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Laser hair removal
Most of our clients undertake laser hair removal for the convenience of not shaving, waxing or plucking unwanted hair. Did you know that you can get a tax refund -depending on individual circumstances if you have laser hair removal performed by a Specialist for medical conditions? Medical conditions that qualify include PCOS and ingrown hairs. The best lasers are 755, 810 Diode, and 1064 long pulse. NEVER use IPL for hair removal as this is outdated.

Facts on medical laser hair removal

Laser hair removal can be tax deductible in medical cases
Conditions that qualify of tax deductible hair removal include polycystic ovarian syndrome, pseudofolliculis barbae, ingrown hairs, and several other medical conditions
Hormonally driven hair growth such as PCOS and other forms of hirsuitism or excess hair growth often require top ups annually for maintenance
Specialists can work in with an Endocrinologist to help reduce your hair growth with hormonal testing, followed by anti-hormone control

Why is laser hair removal tax deductible if performed by a Specialist?
Medical expenses incurred over the financial year can be accumulated. Depending on your income, and individual circumstances, a tax deduction can be made. Specialists can write a covering letter to state that hair removal is performed on medical and not cosmetic grounds.

What conditions qualify for hair removal tax incentives?
The most common conditions are PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome and ingrown hairs. Other medical conditions that will benefit from laser hair removal include-

Why are ingrown hairs a medical condition?
Ingrowns are considered as medical because they can cause pain and infection in areas such as the bikini line, thighs, buttocks, and most commonly the legs. Laser hair removal permanently solves the condition of ingrown hairs. This means no more shaving rashes and shaving cuts, nor painful waxing that often leads to infections.

What lasers do we use for medical hair removal?
The 755nm Gentle Lase Pro is the most common laser we use, however for many cases of ingrown hairs in darker skin types we use the 1064 long pulse NdYag. Never undertake IPL for hair removal, especially if you have dark skin or as a medical procedure as this is an outdated treatment –lasers are far more effective than IPL. Make sure cryogen spray is used as this both safer and less painful than a Zimmer or cold air cooler. The 810 Diode laser is the best ‘overall laser for hair removal.’ Always insist on cryogen if 755 or 1064 lasers are used.

How is hormonal hair removal different from normal hair removal?
Hormonal hair growth includes PCOS and androgen mediated hair growth in men. This means that your hair follicles are constantly stimulated by hormones to grow over time. What this translates to is that you will require one or two top up sessions annually to keep you hair free. The majority of hormone mediated hair growth patients undertake 5-10 sessions of laser hair removal, this should then be maintained annually.

The majority of laser hair removal we perform are for cosmetic and convenience, however being specialists we have daily referrals from doctors requesting hair removal for their patients. The most commonly requested medical hair removal is for chronic in grown hairs on the bikini line, as well as the legs. In grown hairs often become infected, and cause pain and discomfort. The solutions? Permanent hair reduction can cure this condition. No more hair equates to no more in-growns.

Men also under take laser hair removal for medical conditions like in grown hairs involving the back of the neck and the front of the neck respectively. Like in grown hairs in women, these conditions cause chronic inflammation and scarring. This condition is frequently referred to as shaving bumps. Once again, laser hair removal is the permanent solution. PCOS can lead to hirsuitism. The later refers to excessive hair growth. PCOS is a very common condition affecting more than 15% of women. Skin changes of PCOS include excessive hair growth and acne. Laser hair removal can help reduce hair, but as with all hormonal causes of excessive hair, a top up or two is needed yearly. Thanks for watching this video.

Dr Davin Lim, Brisbane. Australia. One new video every Saturday am.

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bunnilovr says:

shoot i should have watched this video before buying my silk’n home pulsed light device :'(

Saqib Bhat says:

Hello Doctor
Hope I get ur reply.
Is it safe to get laser for eyebrows as I m getting hair above my eyebrows

Banshee Queen says:

apparently I have to fly to Australia to get a laser hair removal, because in germany they only have IPL, or is there a difference between IPL and IPL 2


hello DR DAVIN LIM where is ur clinic located in Australia ?

