Laser Hair Removal: My Review 2017

My experience getting laser hair removal on my legs and also my video on bikini and under arms can be watched here:

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Hayley Martens says:

I’ve heard that redheads can’t get it for some reason which really sucks

JayCX says:

Snapchat gang

Bidya .Jag. says:

Hey Sam does the discount for the New York laser hair treatment place works still since you don’t live in New York anymore? Or it’s too late .?

Александра Александрова says:

there is now a new laser hair removal method, that isnt painful and is suitable for all skin and hair color, also its most effective method at the moment. u need about 5 sessions. i am getting it done at the moment, i had just one session yet and i already see a big difference.. this method is called SHR (Super Hair Removal) i believe 🙂

julia parker says:

i get electrolytes and i have no hair

Inês Ferreira says:

hey. sorry if my english is terribly. i did it and i think it doesnt hurt but it just didnt work for me. the hairs didnt go away but i admite they grow slower and smaller.

Dorian Montez says:

Yes it works. Yes some areas are hella painful. Its worth it in the end ladies!

Lilrette Lilrette says:

cute top! where did you get it??

veronica linn says:

I didn’t know that laser hair removal was painful ! I feel dumb! The hair near my ankles is so dark even tho I’m blonde! I would love to get the bikini area but now I’m scurrrrred

jasmin micheals says:

I know this is Tmi but i wanna get my bikini area done too, did you do the whole thing ?

Iga Szczepanik says:

I just recently followed you on snapchat, and you are such a fun and positive person! Love your videos <3

Monica Riad says:

I had a charcoal mask on while watching this but I had to pause and go take it off because the faces you were making were way too funny and it literally hurt to laugh with it on hahaha, thanks for sharing!

Quincy Murphy says:

If anyone needs laser in Michigan! Let me know 🙂

Magenta-Rose Park says:

Thanks for this video. Also great tips.

Natalie Conroy says:

hi!! love you!! #snapfam

Coco Renee says:

waxing can stop hair growth too! not completely but a lot

Jessica Kim says:

Omgg love you soo muchh❤❤❤❤❤

erica sanchez says:

Hi Sam! Been thinking about doing more laser treatments since I moved to warmer weather. We’re always thinking the same. ❤️️ you!!!!

Laura M says:

Thank you for this video! Btw, how much did it cost for you? If you don’t want to answer then I understand!

Gloria Lagroon says:

Great and informative video! Thanks, Sam!

sumis says:

what kind of laser did they use?

Anna Joan says:

snapchat fam saying hi!! love you Sam!!!

A Ram says:

You cant tan while getting laser so how will you do it during summer? I had to cancel mine because im going on a lot of vacations:/

Emily Benzo says:

Hey Sam is Samira your real Name ?:)

Nicole Erin says:

So glad you made this video! I definitely want to get laser sometime in the future

Maria VO says:

Does down stairs hurt more than the legs ??

Lizzie Parker says:

AH Sam ! You brave brave lady. Thanks for sharing xx

Elizabeth Lucy Wilkinson says:

Thanks Sam, I had laser hair removal in my mid 20’s … Full legs, bikini, & underarms and it was awesome for a long time 5+ years but you need to be aware if you go through a pregnancy/pregnancies with all the pregnancy hormones the hair can come back. Maybe not as much but for me I had it practically all come back. It’s just something to be aware of…. And just watching you… Ouch it brings it back… The ankles and knees for me were the worst !

Natalia says:

Can I do that even if I’m a teen?

Kiourtsidi Eleni says:

What is the name of that specific laser ?There are different types of laser treatments

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