An unboxing, review and my results so far with the iluminage touch elos – finally a permanent hair removal device that is suitable for dark skin!

It’s one of the only devices that offers IPL permanent hair removal for all skin tones,is completely painless and is done in the comfort of your home – can’t go wrong 🙂

Most people haven’t heard of this yet but you may have heard of the me my elos permanent hair removal devices – these were the older versions.

Iluminage touch –

(Sorry if I sound like I’m being sponsored, I’m definitely not, I bought the iluminage myself and these are my genuine results and views about it – I honestly just love this product)


Masar 1992 says:

U e beautiful

Ed Valentine says:


maya love says:

hello can I ask you if it works on fine to medium hair. my arm hair is not thick at all but there is too much hair so I want to reduce the amount of the hair . thank you.

taylormosley7 says:

Update please☺️

Shabana Maqsood says:

Is this product worked well in removing hair?
I’m thinking of purchasing one of these.

Tiphany757 says:

I’ve seen reviews on this thing on other sites. some people saying it does not work.

Hoomaïra Nunkoo says:

Does it require flash/bulbs replacement???

Tiphany757 says:

can I shave before using it?

Leticia LePuff says:

Thank you for sharing your review. I just purchased this through Sephora with my 15%off coupon (VIB sale) and I just got it in the mail. I have read mixed reviews but mostly positive reviews. Excited that this is working for you and your mom, and looking forward to using it myself. Love your channel!! <3

Virginia Rabbia says:

how did it go??

Shaya Fendez says:

HEY!!!! NEW SUBBIE!!!!! Can you do an update on your skin. has the hair grown back??

helloitsshazea says:

This was a really good informative review. I think you’ve drawn me into it, I had no clue this product existed. I am a hairy beast (tmi) but true, my arm hair doesn’t bother me but on my face my side burns and moustache area annoy me. I use Jolene for the side burns and I just wax my upper lip but it’s such a boring process. This definitely seems like a better alternative

Ryan Alex says:

Would this work for guys as well because I have course hair?

Shirl Hurst says:

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for your great video. There aren’t that many to view from people using it at home, but yours is nice and calm. Very informative too… Great that you’re using on your mum too… 🙂

jody169 says:

You’re very pretty!!!

Vivien Babišová says:

How old are you? Because I’m 15 and I want to try it but I’m scared because it says that children under 18 shouldn’t use it

Rosie Bill says:

Great video, karmin IPL hair removal is my preference 🙂

Christina lover says:

How Many Pulses it’s got? and Where did you buy it?
And also do you recommend shaving the hair before doing treatment or much better doing epilation before treatment?
Thank you 😉

Lol says:

You sound like Emma watson!

Lala Lili says:

can i use this also on my private parts (vagina) is that dangerous?

Sanjidah Ukani says:

Does it also work on peach fuzz and hair that’s thinned due to years of waxing? Also how did you manage to £40 worth of points from boots? Tia

نور الدنيا says:

Today I start the treatment in my armpits on high level I hope I get good result

Vinamarata Kaur says:

Hey, thanks for the video! Looking at the chin part especially helped me decide about this product! Do you know if your mom used it on just the neck part near the chin or all of the neck? I’m deciding if it’s safe to use it all over the neck where there’s usually hair. After the seven weeks standard treatment, have you or your mom still been using it every week, or did you shift to monthly touch ups? And have you used it on your face or bikini areas at all?

Pinkhairyay says:

Did you ever try the old me version? Just wondering if the high level pulses faster. I have the old version and it’s soooo slow, takes forever to do one leg.

Amelia B says:

It’s best to consult a dermatologist first.You can really damage your skin if you don’t use it properly. The light and warming effect are the energy pulses that damage the hair folic. If you use too much energy, you can actually burn your skin.

Michealla Edwards says:

You are so gorgeous, you have the prettiest skin and bone structure. I definitely want to try this device out. I was actually searching yesterday about different laser hair removal treatments and I saw so many horror stories of darker skinned people getting burned 🙁 it scared me to death lol

V Berumen says:

What’s the current update for your mom chin removal treatment? I am in the same boat as your mom but would like an update to see if I want to buy. Thank you

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