ملكة العرب Ramshi Sayyidna says:

Great explanation !

no name says:

Hi Dr. Davin,
I wanted to get laser hair removal on my face, I have type 5 skin, I am Indian. I wanted to ask if the Nd:YAG laser was save?

emcee manya says:

I got one session done from diode. M indian and it dint burn my skin.

Liz Gaby says:

F&$^/ I have a lot of hair, and they grow our so quickly is disturbing. I can shave today and already start coming out on day 2 and by day 3 you can se the top. And this is why I barely shave it’s a damn waste of my time. I will surely try the laser, I know it will take quite a lot of sessions but that’s better than nothing I don’t have pcos though I probably spelled that wrong. Thanks for the info.

Deborah Hopper says:

I have melasma, but now I am getting in- grown hairs around my jowl area, I have had a series of 8 laser treatments, I don’t have many in-grown hairs but the few I have are irratating, so what else can I do, I have used hair remover creams.

Laraib Rabeel says:

I’m of Pakistani origin but my skin tone is light/light-medium. Which laser is best suited for me?

Franciose Mayhew says:

Does the luminous 810 Diode have cryogenic cooling?

Kakach Hasmik says:

Hey Dr Davin Lim, thanks for sharing with this interesting information, i wonder what do you think about ELOS Hair removal, is it safe and does it work ?

cafeaulait79 says:

I would like to do laser hair removal but can you do it while using retinoids and Vitamin C?

sai kumar says:

Sir I had wound on last two months now it’s heal is it safe to laser hair removal Nd-Yag on recent wound(heal on one month before but still scar is there) because after the laser there is some risk like redness,swelling etc..Is it safe to do laser on wound sir?

Julie Savoie says:

I think i have been burn by my esthetician with vectus laser hair removal she told me it was a normal reaction !! The day after my first laser treatment i got alot of red bumps big red swollen bumps and they itch they looks like acnee !! Wish i could send you a photo so you can tell me if it is normal ! They have a skin probe to measure your skin tone my legs were a 19 and arms 15 i had no reactions with my arms only my leg help please i am suppose to go do brazilian and armpit but i am scared that i will have the same reaction ?!? Thanks

mohamed haj says:

Hey doc, can you reccomend a home laser removal device please? Thanks

Gary Wilkes says:

100% bullshit. Don’t waste thousands $$$$$$$ on these lies. This is from experience.

RLiSSSa says:

Thank you so much for your videos. So few DOCTORS perform laser hair removal and provide advice. The dermatology practice I am considering only has an Nd:Yag 1064, which I see you recommend for darker skin. I have Type 2 skin (fair with medium brown hair). Is there any disadvantage to the 1064 for lighter skins?

Beatriz F. de Rezende says:

Hi Dr. Lim, here in Brazil some clinics use Alexandrite and others Milesman Premium. Which one do you recommend for light skin? Thanks!

Fatma Alrosan says:

What about ipe-care laser device, Is it from diode lasers?

Franciose Mayhew says:

Dr. David, you sound like youi know what you’re talking about but it feels like you’re speaking an alien language. the “Gated Theory” from lumenis? There’s nothing n their website about gated theory. They have 3 machines and two of them use and 805nm diode and the other uses 800. Has the industry moved on from 810 or is that a separate upgrade?

Amy Galvin says:

Always good to know what to avoid as well as what works. Thanks!

DRTY D says:

I’m a guy and really want full bikini area done. the clinic near me has the hd yag. do you think that will be painful or ok? I’m caucasion, white with dark hair. thanks

MysteriousDrella says:

Hi doctor, I’m thinking about starting hair removal treatments. I have fair skin and darkblonde/brown hair. But the type of laser I see coming up almost exclusively in my country is the Palomar Vectus laser. I guess it’s a more painful laser compared to the Lightsheer one, since it does use gel? Thanks in advance for your answer.

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