m happy electrolysis worked for you. If you have a few stray chin hairs then electrolysis is a good option. But if you have black skin and have a large area of hair you want to remove, I would recommend electrolysis. It doesn’t hurt as much and it’s quicker. Electrolysis seriously scared my skin and left holes that took several weeks to fully heal. With electrolysis on black skin you’ll have to get the Yag Laser or Cool Glide for it to be effective. And you have to go somewhere where they are experienced with removing hair on black skin. You also have to get several treatments 4 to 6 weeks apart.

No fromoe says:

Hey after the electroylsis do you get permanent scars/ discoloration or its a special cream or medicine they give you to get rid of it ?

Assal Chattha says:

hi how many session did you had in total ?? are you done with it ?

Dem says:

your daughter is so cute!

Afrikenlowelti89 says:

you’re pretty


I’ve gotten electrolysis done on my upper lip it is so painful I could only do it 15minutes each session. It works! But you need to keep going to sessions.

Asiya Iammuah says:

U have a beautiful smile

BajanRoots says:

Thank you so much for sharing! I wanna do this but thought it was really painful and expensive but it looks so worth it

mariesthel reyes says:

yes but where are you they have good price

mariesthel reyes says:

thanks for answer me lm in washington here is very espencer lm doing it too.

Estell Germain says:

Where did you go?

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