Hair Removal Tips – Body Hair, Facial Hair, & Down There ♡

This was really highly requested and I’ve been getting tons of questions in my tumblr ask box about this topic so here it is! Hope it actually helps xo. Please remember to watch in HD, comment, and subscribe! xoxo

Products I recommend:
– Venus Gilette Shavers
– Skintimate Shaving Cream for Dry Sensitive Skin
– Aloe Vera (Baby oil or coconut oil as alternative, use Aloe Vera for best results)
– Nair for Sensitive Skin

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S o f i a says:

i used this on my bikini hair and i came too close and i have burnt myself but its not that sore.
This shit scared me tbh, first time using hair removal cream on my body and it freaked me out

PR Q says:

omg thanks so much big help

R.x0 says:

I noticed using coconut oil / Nivea Men’s shaving balm in sensitive works well to moisturize after shaving 😀

Bree Captures says:

can u please do an updated video for this

Eve Taylor-Ellis says:

Who’s watching this in 2016

Destinee Bingham says:

how do I message you? im 14 and im new at this and need to talk about this? please get back to me someone.

Fathima 64 says:

i am trouble with shaveing i don t know how

Diola Oyeyele says:

I was a bit unsure because I saw another video that says it’s better to wax because shaving makes skin darker. But waxing is painful. Loved the tips. But generally does anyone know if shaving darkens skin.

erilyn fuentes says:

OMGG!! are you canadian? if you are thats awesome!!

kaur says:

what about hair in the lips of your hoohaa and the hairs in your bum. sorry if this is personal I just grow a lot of hair

ayedreamer says:

i like nairs!


*So this is my second epilator. The last one, after 3 years of service, fell into the toilet and tragically could not be resurrected. It was a Phillips interchangeable head; trimmer, razor, epilator combo and was around $120. I thought I got a great deal, and did in theory. The epilator part was extremely painful, and while part of me is like “uh, you are literally ripping your hair out…” The other has read statements and reviews from other people saying, “the more tweezer heads on the device, the less painful.” By the time I declared my old one deceased and ordered the new one and it arrived, my underarms were about to be disowned. I really dread using these things if there is too much regrowth, but to my surprise, this epilator is not that painful. Seriously, even though you are ripping the hair out. I highly recommend this product to anyone interested in a similar device.*

Carla M says:

Does it agitate you down there??

Jessica Neal says:

can u use Nair on your underarms will it hurt

Mimmi B. says:

Does the facial hair grow back darker or thicker…cause i have really light skin and i have a lot of facial hair and i’m scared it will be more visible when it grows back?

MrPhil0267 says:

My chest hair is not too thick. I just do not like it. But would you recommend Nair to remove chest hair? It has been years since I even read the bottle. Some input would be helpful. Thanks!!!

Carly Young says:

so i meant this*

KaronaRed21 says:

i cant use shavin cream. it dries skin out etc. so i get cheap white rain or vo5 conditioner and i shave with that instead:) i dont get break outs or red bumps anymore when i shave with conditioner 🙂

beautyspeakswithin23 says:

do you still do this?

Brooke lederer says:

If you can’t use aloe bc you’re allergic like my mom is use bamboo. It’s awesome and I’ve found it to work better.

MrPhil0267 says:

I see that this video is directed toward women which is fine. But if anyone here has any experience using Nair to remove chest hair on guys I would really like to hear it. Easy, painful or a waste of time let me know. Thanks…..Phil

Star Kpop says:

hey if u put Nair cream on your v thing does it still grow??

Average Commenter says:

Does your hair on your arm get thinner with the cream

chantal bryden says:

the dog in the reflection lol

Floral Girl says:

How do you shave the lip area down there ? Also is it okay if I use hair removal cream on my armpits if I have a skin tag?

Nicci Kellogg says:

guuurl, i use men razors haha, and BABY OIL! throw away your shaving cream! i looovvveee the johnsons brand baby oil with the brown lid! seriously it works so good, i use a layer of dove soap, then baby oil, shave, rinse, then i apply baby oil again, and lotion on top (:

Alyssa Johnson says:

But shaving in the opposite direction can sometimes cause ingrown hairs which are really painful to remove

Carissa Poynter says:

O.o Do you not research what you’re going to be talking about before you make a video? I appreciate the video and all of what I’m going to say should be taken as constructive criticism. I’ve been doing phone sales for a while now, and the “uhh’s” and the whatevers etc make you sound really ignorant. I was also very confused through out your video, most of the time you where talking you jumped from one thing to another… basically be organized in what you’re going to be talking about!

AsMa ZaInAb says:

I used this product on face but It gave me little acne

Courtney Brown says:

The nair facial remover works as well as you mentioned, that you don’t use. I have used it for two years no issues. And its 2 bucks and some change.

#FoodFam PepperoniPizzaToastFrappa101 says:

Hey you guys! I just wanted to let all of you guys know that instead of using shaving cream, an alternative is conditioner! Yes, I said conditioner! It moisturizes your skin and it’s going to be very easy to shave. Hope this helps you all!

Janel Mobell says:

This is going to be embarrassing but I know everyone gets hair in many places but how do you get rid of hair between your butt? I’m scared to shave it and waxing sounds really painful please help

Giggles Loves Makeup says:

I love your videos<3

Codi Ringland-Jones says:

Also when shaving legs exfoliate using coffee granules and coconut oil 🙂

kionie1 says:

Ahhhh if youre sensitive down there do not put any type of product on your downstairs area!

Montana Mathews says:

How many times did she say shaver instead of razor!? -___-

TheHashSlingingSlasher :P says:

Im 14 and I’m honestly afraid to start shaving the “hoohaa”

Laura Dooley says:

I did everything exactly like the video said. I even used/have the same razor and shaving cream. I trimmed and shaved in the proper directions. It was a new razor, too. But when I shaved “down there”, it felt like I was shaving sandpaper after I trimmed it. To make it worse? When I shaved in the other direction I cut the crap out of my pubic area and now its burning and bleeding. To make it suck worse, tomorrow’s my birthday 🙁 I was really hoping this would work 🙁

Jana Roos says:

shaving is hell for me it’s not smooth I get so many cuts and it grows back so quick pff

Alia Wali says:

I wax everywhere! 😀

Rhonnie Cox says:

don’t wear lace after shaving, it causes A LOT of irritation.

Sofiya Prima says:

and does your hair after cream grows thicker or darker on arms?..


shaving your face is the BEST! it leaves your skin so smooth and foundation goes on so smoothly. the whole hair grows darker and thicker is a meth.

Mikamilan says:

Do a updated hair removal video please

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