Epilator vs Razor: Hair Removal Smackdown – Review & Comparison

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PRODUCTS SHOWN IN VIDEO (All products shown in this video’ were sent to me as press samples. All opinions expressed are my own and not remunerated. This is not a sponsored video)

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Peace, joy & beauty – Jodi xo


Alyselynden12 says:

You look so stunnung and radient in this video :)! Xx

Forensic Jess says:

Great video! I’ve always been curious about an epilator. I really enjoy your videos but it is difficult to see the products you show due to the lighting/white balance. They seem overly bright and it washes the products (and you) out. Thanks for all the informative videos!


Jolie if you Use baby powder Right before epilation, it gives a smoother finish, epilator holds on to finer hair better, and plucks them in one pass, you dont have to go over the same area twice:) Hope this helps

RetroGamerBB2019 says:

I found that using salicylic acid before and after helps. still stings a little tho.

Linda says:

I found liquid gold from alpha h very relieving on itchy shaved skin

Sissi Over40 says:

I just can’t use an epilator! Hurts me so so much I get goose skin by it! ☺️

Stacey Mcalister says:

That was really helpful. Tried an epilator a few years back and I thought it just took too long, going back and forth over the same spot. I’m dark and the back of my legs are unbelievably hairy and the poor epilator may have found it too much and I went back to waxing. However it sounds like epilators may be getting better too?

Raffaella LightPink says:

I don’t know if there are some on sale right now, but years ago I had an epilator which had an attachment with a gel inside that you could keep in the freezer.
You had to attach it to the epilator to “freeze” your skin so to feel less pain in the hair removal process.

Shiksha Gautam says:

braun epilator silk which is this???7 or 9

Zed Pea says:

Your video reminded me that I needed to epilate – I have the same one. I’ve found it really life changing – it’s so quick and easy to use, the pain is definitely bearable and it’s so much cheaper than having waxing done. No turning back for me, now.

Ruby El-Ansary says:

Oh, silly me, forgive me Jodi, English is not my first language. Yes, that’s very helpful. I have never used such a thing. The only thing I shave is under my arm pits. I was everywhere else!! It’s a culture thing. I make my own wax since my mum first taught me when I was like 14 years old. Thanks heaps. U always answer my comments. Take care.

Jenny Hurst says:

After epilating your face use a BHA for a few days to a week. I have to do that even after facial waxing.

xpalescales says:

This was great! did you say you used the shave gel with the epilator?

Jess Sylvia says:

Yeah i just use the epilater on my underarms once a week. I cant shave my arm pits because they get really sore when the hair grows back. And it Takes to long to do legs so i shave my legs.

katyrosiely says:

Wax your bikini area or laser. Do not use this for your bikini area, its way to painful as it’s too small area and to slow. Waving is alot quicker for downstairs. Trust me I know!

drtvrmoi says:

Thank you for the detailed review. Since I use Retin A, I can’t wax my
face. The epilator sounded a bit daunting for the face but ideal for
the arms and legs. I’ll be sticking to my eyebrow grooming razors for
any facial peach fuzz. They are convenient, never nick the face and
easy to purchase.

Jodi, your skin looks fabulous. Just glowing. Mind sharing your lipstick shade? Happy spring holiday!

XforeverX443 says:

I find putting witch hazel on after using the epilator helps soothe the skin 🙂

Sarah O'Brien says:

Your hair looks fab Jodie ! 🙂

Lolz85 says:

I have the same epilator and the first few times I used it in the shower on my legs. But I found the water actually made the hairs lie flat (even when exfoliating beforehand) and so it was harder for me to remove the hair. Once my skin got used to the epilator, I use it on dry legs and it works very well. The underarm and bikini area are way too sensitive and it was too painful for me (I wax those areas). I fill the basin with warm water to keep wetting my chin and upper lip when I epilate and that works really well. Making sure to exfoliate often! My epilator 9 came with an exfoliator attachment too which is super handy.

Amella33 says:

Great video Jodi. I tried an epilator once years ago, swore never would again because of the pain! And also the rash type thing I got after. Never again! Waxing was ok for awhile. But then I hate having to wait for the hair to grow back again. So I stick to shaving with a razor, and find using baby oils gives me a nice, smoother finish.

Alice Y.C. says:

Hi Jodi! Love what you said at the beginning! I don’t have much hair on my arms but you can see them up close. I don’t mind them haha

shody321 says:

Great video Jodi, thanks for being the test dummy! Not sure if u need a script and not sure re cost but what about a cream like ‘Emla cream’? (Lignocaine)

mahadewiiii says:

I bought a top of the line expensive Braun epilator a few years ago and I’ve only used it a couple of times… it was so painful even on the legs.. and this is coming from someone who had two natural births! hehe It just felt like continuous electric shocks to me – horrid!!!

katyrosiely says:

I’ve been epilating since I was 18, I’m 34 now. I only epilated on my legs, underarm, and arms. Don’t do your bikini area unless you want to feel unbelievable pain. I’ll be honest when you start it really hurts, but I persisted and I will say it took about a year or two, the pain lessened and then it just didn’t hurt anymore. I’ve always hated shaving, I hate the regrowth feeling. I probably epilate twice a week now, my hair is really fine now and grows back really slowly, patchy yes because of the hair cycle growth. I’ve had my epilator for 10 years or so and it’s still going strong. At the end of the day it’s up to you, but if you hate shaving every two days and really like the waxing effect then epilating is for you. If you are prepared for the pain and have a high pain threshold then this is great.

Annie Carroll says:

Thank you for such a thorough review. Very much appreciated.

Ambiii11 says:

great video really appreciate it..I’ve been using silk epil for many years on my entire body. .great results ..I apply aloe Vera gel after hair removal. .really soothes and calms the skin xx

Hannah Williams says:

I was given an epilator a few years ago and I tried it on my legs and was sickened off them. But then I tried it on my lady-stache (face!) and it was almost completely pain free! So quick and easy xx

Ruby El-Ansary says:

What’s pumper razer pls?

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