iLight Pro Remington Hair Removal System Review

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I have been searching for a hair removal system, THAT WORKS, for about 3 years now. I am so lucky that I have found a product that has significantly reduced my hair growth and has even completely stopped my hair from growing. Way more affordable than laser hair removal and I’d say it works better since I have friends that have had it done, we’ve compared.


Montano520 says:


Sheila meri says:

Can this remove facial hair as well.  Not sure that the shape of that would go under the nose!!!!!!  Please let me know.

Adam Brown says:

I have used this product for several months now and i have found no evidence that it is actually working, Granted i am a male but that is very clearly covered in the included media. in fact the only thing i have found to be working well is the need to look for replacement globes that expire too quickly and seem to be non-existent when i look for them.

Roger Espinoza says:

go to the 7 minutes of the video

TheSnflwr says:

You scanned your arm and then did your leg? Are they about the same color. I would hate to burn myself. I have had my bikini area and under arms done at a Medispa but want to do my legs too. Will look into this. Thank you for the review. I know this was 2 years ago but nonetheless.

Oscars Wilde says:

I would love to see an update video. Have just bought this.

Evelyn Reyes says:

How soft does the skin get

maribelv007 says:

I have the ilight pro quarts and it comes with attachment for use on the face

Irene Kakishina says:

its that Remington ipl 6500??how many watts???please reply me back okay

Alain Llamas says:

do you need to change the light bulb every now and then or not really?

Sk Khushbu2013 says:

tell me the price of the product

Lucy Garrett says:

Did anyone try this on the face in the end? x

Sonia Ali says:

Great video hun 🙂 Btw how much does this cost?

Chase Dotahsz says:

it hurts so much and I can’t do it… I just can’t…  I tried but it hurts and fear has taken over.. I’m so sad… I was even using the lowest setting… I can’t inflict pain to myself… Idk what to do….

Beautiful Divine says:

So it doesn’t work on black people

Jag Bajwa says:

sounds like a duck

Abigail Grant says:

I have an honest question: do some girls just have naturally whiny/nasally voices? Not trying to be rude, honest question.

Kristi Rogers says:

soooo many companies do use IPL tech… which is my first clue that this is sponsored …

Joanne Georgiades says:

Why are people so RUDE?????


Is it painful ??? Because I bought Tria Beauty, but it’s painful

Maia Dixon says:


bicha Tati says:

how much

Vircute11 says:

I have to try this! great video, so helpful and you pretty much sold me on this xoxo

Reem A says:

great review! best demo on youtube 

Fre igi says:

is it pain ?

TheLuviathan says:

omg soooooo annoying !!

Aamirgujar Aamir says:

what is said effect of laser treatment

Pure Genius says:

I am using this for 3 months and no effects at all!!!

Freya Dettrick says:

Thank you so much, this helped heaps 🙂

Lina Almasri says:

I watxh your vedio and I went and got it I am.on my first treatment still no results yet I also did use it on my facial hair didnt hurt or anything thank you

Lykoloo says:

Wow, your eyes are beautiful!

Alex Sniff says:

Were you paid for this review or did you get the product for free?

31misscherry says:

Impossible to listen to the information due to voice… 🙁

rico sanchez says:

how big of an area does each flash cover?

Sk Khushbu2013 says:

tell me the price of the product

Aliaa Assem says:

can we wax then use the remington laser?

William Herrera says:

Is this a “permanent hair removal” tool? or a tool that slows down the regrow of the hair that will continue to grow as it always did …

Dee Queue says:

Nice review. I just picked up a used ilight 6000 for a bargain price. Unfortunately it didn’t com with the instructions or cd, so thank you for the demo.

Ben Bignell says:

hey how long did you use this before you had the above results, thanks

Tyler Piastrinø says:

Lol trisha paytas sister

marina avener says:

arrrgh her voice >:(

Shody Larkins says:

Can’t work on harder skin, don’t go over the same place twice because it can cause damage? Shesh seems like too much time. And it looks like it takes forever. We need something that works for anyone. Duh

Haydee Rodriguez says:

Update please.

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