Inexpensive Hair Removal Device: Product Review

I feel like i just discovered a new world, this product is that and much more ! As i skated to my local CVS to get a set of my usual little eyebrow shaper razors, i came accross an innovative new product by Tweezerman. Being already familiar with the brand name, i impulsively reach for the last of it’s kind and make my way to check out. The total after taxes came out to $21.something. When asked if i need my receipt i confidently reply, ‘no, it’s fine’ and then I proceed to my car. I jump in, bust this little tool out and begin at my mountain grown ‘stache. It definitely worked !! So well my eyes were indulged in tears. So well, that the eyebrow lady didn’t even ask if i need my ‘stache threaded. 🙂 I love this thing!! A must in my purse.


edwin zamacona says:

Lol fuckin Nayeli u dork

Hannah Brown says:

Your hair is crazy now

Ground Food says:

Dude i swear i am you. But i live in alabama. Differant upbringing. I have pcos i have acne im hairy as fuck. And have stuggled with weight in the past as well. Im also pretty crazy and i feel like tgis world was not meant for me. We have lived so many past lives

gen100dolla says:

So i kind of love you and your energy just your whole vibe i love you you’re amazing(:

Polly P. says:

definitely blazed…

lifeestrange says:

You are trying WAY too hard.

sophie'sChannel♥ says:

Your skin looks AMAZING!

MissRosee says:

YOO!! Im really feeling ur hair 😀

Mickey Worsley says:

Thanks for sharing! I’ve never heard about this product, but the next time I’m at CVS I’ll definitely make sure to check it out 🙂

shelly martes says:

Hey girl miss ur videos u look so pretty happy and I been watching for the longest u look so it thanks for the idea I usually thread my self but this took look pretty cool…

Bahareh BozC says:

Do not use this. You have break out all over your face and you make them worse. Do you prefer having hair on your face or pimples?

Reagan Hamilton says:

I just started watching your videos, and you have a new sub! You’re amazing, and one of my favourite people, you’re so honest and down to earth and not to mention your beautiful dreads. 🙂 you’re so bubbly it actually brings my mood up, so thank you for the positive vibes! 🙂

Annie Goldring says:

What’s the name of the product called? I know it’s by tweezerman but i can’t find it online

carla belen says:

You legit changed so much … Sad but I still think your pretty tho .

Cassidi C says:

What’s the name of the song?^-^

Itsmegabbydee says:

Isnt the same as plucking except the hair doesnt break off i just got tht was so disssapointed

sayingthe right says:

whereee r u!! i miss your uploads

LoveForMe says:

You are such a beautiful person inside and out. Currently on the path to loving myself for who I am, hope to be as confident as you are! 🙂

Bri Nunu says:

I’ve just finish watching some of your new videos. And I believe that u have the right mind set, but it coming off the wrong way. Its ok to be free and except yourself for who u really are. But I feel as thou your mind is going in so many directions. That maybe u need to take a deep breath and clear your mind complete. No worries, no why’s or what ifs. Just u, yourself in peace and in a calming state. You are so beautiful and I can relate with what your going through. I just would hate for u to let this shitty ass world bring u down, and u not even notice it. U don’t have to think or be like everybody else but always remain clear in ur mind and stable.

Larukuislove says:

you talk like Boxxy

CrazyToonify says:

God I love you

Jenna Lee says:

As someone who also has pcos, this really helps out a lot. Thank you, sending lots of love !

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