Finishing Touch Flawless Review: Facial Hair Remover

Finishing Touch Flawless is a facial hair remover advertised to women. Today I put it to the test on several different types of hair.

I found it at a local Walgreens here in Las Vegas for $20.

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Charlene Cooley says:

Works really well. Kinda bummed that it is in fact a razor.

Sally Forth says:

I know the hair doesn’t grow back thicker, but does it grow back like stubble and feel very rough after you use this?

The Badger says:

Wow I have been eyeballing this for the little old lady chin hairs! Ack!!!!

Margie Pantoja says:

Thank you for the review because I just purchase one. Now I am looking forward to use it!

Julia Lengyell says:

I have it and I love it. works great and no pain!!

Carla posten says:

I just bought one. light comes on but it don’t work, very disappointed. I’ve never even used it. it’s never worked. and to return it I have to drive 2 hours away. bought it today. junk. don’t buy. not happy at all.

iris espinosa says:

thanks really enjoyed this

Sherree Tarkington says:

Awesome review, thank you! I was thinking about getting this, but when you said it was a “single head razor’ I though of regular being a cheaper one.

Beatriz Llorens says:

Thank you! Very helpful. I did see the advertising on TV yesterday.

Andrea Lacy says:

thank you for your review. I was unable to really see if it was effective on the area of your beardwhiskers. could you tell me how well it did or didn’t remove it. I have some tougher hairs. Thankyou.

Kevin Lewis says:

Not sure if it’s a as seen on T.V Itami. But can you do a review on the BEARD NINJA


Bj says:

Thanks for the review. I had it on my list for Bed Bath and Beyond. Definitely going to try it now.

Purplebutterfly says:

Just bought one on the fly over the weekend. Now I will try it out. Thanks for this video demonstration.
PS. Finishing touch did make hair grow back thicker which makes waxing even more of a challenge.

cmismith says:

How did it work on the coarser hair by your beard?

Princess Ginwood says:

I just ordered this I can’t wait until it arrives. Thank you for an Amazing review! I liked and subscribed to your Chanel. I can’t wait to see more of your reviews. Great video!!!

Holy Smoke says:

You give great low-downs on what we want to know about things ★

L. Seabury says:

Cool review, Ty. I like how your review started from the very package, good clear view on it, opened it, clear view of cap off, the devices insides, placing the battery in, cap on …set to go. Various places of hair removal was excellent because that is what is needed for us girls (woman), lol. Looks to work well, with no nicks like shaving razor wise, ouch! Ty to your wife also. Much appreciated. Great review video. But, how much is it? Sorry if you had said, and I missed it somewhere.

Veronica Panella says:

I got it today at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I am happy with the results.

Sandy Marie says:

Shared to a group on Facebook for extransmen! Im the admin and I think this is worth a try. Thanks for the review

Helen Wray says:

Thank you for reviewing that. You are very good at this! I’m going to buy it.

Elisa H says:

Hi, I have this question: does it trim the hair or remove the hair? Thank´s

Melissa Enriquez says:

I want to know does it pinch your skin?

Patrice Marigold says:

I got mine this wk in the mail ( took 3 weeks, but I live in Australia, and came from the States).
Used it today for a bit of upper lip action and peach fuzz that has only appeared this year ( boo hoo). Works like a dream for me and I have very sensitive skin, my face looks flawless!
Did a great job on upperlip, sick of paying for waxing and threading!
Warning: Dont do under eyebrow area, My boyfriend went over that area while I covered my brows and I got a shaving rash 🙁 skin too sensitive there. Bloody brilliant otherwise!! Totes recommend and Thanks for the review, it is so worth the $33 AUD I paid to Amazon.

Tracey T says:

What a great review, right to the point no extra nonsense!

Angela Yancey says:

I just got it today and I absolutely love It! It worked anywhere I wanted to shave just would pull if hairs were pretty long. It us worth the price! The only negative thing I had to say is the battery didn’t last 10 min.

Zermineh Shahzad says:

Im a girl and my peachfuzz is very prominent and a bit thick would this work for me?

Keyla Nichole says:

Did hair grow back thicker on your wife’s face?

William Victor says:

James, what does your wife think of it? Would she recommend it? Use it on a regular basis? (Thanks for calling a single-head-razor, a single-headazor

Cee Cee says:

Great to see a guy review this product! The things we women do for beauty….i actually picked one up at BBB with a 5$ coupon applied so it was 14 and change. Sounds like a sweater lint remover but is great for facial touch ups. Other devices and waxing are torture! Sigh….

_ thefourelevens _ says:

Very helpful review! so glad i ordered it!

Carla posten says:

ripped me off I’ve tried to change the battery and everything and it still don’t work it’s a piece of junk

Carla posten says:

thanks for selling junk

Tonia Brown says:

I use my husband’s Norelco 3 headed electric razor for peach fuzz. I have also had skin cancer surgery and skin graft . The skin graft came from the edge of my eyebrows. Now my nose grows the eyebrows on my nose. Sounds awful but it’s true. I’ve been saying I wish Norelco would make one of those razors geared toward women with 1 or 2 heads on it. And also that women talk more about it so that it won’t be so embarrassing . TFS . I would love to try this one day. I wish this company would send me one.(flawless)

Sayyadeea says:

Good review. I have this and like it fine. I get a little denser than peach fuzz on my upper lip (being 44 and all) and this takes it off. I was getting welts from having it waxed so this is much better.

nellie0903 says:

Great review! Very thorough, thank you.

Donna Rizzo says:

I have one and I love it! Eliminates the need to go get waxed every few weeks which was painful and expensive. This little gadget paid for itself after using it a couple of times. Easy to use, painless and leaves skin very smooth. Highly recommend.

William Victor says:

(fat finger) …a single-head-razor. (there)

Sarah McCalmon says:

I put my son’s norelco shaver that has three shaver heads on it like that thing but it hurt like it was pulling out the hair or nicking my skin. Maybe that’s the difference the Flawless is supposed to be painless.

greg getuaban says:

Guys it’s on SALE! HURRY!
For Purchase –>

Diana Woodrow says:

Thanks I have been wanting one and my husband says he would get it for me.. SOLD 🙂
I do use a personal shaver and pluck my chin beard about every 2-3 days.. I hate it.. This LV gal is gonna get one !!

Trisha Williams says:

Thanks for the honest review. I think I’ll hold off on this product.

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