I tried an Epilator Hair Removal Device for 3 Weeks…My Experience, Results, Will I Continue?

My experience using an epilator for at-home hair removal for the 1st time..! If you’re new, join the #baerrito family and Subscribe! I upload MWF 6 pm PT

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Lorraine S says:

I used an epilator for about six months on my arm hair and the hair just stopped growing there and I dont have arm hair anymore.

saravis56 says:

I have epilated for years, it becomes more or less painless. And I am as hairy as a man’s beard. Thick, dark, and shaving every day did not work. It hurt and even bled at first, I stuck with it.

Anna Banana says:

I feel like when I used mine it broke the hair off instead of pulling the follicle out

AJBeetle1 says:

I’ve been epilating my legs, underarms and bikini area for years and I promise it does stop hurting eventually!

Goose K says:

Oh my gosh I am exactly the same way when I shave. Prickly so quickly it sucks! If you ever have issues with razor burn or anything like that, this stuff called Tend Skin is incredible. It burns a little bit when you put it on, but I haven’t had any razor burn since I started using it. I use it right after I shave, and then everyday after that until I shave again. https://www.amazon.com/Tend-Skin-Solution-Unsightly-Ingrown/dp/B001ECQ7G4

Stella Maris says:

You have to do it a lot slower, then it catches more hair. And it helps to ice the area quickly before and after too 🙂

Amethyst Jean says:

I would not shave if I were you, you can’t even see your hair

Jasmine Phelps says:

she went way too fast it’s never gonna work that way

Ayesha Humaira says:

Ok, I used an epilator for the first time today and I’m only 12, my hair growth is like…
It barely even hurt, Men Try Videos, suck it up

Sheila'sVlog says:


Vicki Noble says:

When I was in high school, my friend had a wet/dry epilator. I didn’t have time to shave before our game (I was a cheerleader) so sat on the side of her tub and let her rip. I screamed and literally slid down into her tub. If I could have gotten into the fetal position, I would have. Omg. This brought back all of those memories. I am 46 so I can only hope those hand held ripping devices have come a long way.

Kara Landry says:

Thanks for taking one for the team LOL

Itsvulpixbitch says:

You are swiping it so fast though??? You need to pass the hairs more slowly

NatSoSassy says:

I feel you hahahah .. I bought one once, I’ve never packed and returned a product so quickly in my life! Such torture eugh!!!!!

Vicki Noble says:

Okay…at the end and I am wheezing! I know that’s awful to say. Also, in what you showed of your passed, it seems as if you went too fast; which I completely understand. Yes, Sister. I am right with you on waxing. Lawd!

Am Ani says:

“People give birth every day you can epilate “girl power

This Babybee says:

Given birth 3 times, still 100% would never epilate again. You brave as hell

Ash DelDebbio says:

They’re basically a torture device…. I returned mine and that was the reason I gave the girl at the Bed Bath and Beyond customer service counter. FUCKKKKK THAT.

Lindsay Blair says:

Thanks for being the guinea pig! Lol. I’ve been wondering about this because I have the most sensitive skin and always get razor burn

Meg C. says:

Tried epilators …I have 2 … both horrible. The 2nd one is also a wet dry shaver so I do use the shaver head.

nybsbfan18 says:

So did u send it back or sell it…?

snwt says:

BIG TIP!: Wax, then start epilating as soon as the first few hairs grow back. That is a much besser jumpstart than shaving bevor starting epilting. In fact I think the latter makes it worse, because all the “decapitated” hairs are really strong and easy to grab, hence big pain as everything gets epilated at once.
Whenever I let my leg hair (blonde and quite fine) grow for a while, I wax/sugar them before I start epilating again. Seriously, do yourself the favor y’all, it makes it so much less bad because the hair grows back much slower and fewer (for the next couple of weeks) as they grow back from root.
Also, as others mentioned already, go much much slower. Try to press it to your body a little and maybe even start with holding it on one spot and moving very very slowly, so only a couple of hairs get grabbed a time.
Source: Me – I epilate for 10 years; sometimes I don’t mind my leg hair (blonde and very fine) but I always keep my armpits (yes.) epilated as well as the parts you can see outside a bikini slip. It is tolerable and you can get used to it 🙂

Mike and Lizzy says:

Lmao I loved this video.

BeauTMeAmy 123 says:

Go back & fourth , kinda how guys use a eclectic razor to their face

Peachy says:

I’ve epilated my entire labia before and It was a night to remember. I got closer to god and realized that men just arent worth it. I feel like it qualifies me for a pain olympics medal and would only persuade you to try it if I hate you.

BuildingBeastyNZ says:

lol I’ve been using these for like 15yrs – but not on my thighs!! or arms!! omg no way! I only use it on my lower legs because I have thick dark hair that is prone to ingrown hairs and waxing/shaving irritates them too bad.

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