Honest Happy Skin Co IPL Laser Hair Removal Review

Hello my little Cacti’s and Succulents!
In todays video i give an honest review on the Happy Skin Co IPL Laser hair removal device.

This video is not sponsored (obviously i don’t have enough subs lmao) Just letting you know i paid for this with my hard earned money 🙂

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E-maree says:

I want laser so bad but I’m sk scared hahah would love an update after the full 12 weeks

Emily Glubb says:

Would love an update! Great video girl 🙂

shivani sharma says:

I used it.
It just burned my whole leg.
I don’t know wat wrong i did.

Nicole Johnson says:

Wow! Your videos are good! I want to buy one but I’m not sure if it works. Do you think it helps like a lot?

Olivia Ellen says:

Any more updates? I’m looking to get something like this to do before I get married in May.

Katara Omar says:

Loved your honest review and yes would loved to see an update! xx

Erin Schloeffel says:

Thanks for the honest review!!! Glad you can use it for Brazilian too
On a side note is that a fish in a bowl in the background 🙁 You should have a proper tank with a form of filtration

Kylieee Karam says:

thanks for this honest review, and yes i was thinking those people who reviewed were probably paid to say its pain free lol
please put a month review up apprecitae it

aleexmary says:

I used my friends one and it just felt warm, it wasn’t painful at all

Keely R says:

Update please!! <3

Rea says:

Video update later please! thank you. considering buying this.

Diamond Lee says:

PLEASEEE!!! I need an update!!

Elizabeth Darcy says:

Hi. I was wondering how much did it hurt on the underarm? Are you still noticing a difference?

Emily G says:

You look so much like Lena Dunham!

Em B says:

Would love a video update! Thanks for this vid!

Sophie Aujla says:

omg sis appreciate honesty so much, PLEASE GIVE US AN UPDATE

Cyd M says:

Video update pleaseeee

Roxx Nailz says:

I loved your review!! So much detail thank you!!!

Bianca Stephanie says:

This beats having to constantly put nair near my vag

Petit Pois says:

How long can the hair be when you use it? Do you need to shave first and then use it? What about for the 2nd session?

love sport says:

having it at a clinic might save time in the long run and be even more effective with better equipment, the little or no make up look is good on you

Kayla Hoch says:

I just want to say that 99% of Instagram stuff comes from AliExpress. I always look up the product to see if it’s on ali and lo and behold. It is. This exact product in this exact color is on ali for $55 with free shipping. You’re welcome. I’m telling you coming from someone who owned an Instagram boutique. Almost all insta boutiques get their shit from Ali and hike up the price s ridiculous amount. When I did it I didn’t make a huge profit margin because I wanted the products to still be cheap but it disgusts me when I see brands drop shipping from Ali and hiking the price up double to triple what it’s worth.

jeu ly says:

Please!! Clean up that fish bowl… poor thing! Thanks for the review thaught 🙂

Kate_etaK Smith says:

Love your vids and honesty!! Would love an update when time comes!

katethecactus says:

I have just uploaded my 6 week update to watch after this video!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z6QWKgrb9s

katethecactus says:

Hey guys! Because of the amount of questions i’m getting; Should i do a 6 week update video AND a 12 week update video? I am on week 4 at the moment and there’ definitely a lot to report on! Please let me know if you see this, and feel free to ask questions you want answered in the video on this thread or DM me on Instagram sis’ @katewebber_

Esmeralda Martinez says:

Than you for review this really helped. ❤
I would love a update!!

Lyric Carmack says:

Update FOR SURE 🙂

Mixed Features says:

Definitely don’t do it when you have your period either. Lol

Jasmine Colon says:

How long does the machine last??

AnkitaKat Greenflower says:

how many times do you zap it in one place in one session? also, can you use this on your cheek?

Lindsay St. John says:

I’d love an update!

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