Me My Elos, laser hair removal results (plus more) review

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Me My Elos laser hair free removal system ( fail )
Silk and flash laser hair removal system ( fail)
No No laser hair removal system (Fail)
Inhibitif hair free serum ( Fail)

On my lips Heroine MAC lipstick
Eye lashes Abella Eye lashes 203 double lashes


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Cindy B. says:

Hi Kayce,

You are so a breath of fresh air with your straight up reviews. Thank you that. Totally appreciated. I would love to try the laser hair removal and also tried the me elos smooth system and it is actually quite expensive.  I’d like to try to the treatment sessions with the Soprano machine you were giving such great reviews on. If you could let me know how to contact Jyoti that would be awesome.

Until next time!


Velma G says:

Would you say you let the ELOS heat up properly? Just wondering. Cause I’ve seen some reviewers who have seen better results on the areas of their body they do last… Maybe it’s because it’s hot

dorn says:

Kayce can tou give me the number for the lady in brompton

Viktoria Yatsenko says:

I was just browsing Costco web shop and saw this product in their listing… hmmm

dorn says:

I teally aprreciate your review it it so straight forward and honest just as I was thinking to get me my elos you save me

m narayan says:

I’ve got dark skin and it works very effectively. I use it on the highest setting. There are some body parts that it can do better than others. My arms are better than my legs; and my back is better than my face. But my arms have reduced by 90% and my legs are 70% reduced. I suggest you try it again, but only do the highest setting.


hey there….kayce thanks a lot for this review coz.. i was yet…yet  to buy this me my elos.. but im working on frm 2 years i think… for permanent hair removal products… i have tried many.. recently i’ve tried kalo post epilating cream.. but it dint work… if u get perfect results pls let me knw coz it really means to me…!!!

Edilu Torres Padiernos says:

Hi! Thanks for the video. Can you please let me know the name of the spa? Thanks!!

Vnna Liu says:

My factory is produce Hair removal and Clarisonic.
Directly sell. Good price.
24 hours service.

Peggy Cimorelli says:

Thank you so much for the honesty, I was just about ready to invest in one.  Now I won’t .

sanam rahmanian says:

can you please provide the contact information of the person you are suggesting. Thanks

Aaditya mgr says:

I’ve been investigating removing unwanted hair at home and found an awesome website at Dravin Remover Guide (google it if you are interested)

Kimberly Neal says:

Kayce Lady you crazy!!

mookie knuckles says:

i was going to purchase this machine but with your knowledge they will not get my money. thanks Kayce

Kiddy Kat says:

Thanks so much for this video! You just saved me so much money!!! Very informative! I just wish I live in ur area… =(

etimsh says:

I found a place witht the suprano machine, thanks to you!

Kathy Hanzal says:

It’s working for me after 8 weeks, I only need to shave once a week versus every other day. The hair is slowing the hair growth.

Meshundra Reese says:

girl thank you so, much for this video.

Juanita Richardson says:

I just saw this on The View
I will not buy

Jo-Sette Miller says:

awww that sucks it didn’t work for you. It did work for me. I do rare touch ups, but my armpits are bare… and I used it several times a week, and I am happy with the results.

Hemed Albattashi says:


Rania Aissaoui says:

May I have her email or phone number plz??

renewer says:

Do u think it would work on a man’s lower back, buttocks and legs? Thanks for the informative video.

MSlatanyaD says:

Hi Kayce can you lease give me an update i will be making am appointment next week. Have the hairs grown back? any scarring? Thanks

EllaNchanted says:

I found your video very informative, thank you!  I would love it if you could send me Jyoti’s information please.

Yvonne19 says:

Happy I found this review. You’re a very good speaker, Thanx for saving me from the hassle of trying the Costco’s store bought ( me smooth elos Professional Laser system.)
I was looking for reviews on this system before purchasing.

chris queeny says:

when did the hair fall out after the 1st treatment

Janae Brantley says:

Wow I am glad you told the truth about these products I think I am just going to go spend the money with ideal imagine

omnicutmaster says:

have you tried Tria?

dorn says:

I really appreciate your review its very straight forward and honestly just as I was about to buy the me my elos you save me van you please give me this lady’s number thanks

strawberryskittle100 says:

Have you tried the illuminage touch? Same system that you’re saying the pros you went to that worked, but at home. Ballpark price of the memy elos , but way better reviews.

erin McIntyre says:

The Tria works. I’m a shade lighter than Halle Berry but I am also black American and the Tria worked for me. My Dad is darker and his skin was able to activate the machine. I don’t know if it will work for you but it worked for me. It was painful but it worked.

Valerie Milburn says:

I use the Silk N flash and go. I love it. It’s worked extremely well for me. I do have very light skin and very dark hair so I think that could be a large factor. I completely agree on the No No. Total waste of money.

Vizik Sun says:

nice eyes

sanam rahmanian says:


TG B says:

Hi, loved your review. How do I get in touch with this person in Brampton?

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