Flawless Finishing Touch Worth The Hype? | Review + Demo

This product has been insanely popular but is it worth the hype? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this product! What should we test next? Thanks for watching 💖

Find the Flawless Finishing Touch on Amazon* http://bit.ly/2ulKvFX
Find it at Ulta* http://bit.ly/2uABmON
The official website http://bit.ly/2u1XsoV
Find it at Bed Bath & Beyond* http://bit.ly/2u61SPA

Watch my Dermaflash review here: https://youtu.be/A4-ANCKUC5c

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Palladio 1500 says:

You can also buy replacement heads on Amazon. 2 for about $12.00.

Leighanna says:

you can find it in walmart

Astha Chadha says:

Does it make facial skin greenish as men have?

Mama Mia says:

How old do you have to be to purchase in stores?

Angel n' Gummy says:

/e remove my hair

Carmen Dee says:

Seen it at Walgreens

neveen jo says:

After you use it. Do you still feel any hair on the skin?

Rose Molina says:

Does it shock your face like the No no does. Thanks!

Uma venugopal says:

what about the hair when it grows back? Any thing like it being dark/thicker or blunt?

Keya says:

Hey just found out our channel ! Was checking reviews for this product! Wanted to ask if there is a site or smth that ships to Greece without having to pay extra for customs office? btw that nail polish looks amazing! new subby loved the honest review! <3

Liz Guillen says:

You can find it in Kroger

Sheryl Adams says:

I recently purchased this product at BB&B. I have used it several times, and I think it’s a great way to remove those awful whiskers. But, when I unscrewed the top to clean it, it took 15 minutes to replace the cap. There is no way to determine how to align the cap with the unit. That would be a truly valuable improvement. Thanks!

purplepsycogalaxy 123 says:

I just bought one from Big Lots for $19.99.

Barbara Siqueira says:

Hello! Just got to your channel through this video and I loved the way you explained the product. Thank you so much. Best regards from Brazil!

5argeTech / says:

It’s a one head Norelco style cutter head.

mike settlemyer says:

relly not fair your gorgess

SibuJafta says:

Does it pluck or shave?

janay moffett says:

They’re in JC Penney

Doris de arce says:


Lauran Leverett says:

I’ve seen them at Walmart js

anniefab125 says:

It’s like a single-headed Norelco Shaver….I like mine, but I got ripped off when I sent away from the site…no battery came with it, and it took 1.5 months to get it because it was shipped from China!!!….I’ve seen it at Walgreens, Target, Dollar General, and any store that has “As Seen on TV” products!!

yupyup1562 says:

Nothing makes a women feel less feminine than getting older and growing heavier facial hair that needs to be shaved…lol. I am definitely getting one.

Yasmin Rivera says:

Certain Duane Reade’ s in NYC

gla22 says:

You look like wonder woman

Riminie Co says:

does it remove hairs from roots??? can it handle some hard facial hairs?

xue wei says:

4:44 Demo

Riminie Co says:

and if it does not remove from roots…will the small hairs appear on face like someone has cut it?

Elizabeth Stranger says:

JCP is carrying it at a lot of the checkout counters. I saw it in the Home and Bath checkout.

Mirelle Enne says:

Ohh my good KKKKK sei nem oq eu tô falando sou do Brasil

Charles Putt says:

I just received my Flawless last week and I haven’t been able to cut one hair with it, not even the wispy ones on my face.
what am I doing wrong ?

Bethany Ryanne Dunlop says:

Does the hair grow back fast and darker?

just stuff says:

i got mine at walmart

Love Bulldogs says:

Does the hair feel rough, prickly when it starts growing back in??

GAAVAJ says:

Walmart Walgreens Rite Aid and CVS

Samantha Hoard says:

I have found that it pulls at my skin (on my face). I feel like I need to use moisturizer before using it but am afraid it’ll clog it up. Also, mine says you will need to replace the blade head eventually.

Kathryn Roberts says:

how smooth is your skin after use?

Jessica Martin says:


Angelica Adan says:

I am definitely going to try this. I’m curious though how can I get one sent to me to try?

Rahela Sohi says:

I am terrified to use this product because I don’t want thicker hair. I already have v. Thick hair around my face and it makes me really insecure. So will it make me hair thicker?????

Kristine Bolte says:

Found one at Target in the “as seen on Tv” section. 🙂

Akikta says:

Girl, what were you smoking on?

Minna Gudla says:

Does it remove hair from roots

jeevac1 says:

you are promoting this product but you don’t have the confidence in the product to use it on your face.

Laurie Kline says:

Love this device and already bought several for christmas presents.

Janette Aguirre says:

They have it at heb stores

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