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jane doe says:

should you be wearing protective eye wear?

Jessica M says:

it targets the pigment. That’s why it won’t work on light hair or dark skin. if it were to work on dark skin, it will likely cause burns. I’ve had professional hair removal, and you can/will blister if you’re too dark

Mauricio Lara says:

I am fortunate to admire your beauty.

Mari says:

So the lazer comes with 12 sessions, if more sessions are needed lazer cartridges need to be replaced/purchased?

Kate Alston says:

I seriously love your personality! You are so personal and you show the real shit, glamorous or not! I totally relate to the bad bumps just on the outside of the knee/leg. Keep doing vids!

Katy Narchi says:

How long does it take you to do each time?

orerororeo says:

Great review thanks hunny 🙂

baksharp says:

Great Video! – fyi: The link does not work for – Duo Grip Pilates Ring Magic Fitness Exercise Yoga Circle.

Mauricio Lara says:

Florina I love you

Mari says:

Can you please link where you buy your long sleeve crops? They are sooo cute! Can you link your outfits!

Heather Glasser says:

So awesome! Thanks for the review! I have dark crazy thick hair. I cannot wait to try this!!! Would be the biggest life saver!!

Love Life says:

Do u know if it would work over tattoos?

Mauricio Lara says:

Florina you look very sexy in shorts you leaves me amazed.

Allison Shimonski says:

Great to know thanks for reviewing this product! I spend a lot of money on waxing and this just may be a great alternative .. Like ya say, you’ve bought the product so it’s not a waste of $ if u need to use it over and over again.. love the Venus razor, it’s all I use!

dsmmike95 says:

Did it say anything about using near the face? Would like to have a permanent clean line under my jaw I never go full beard.

Donnie Ray Phipps says:


crystal Ann says:

You definitely encouraged me to go out and try this! I hope get as great results as you!:)

Theresa Gonzalez Huezo says:

I bought it as soon as I saw your favorite things video. I’m on my 4th session today! So far, it’s working so great.

Danny Ortiz says:

that curvy body says much about you- (Mmm) 😀

Carolyn Komejan says:

I just love you Florina! I found your videos recently and have been watching them as much as time allows. You are a great inspiration! ❤️ Now I may have to buy this. Do you have any videos on Macros? I have heard some where you talk about them but haven’t found any where you get into specifics.

Anna Davis says:

Does it work on dark, thin hair? my hair like on my thighs and upper lip are dark but very thin not coarse. Do you think it will work?

zaheer uddinbabar says:

whats is its price please?

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