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Smoothskin Bare is literally the quickest, easiest, pain-free at home hair removal product out there! I was sent this product to review and I’ve fallen in love with how effective it is.

I talk you through Smoothskin Bare, what IPL actually is and show you how to use it. IT’S CHANGED MY LIFE!



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Katy Cătălina Popovici says:


JustSeVeera says:


Helena Marin says:

Please do a tutorial on your make up in this video please!!!

Miss Maja says:

Have you done a makeup tutorial on this look? If not, please do! You look amazing!

Ola S says:

Can you do an update on this please? 🙂

Mollie Coddle says:

Loads of girls have that! With hair growing back fast and not being asked to shave
But don’t see it as a bad thing!!! Girls can be whatever :)) xxx

Nerdy girl says:

So is it eventually permenant?

Elanor Webster says:

Did you put white kohl on any moles? Need to know if it works with this device!

Ashlea Meeks says:

I love your eye makeup!

nandini malwade says:

Why is not shaving bad? Guys dont shave.. its not necessary

Katherine Ding says:

Can you use this on girl’s private part?xxx

Danae Hernandez says:

i have that same leg freckle

Helena Marin says:

Please do a tutorial on your make up in this video please!!!

Katy Cătălina Popovici says:

I love you Sophie <3 <3 <3

Bethany Marsh says:

Your eye make up is gorgeous ❤ please do a mini tutorial on it!

Esra Koçali says:

kız çok tatlı amk

Jade Patrick says:

Cool! My Favorite is Karmin IPL Hair Removal 😉

Ивет Дамянова says:

This is so cool!!!☺☺☺
I love you!!!<3 <3 <3

Ashley Williams says:

I don’t understand. I bought the product but have no idea how to plug it into the wall? Is their a special attachment? I’m in America. Thanks!

Paige Calvert says:

I’d love to get this

Megan Dwyer says:

I’ve been looking into this product for a while and have been waiting for someone to review it, thank you xxx

Alucard .Tepes says:

just realized she looks like valentina nappi

merlin cat 2002 says:

wow I was so early to this video love u so much Sophie!!

Jamiilah Ellahee says:

would you be able to do an update review on this product please? would love to know if it actually worked

Kierstin Foster says:

I seriously hate shaving. it’s a pain in the butt because it grows back so fast, it’s annoying.

Isobel Hardcastle says:

sophieee! your videos are so binge-worthy xx

Dextha cortez says:

jajaja sorry sophie

Mai says:

Body hair is really annoying

Blue Flower says:

It really thins out the hairs ? Does it work for hairs that are not thin nor thick but in the middle ?

MA!N B!TCH says:

Hair sucks asssssss and isn’t there permanent hair removal ? Cause I wanna try it

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